Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 211


In a quiet unmanned alley in the town, Lin Tian leaned against the wall, while Luffy sat on the wine barrel and Koby sat on the steps, quietly listening to the little girl telling the story.

“Helmeppo always kicks and kicks at Big Brother. It’s all my fault.” the little girl stood and cried.

[*TL note: Lieutenant Commander Helmeppo is a Marine officer and the son of ex-Marine Captain “Axe-Hand” Morgan. Once a civilian who shamelessly exploited his father’s status, he (together with Koby) underwent extensive training under Vice-Admiral Garp to become a full-fledged serviceman, currently holding the rank of lieutenant commander.]

“So that’s how it is….”

Koby’s tone was full of disappointment. He always thought the Marine is truly justice in his heart, but when he saw it today, he found that the Marine was very different from what’s on his mind.

Kang Dang…

Suddenly, a sound like a cup falling and breaking, and a burst of loud laughter came out from the bar behind.

In the bar, that is the stupid son of the Marine base’s ruler, Captain Morgan. He sat on a chair with his legs cocked and placed on a fruit plate on the table.

As soon as Lin Tian and the others came in, they saw him arrogantly saying, “I’m hungry! Entertain us for free! Hey! Get the wine quickly.”

Although Lady Boss didn’t want to do it, he was the son of Captain Morgan, who ruled the small town. If she didn’t do it, she might die. So she quickly took out a bottle of red wine and poured it.

At this time, Lin Tian’s gaze was not at all on the stupid son but was attracted by the girl drinking a drink on a wine table next to him.

Of course, this girl is very beautiful, but Lin Tian is not the kind of person who can’t walk when seeing a beautiful woman. He focuses on her because of her identity.

Although compared to yesterday, her decoration has changed greatly, Lin Tian can recognize her at a glance. She is the female Pirate who secretly snatched the pirates’ treasure yesterday. After all, the orange-red head is rare.

Needless to say, she is Nami.

A clever female thief who never steals from ordinary people, only from the vicious pirates. —The future Navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Shaking the red wine in the glass, the stupid son leaning on the stool, said with a smile: “That’s right! It’s been too boring lately! I will execute Zoro tomorrow! Everyone, wait for a good show.”

Luffy became angry when he heard this. This bastard actually broke his promise and executed Zoro, who insisted on his promise, which made Luffy unable to bear it. He quickly rushed and hit Helmeppo’s face with a punch.

The red wine Helmeppo had just drunk in his mouth was spit out, fiercely hitting the wall.

Luffy has to do something, but Koby hugged him tightly from behind and said anxiously: “Luffy, no! Lin Tian, come and help stop Luffy.”

“No.” Lin Tian shook his head and objected: “I still agree with Luffy’s approach. If Luffy didn’t take the first shot, I would have killed him by now.”


Everyone was taken aback by Lin Tian’s astonishing words.

‘With such murderous words, who the hell is this person?’

Helmeppo held his aching left face with tears in his eyes and asked in fear: “What are you doing… Do you know who I am? I am Captain Morgan’s son.”

“So what?” Luffy asked.

Meanwhile, Lin Tian fiddled with the little black blade that appeared on his hand from who knows when.

Seeing this, Helmeppo immediately was so scared that he took two Marine bodyguards, moved towards the door, and fled. He did not forget to threaten: “Just wait for me! I will call my dad and kill you all!”

Koby let go of Luffy and said in fear: “It’s over! It’s over! Luffy, now we’ve offended the Marine! Let’s run away.”

Turning back, Luffy clenched his fist and said: “Lin Tian, I have decided! I want Zoro to be our partner.”

Lin Tian leaned on the back door rail, said with a smile: “Yes, but I can’t go with you. I still have something to deal with.”

Luffy confidently said: “Don’t worry, I will bring Zoro back myself.”

After speaking, Luffy ran directly out of the bar and moved towards the Marine base.

Seeing Luffy run out, Koby hurried to catch up. When he walked outside, he suddenly realized something, and turned around and asked: “Lin Tian, what else do you have to do?”

“Luffy found a partner. I am the deputy captain. Of course, I can’t fall behind. I must also find another member…Koby, you should watch Luffy first. I’m afraid that something extraordinary will happen.”

Although he didn’t understand, Koby still nodded and moved towards Luffy to chase him.

Seeing this group of people going to the Marine base, Nami smiled. She didn’t know how to break into the heavily guarded Marine base.

‘Now that there is that idiot to attract attention, the Marine base will be in chaos, and there is an opportunity to take advantage of it….’

Just when Nami was about to get up and go to the Marine base, one silhouette came over, took the opposite stool gently, and took a seat unceremoniously.

Nami looked up and showed a look of horror on her face, but it disappeared instantly.

Nami was very impressed with Lin Tian, except that he was that stupid’s friend. The most important thing is that yesterday, this man was actually running on the sea while laughing. Is that the kind of thing humans can do?

But anyway, such a person sitting across from him makes Nami feel involuntarily fearful. She got up and left without thinking too much.

Shock and fear surfaced on Nami’s face. She couldn’t move her body.

‘He did it! He must have done this to me!’

