Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 213


In the yard, the sudden changes in the situation made everyone quiet. They never thought that the foolish son would take Koby hostage.

Neither Lin Tian nor Zoro did anything. They just watched Luffy’s movements quietly and waited for Luffy’s instructions. After all, Luffy was the captain.

The scene fell silent for a while, and after a while, Luffy grinned. Koby was taken aback, his eyes showing firmness, “Luffy, I don’t want to be your stumbling block. It doesn’t matter if I die.”

Well, I know.” Clenching his fists, he said to Helmeppo: “Idiot son, give up, I am really prepared.”

Lin Tian also showed a smile on his face, and now Koby can’t be described as a coward. Who can say that someone is timid while that person willingly faces death?

Seeing that Luffy didn’t care about threats, Helmeppo trembled and threatened with his gun: “Don’t come here, I will shoot!”

At this time, Captain Morgan, who was knocked to the ground by Luffy, stood up and held up his axe, “I am the Marine Captain, Captain Morgan.”

“Be careful, Luffy!” Koby yelled quickly.

Luffy did not hear him, stopped, raised his fist, “…rubber rubber pistol.”


Helmeppo was knocked out with a punch. Morgan’s axe was so short of Luffy’s head, but he had no strength anymore and consciousness to swing it down, and then he fell to the ground.

Looking at this scene, Lin Tian thought of the scenes that he hadn’t participated in much in the past, showing a trace of nostalgia. Back then, the three of them were able to hand over their backs to each other in this way.

‘Sometimes I think Luffy is a little simple and rough, and sometimes I think Luffy is very wise.’

Just like now, perhaps Zoro would have resisted and warned them a little earlier, but he didn’t. Instead, at that instant, after Luffy completely handed over his back to Zoro, Luffy’s complete trust in Zoro was already recognized from the heart.


In the Marine base, on the highest floor of the main building, in Captain Morgan’s office, Nami tightly held a sheepskin map and watched what happened below.

Perceiving someone peeking, Lin Tian looked up and found Nami above. He changed his seriousness to a smile and waved his hand to Nami. Her body moved back unnaturally, and she gasped, surprised.

Seeing Lin Tian’s actions, Zoro also looked at the Marine Base, but he didn’t see anything.


Luffy had upset Captain Morgan and saved the entire town. The bar Lady Boss gave them a free banquet for thanks.

Zoro, who was hungry for three weeks, knelt directly after the battle and was finally brought back by Luffy. After eating more than ten dishes, the whole person immediately resurrected on the spot.

Only then did he remember that he had joined a pirate group. He only saw two people, so he asked about it: “I see… Besides me, you two have also found a few other people to find One Piece together?”

Luffy held the fork and said while eating: “No, we only have three people currently: you, me, Lin Tian.”

Ah.” Zoro screamed, and pointed at the two, and pointed at himself, “So, now there are three of us, can three of us count as pirates?”

“Yes, how can we not? We are very strong.” Luffy defended.

Drinking a glass of water, Lin Tian echoed: “That’s right. Each of us can support one pirate group, so we can say that we are three pirate groups.”

Uh, what kind of math is this?” Zoro suddenly felt that he was on a pirate ship and asked again: “You two are so strong. You must own a good pirate ship.”

Lin Tian pointed out the window, “Originally there was. But this nutcase gave it away. Now there is that ship outside…”

Lin Tian fiercely glared at the heartless Luffy. If it weren’t for Luffy, they wouldn’t be messed up, and they wouldn’t be stuffed in the barrel.

“That one? …Is that a boat?”

Looking at the dock outside the window, there was only a small boat docked there. Zoro was instantly helpless.

Luffy gestured with both arms: “Sooner or later, we will have such a big pirate ship, and then we will also have our own pirate flag.”

Imagining that he would be sitting in a big pirate ship, taking his members to journey the Grand Line, Luffy couldn’t help but smile.

Koby sat behind and explained embarrassingly: “Compared with Lin Tian, Luffy has no plan to do things by nature.”

Holding his forehead, Zoro said with regret: “But I call this person a captain.”

As soon as the conversation turned, Zoro looked at Koby and asked in a puzzled way: “Right, Luffy… Isn’t Koby with you?”

“No.” Taking a bite of the carrot, Luffy shook his head and replied: “I rescued Koby from a pirate ship. Don’t look at Koby as just timid. Koby is inspired to be a Marine.”

Koby immediately burst into tears, “Luffy, can you not say so bluntly?”

Zoro looked suspicious, “But even if you are not a pirate, it’s also true that you have stayed on a pirate ship. Can you still join the Marine?”

“Yes, Koby. This is a hard and fast rule in the Marine; as long as people have been in contact with the pirate, they cannot join the Marine.” Lin Tian nodded.

