Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 212


On the street, Lin Tian was remembering the scared Nami, and he couldn’t help smiling.

After knowing that Lin Tian is a pirate, even in the face of 100 million Berry, Nami still did not agree. After talking for a long time, she walked out of the bar.

When Lin Tian chased her, Nami had disappeared on the street. After searching with no results, Lin Tian had to move towards the Marine base and hurried there. Luffy who likes chaos and a very timid Koby. Lin Tian can’t help but worry about these two combinations.

He wasted a lot of time talking with Nami, and now Luffy should be in line with the Marine. His pace hastened quickly, and he moved towards the Marine base quickly.


At this time, in the Marine base schoolyard, Luffy had already run into the Marine base to make a fuss, and Koby had not untied Zoro’s rope. Now, they were surrounded by a large number of marines.

Faced with dozens of Marines’ guns, Koby was scared, and his whole body trembled. Zoro was also nervous, but Zoro was not afraid. He couldn’t die yet.

Hey! Koby, where did Luffy go? Why did you throw someone in the siege of the Marine.”

This voice is completely a savior for Koby. He turned his head and moved towards the wall and took a look, “Lin Tian, you’re finally here! Luffy broke into the Marine base alone! Hurry up and save him right now!”

Oh.” Lin Tian lightly complied, jumped down from the fence, and walked leisurely towards Koby, as if those Marine soldiers did not exist.

With Luffy’s strength, even the entire Marine base doesn’t matter.

Behind the Marine soldier, a sturdy marine branch captain with a metal jaw and a large axe inlaid on his right arm said, “It seems that the coup by the straw hat brat has added another one…”

Zoro looked at Captain Morgan and said solemnly: “Again, I have always been fighting alone. Very different from you who are always helped by the entire army.”

Lin Tian stopped and muttered in a low voice: “Coup? A trifling Marine branch Captain actually said the word coup? Has the Marine branch been so rampant? Not only was it brutally squeezing the people under its jurisdiction, but it also violated Marine’s original justice and was just being self-righteous. It seems that I didn’t do enough to clean up the Marine’s inside back then.”

Because Lin Tian’s voice was extremely small, the nearest Koby didn’t hear it, but Morgan thought he had been provoked, brandishing his right-hand axe, and making a hu hu wind sound.

“No matter who you are, you are worthless in front of my powerful power. Take it to death, you three rebellious guys.” Morgan said arrogantly.

“Ready to fire.”

Faced with the prepared muzzle, Koby looked terrified, and Zoro was sweating nervously. Only Lin Tian’s complexion was extremely calm, and he still didn’t care.

Boom… Boom… Boom…

A burst of gunfire sounded.

At this time, a cry sounded from high above. One silhouette dropping from the sky, blocking in front of Koby and the tied Zoro, all the bullets hit Luffy. The impact of the bullets made Luffy look Like a hedgehog.



All the bullets rebounded back without weakening and shot towards the opposing marines. Several marine soldiers in the front row of the bar were shot and wounded.

Hahaha...” Luffy said with a big smile: “Didn’t I say that I am strong?”

Looking at this magical scene, Zoro broke into a cold sweat: “Who the hell are you?”

“I am Monkey D. Luffy, and I am determined to be the Pirate King!”

Zoro asked with a trembling voice: “What…you actually want to be Pirate King…? Do you know what that means?”

Looking at Zoro, Luffy smiled and did not understand. “Pirate King is Pirate King, is there any other meaning?”

“I was taken aback when I heard it, but Luffy is very serious. He is this kind of person. He said he wanted to be the Pirate King and find the greatest treasure in the world. That is to say. What he wants to get, he would get one piece.” Koby worshipped.

Perhaps others think this is being arrogant, but after long contact with Luffy, he feels like Luffy can achieve it. Maybe this is Luffy’s charm.

Lin Tian came over and asked: “Hey! Luffy, how is it? This Pirate Hunter also agrees to join us or not?”

Luffy patted his chest and confidently said: “Well, he has agreed! I will get his sword back, and he will join us.”

Brat, what are you talking about?! That’s just what you think, alright! I didn’t agree at all, okay?” Zoro retorted loudly, struggling.

“In this case, let’s go, Luffy.”

Koby was surprised. ‘They are planning to leave at this moment?’

At this time, Luffy also took off the three swords behind his back at the right time. Luffy was the only one laughing when everyone was threatening him.

“If you fight with me now, it is to fight against the government’s demon. Do you want to be killed by these Marines just like this?”

Hearing Luffy’s threat, Zoro raised his mouth slightly, said with a smile: “I’m the real devil, but now, forget it, I promised… I will become a pirate.”