Seeing Nami’s face with fear, Lin Tian couldn’t help laughing, “Beauty, don’t leave in such a hurry. I am not a scourge. Although I am not as handsome as heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, I think I’m a nice guy and not so scary.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s non-shy boastful words, even if she vomited, she couldn’t even open her mouth.


Lin Tian snapped his fingers lightly, and her body returned to her own control. Nami quickly took a few rough breaths to relieve her breathing, but her eyes were still fixed on Lin Tian, not daring to relax at all.

“Relax. I have said that I am not a scourge. I just want to ask you to do something.” Lin Tian pressed his hand with a helpless expression, ‘am I that terrifying?’

Although Lin Tian said this, Nami did not at all relax her vigilance. The years of life made Nami dare not believe in being victimized, let alone the stranger Lin Tian.

After being nervous, Nami calmed herself down and asked calmly, “Really? I remember that we don’t seem to know each other. I don’t know what you want to do with me.” 

Lin Tian shook his finger, said with a faint smile: “This is not right. Yesterday you used us to solve those pirates, and it was a big deal. How can this be called ‘I don’t know’.”

Hmph!” Nami coldly snorted, said in a pleasant voice: “I could get those treasures even without your help yesterday. In fact, you just broke in suddenly and almost failed my plan.”

Uh.” Lin Tian immediately was speechless. They did break in suddenly, but they always felt something was wrong. When she said, they seemed to have changed from helpers to saboteurs.

Nami continued: “Because you suddenly broke in, my plan almost failed. So, you have to compensate me for the loss, just 10 million Berry.”


He spat out the juice in his mouth. He became a debtor for no reason. Although ten million Berry is nothing to him, he can’t owe it so silly.

Erasing the juice from his lips and looking at Nami, who is a fan of money, Lin Tian lightly coughed, “… It’s not that I can’t pay 10 million Berry.”

“Really?” Nami folded her hands and looked at Lin Tian dazedly.

Lin Tian slightly nodded, the conversation turned, “As long as you promise me one thing. Even if it is 10 million Berry, 100 million Berry, or 1 billion Berry, I can give it to you.”

When Lin Tian said this, the excitement in Nami’s eyes disappeared, and she became silent.

Lin Tian didn’t disturb Nami’s thinking because he had enough time. Holding his chin with both hands and looking at Nami carefully.

Bright orange hair like oranges, a v-shaped long-sleeved blue and white t-shirt, and a pair of light orange shorts underneath, directly showing Nami’s perfect figure.

Although Nami is only seventeen years old at this time, her figure is first-rate.

The convex places are convex, the places that should be curled, especially the turbulent waves on her chest, at least she’s a D-cup, plus her angel-like face, Nami can be said to be a world-class beauty. Even among the beauties, Lin Tian has seen, she can also be among the best.

At this time, thinking Nami also exudes an unspeakable temperament, adding a touch of beauty.

Seeing that Lin Tian had been staring at her, Nami’s body instinctively shrank back, and her hands were covering her chest. Nami didn’t know that she only added more temptation.

Lin Tian smiled embarrassedly and quickly changed the subject and said: “Let’s talk about this deal. If you agree, I can give you 100 million Berry immediately.”

One hundred million Berry is too important for Nami. Risking life and death every day, stealing money from vicious pirates in order to raise one hundred million Baileys to meet the promise.

[*TL note: She was formerly a member of the Arlong Pirates and initially joined the Straw Hats so that she could rob them to buy back her village from Arlong.]

But now, as long as she agrees, she can get 100 million Berry. It is difficult for Nami to refuse or postpone this transaction, but she is still a little wary… A person she had never met used 100 million Berry to make her do something, and Nami had to be careful.

“First, tell me what you want me to do.”

Since the other party has asked, it means that she has agreed to the transaction in her heart. Lin Tian elaborated: “We are pirates in need of a navigator, and we want you to take this position.”


Nami stood up and slammed the table suddenly. “No, I disagree! The thing I hate the most is pirates! I will never be a navigator for a pirate.”

Lin Tian was startled, and then there was a meaningful smile appearing on his face. He shook the drink in the cup, lowered his head, and said solemnly: “Are you sure you disagree? 100 million Berry should be important for you currently, right?

Nami immediately was so shocked that she couldn’t close her mouth. After a while, she asked quickly, with slight fear in her tone, “Who are you, what do you know, and why are you looking for me on purpose?”

Hah…” Lin Tian slowly lifted his head, “My name is Lin Tian. A pirate and I just want you to be my Navigator. The rest is my own inference.”

As expected, she didn’t believe him. He put down the cup and slowly explained to Nami’s disbelieving gaze: “Judging from your behavior yesterday, you are very familiar with stealing pirate treasures. You must have done it successfully many times. At a young age, risking a mortal danger to steal pirates’ treasures… There must be some reasons behind it, and it is also related to money.”

Speaking of this, Lin Tian suddenly lifted his head and stared at the fearful and sweating Nami.

“Am I right, Nami?”

Looking at Lin Tian’s eyes, Nami seems to have been seen through Lin Tian.

In front of Lin Tian, there is no secret.

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