After ten years of being in the Marine, Lin Tian can be said to understand Marine’s regulations in great detail. Even if Koby joins the Marine now, don’t underestimate Marine’s intelligence. The Marine can work with the World Government’s spy agencies.

When the two said this, Koby immediately was shocked, and he couldn’t make up his mind and said: “Then I can’t join the Marine now, what should I do?”

Lin Tian suggested: “Koby, you can follow us first and then go to the Grand Line. I will introduce you to the Marine Headquarters so that you can receive real Marine elite training.”

Although he betrayed the Marine, it is not a problem to introduce someone into the Marine Headquarters by relying on his Marine network.

In fact, Koby has the potential to become a powerhouse. So, Lin Tian will take him to the Marine Headquarters, and then, he will be trained under Zephyr. He will definitely become Marine’s mainstay in the future.

Luffy said happily: “Koby, you come with us. I don’t want you to leave, just join us.”

“The Marine Headquarters?” But Zoro exclaimed in surprise.

As a Pirate Hunter, Zoro also understands some basic Marine news.

He quickly asked: “The Marine Headquarters is on the Grand Line; if I may, Lin Tian, have you been to the Grand Line?”

Koby worshipped and explained: “Yes, Lin Tian has not only been to the Grand Line, he grew up in the Grand Line.”

As a Pirate Hunter, Zoro has not never heard of the legend of the Grand Line. Since Roger, the pirate who obtained the world, he put the wealth of the entire world on the Grand Line.

Countless people became pirates and then rushed to the Grand Line. It has become the Pirates’ Graveyard; no pirate has ever come out.

Without mentioning Zoro’s surprise, Lin Tian continued to ask: “Koby, what do you think? You can go to the Grand Line with us for a while, and I will let you join the Marine Headquarters later. Alternatively, you can also join the Marine here. I will help you erase any records of staying in that pirate ship for two years. How about it? Koby, which one do you want to choose?”

To be honest, Lin Tian’s proposal is an irresistible temptation for anyone who wants to join the Marine. The Marine Headquarters, where the elite of the Marine is located, countless places the Marine yearns for.

Now with such a good opportunity, Koby couldn’t make up his mind, even if it was just before his eyes. In the end, Koby gritted his teeth and said firmly.

“I’ve decided. I want to join the Marine here. Although joining the Marine Headquarters is every Marine’s dream, I know that I am not qualified to go there as I am now. However, I will work hard on my own. I will go to the Grand Line and enter the Marine Headquarters on my own. Then we will meet again, everyone!”


Didn’t expect that the timid Koby would say such a thing, immediately surprised all three. Even Zoro showed a trace of appreciation on his face.

To be honest, even Lin Tian’s remarks by Koby were unexpected, but in this way, he looked forward to Koby’s future even more. Who knows how far he will reach in the Marine.

Yeah.” Luffy nodded and said with a smile: “Of course, we are friends forever. I will be waiting for you on the Grand Line.”

When he heard the word friend, Koby became a little shy, but he couldn’t help but smile with joy.

“I’ve never had any friends since I was a child, and it’s simply impossible. Someone stood up to fight for me because I didn’t have the will to fight. But the three of you taught me to live on my own beliefs, and I decided I must realize my childhood dream.”

As soon as the voice fell, with a click, the bar door was opened, and a Marine Commander came in with several Marines. He politely asked: “I heard you are pirates? Are you really?”

Hey! Lin Tian sighed, thinking deeply in secret: ‘It hasn’t been long since that matter was done. It seems that we are leaving again. This has become a matter of the past again….’

“Well, we are pirates. Now we have found a comrade!” Luffy explained with a smile.

Commander was still expressionless. He knew that they were pirates. “Although you saved this base and town from the tyrant. We are all very grateful, but now that we know you are pirates, then please leave.”

The townspeople who came here after hearing the news were dissatisfied.

‘in the past, you Marines did not deal with the tyrant, but now that the tyrant has been defeated, you will come and drive away our benefactor.’

These Marine soldiers don’t want to do this in their hearts, but they are Marines. How could it be possible for a group of pirates to be near the base?

“In order to take care of all due morality, we will not notify the headquarters. Now please leave this town immediately.”

After finishing speaking, the Commander turned to the left, took a step back. The Marine also followed Commander’s actions and gave up a way out.

“Well, in that case, let’s go.”

Picking up the material prepared by Lady Boss, the three of them moved towards the door and walked out, but for Koby, the three of them didn’t call him when they were about to go out of the door.

The Commander turned around and stopped Luffy, “Wait a minute, what’s the matter with you? Are you not in the same group?”

“No, we are not.”

After Luffy deliberately revealed his intention, the enraged Koby directly punched Luffy in the face. As a result, Luffy didn’t show mercy and could give him a hard punch back.

Lin Tian and Zoro stopped both of them, and then the three of them walked out of the bar and went to the next stop.

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