Luffy yelled happily: “Very good. You are willing to be my partner, very good, great!”

“Now hurry up and untie the rope.”

The Marine has a special method for binding prisoners. It is difficult to untie it for people who don’t understand it. After Luffy tried to do it, instead of loosening the rope, the rope became tighter and tighter.

The impatient Captain Morgan issued an order at the same time, and more than a dozen of the Marine soldiers pulled out the Marine knives from their waists and moved towards Luffy.

Just when Lin Tian was about to solve these pirates, seeing Zoro’s movements, Lin Tian took the steps back and calmly watched what happened.

File clang!

Zoro cut off the rope with his body, quickly drew out three swords, crossed his hands with backhands, and blocked all the Marine behind.

This series of actions only happened in an instant.

Lin Tian’s eyes can’t help but shine. Although his current strength is not worth mentioning, it can grow even more in a place like East Blue. It seems that Zoro indeed has a very strong talent in swordsmanship.

Wow, that’s so cool!” Luffy praised with bright eyes.

Looking sideways at the Marine who was blocked behind him, Zoro bit his sword and said calmly: “If you move again, you will die under the sword.”

After speaking, he ignored those Marines and said to Luffy, “I promise you that I am willing to be a pirate. Since I am opposed to the Marine, I am destined to be a member of the devil, but remember my words. I have to realize my ambition.”


“I want to become the number one swordsman in the world. If you make me unable to realize my ambition, you will apologize to me when that happens.”

“The world’s number one swordsman, yes! As Pirate King’s companion, at least you have to have a title. You want to have the title of world number one swordsman, and I want to have the title of Pirate King, yes! Now, Lin Tian, what title do you want?” Luffy turned his head and asked Lin Tian.

Lin Tian held his chin and thought for a while, whispered: “I have many titles, but those are not suitable for use… In this case, I’m still using the ‘killing god’ that the world gave me.”

Zoro was startled. Only Luffy looked dissatisfied at “Killing God”.

‘To be called so by the world, how much blood was on his hands?’

Seeing Lin Tian’s face, Zoro could feel the aura of a powerhouse in Lin Tian, as well as the aura of the same kind. And from Lin Tian’s plain tone, he didn’t seem to be a liar.

Okay! In that case, even if I am notorious, I will be famous in the world.” Lin Tian stepped forward and extended the hand to the Marine soldiers, “Well, Luffy, let’s get rid of them quickly. We don’t have time to waste here.”

After finishing speaking, with a wave of his right hand, Zoro immediately felt his arm light, and there was a sound of landing on the ground.

Looking back, a dozen marines behind him had flown dozens of meters away and were lying down, unable to stand.

“What kind of move is this?” Zoro said in surprise.

Luffy stretched his mouth and explained: “Lin Tian is the same as me, a Devil Fruit Ability User. Oh, and I have the rubber fruit.”

Zoro suddenly realized, no wonder that Luffy could stretch his arm before, and he was not afraid of bullets. He turned out to be a rubber man.

Hearing Captain Morgan’s order, Lin Tian took a few steps forward, loudly said: “As a marine, the soldier must insist on justice, not the command of the commander.”


Many Marine soldiers looked shocked. A Pirate told them this. Is this still a pirate?

Morgan felt that his majesty had been hit hard, touching the sharp axe of the right hand, and said wantonly: “A pirate dares to teach the Marine…”

Just when Lin Tian was about to teach the Marine Captain to let him understand what a Marine should do, Luffy suddenly rushed out and moved towards the Marine.

East Blue, the weakest of the four seas, as the Marine branch Captain, Morgan is not strong. At most, the captain of the equivalent to the Marine Headquarters. –To Luffy, he is completely trivial.

However, being able to serve as a branch Captain, he still has a bit of strength. He can cut a crack in the ground with a single blow, but his agility and speed are too poor, so Luffy seized the opportunity and kicked.

It was another easy blow.

Luffy hit Morgan directly to the ground, and the Marine was already dumbstruck beside him, let alone help him.

Grabbing Morgan by the collar, he directly punched him in the face and said angrily: “What a bad Marine! You destroyed Koby’s dream! Hateful!”

“Stop, straw hat brat! Look here,” Helmeppo threatened with his gun at Koby, his legs trembling, but Luffy didn’t hear him at all, “Stop it! Idiot! Can’t you see there are hostages?”

Hey!” Zoro stared at Helmeppo and cried in a low voice.

Luffy then reacted and watched Helmeppo shot at Koby.

Whether it was Luffy or Lin Tian, or Zoro, they were not nervous. He was just such a stupid dude, and they could easily save Koby.

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