Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 214


Things have to be answered.

After coming out of the bar, the three of them walked on the street leading to the pier.

Hey, do you guys think Koby can join the Marine smoothly this time?” Lin Tian asked.

If Koby can join himself, Lin Tian does not need secret help, reducing his risk of exposure.

Zoro held three swords around his waist and said leisurely: “It should be possible. Although Luffy’s performance is very poor, he beat Koby so badly after all and seeing Commander’s face earlier. I agree that he may believe it.”

“What?” Luffy refused to accept it and retorted, “I did a good job. Can’t you see that the Commander wants us to leave?”

Regarding Luffy’s acting skills, Lin Tian can only describe it as an inability to read it. As long as someone with a slightly discerning eye saw it… but it’s been done anyway. Koby should be able to solve it by himself.

“However, this kind of voyage is not bad. Everyone hates you without any way out… a pirate life indeed.” Zoro said calmly. It seems that he has received the identity of a pirate from the heart.

Luffy loosened the cable, said with a smile: “That’s right, this is pirate’s life.”

Suddenly, the laid-back Lin Tian’s face flashed, and he appeared next to Luffy.

A sharp arrow was shot out of the sea. Before it hit Luffy, Lin Tian caught it tightly in his hand.


Seeing the sharp arrow in Lin Tian’s hand, Luffy was startled.

Zoro also looked surprised and quietly pulled out the sword in his hand slightly. His eyes were vigilant and moved towards all around for fear that someone would come out in secret.

Slowly loosening the palm of his hand, and a ball of sheepskin rolled around the arrow appeared. Lin Tian immediately showed a trace of puzzlement.

The whole long arrow turned into mortal dust with a slight force, but the sheepskin scroll remained unscathed.

Hey, Lin Tian, what is this?” Luffy asked curiously.

“I don’t know either.” Shaking his head, Lin Tian slowly opened the sheepskin roll in his hand and spread it out in his hand.

“It’s a map?”

After realizing that there was no one on the side, Zoro also came over, curious about the content of the parchment scroll.

This is a map of the East Blue part of the sea area. It shows all the cities and towns in detail, as well as some sea conditions. The details also indicate which pirate sites belong to.

How to say it? Based on Lin Tian’s years of vision, this map is well made. It is similar to the military maps distributed by the Marine Headquarters.

Lin Tian can’t help but wonder who made such a detailed map. You must know that the military maps of the Marine Headquarters are made by many very good Navigators.

Lin Tian can see so many things at a glance, but it would be a bit embarrassing for Luffy, who is half-lumbered, and Zoro, who can’t tell the left and right, to look at the map with him.

However, this does not prevent them from reading the characters on the map.

In the upper right corner, two lines of small characters were written with red paint. As soon as they saw the first few characters, Lin Tian was not well.

[Lin Tian bastard, you should have been scared by this arrow. This is my intention, and that’s what you get for scaring me.]

Seeing this, Lin Tian immediately understood that it was Nami who had left. He couldn’t help shaking his head while smiling. The girl really holds grudges. He only frightened her and didn’t expect her to play like this.

[I thought about it carefully. I can be your Navigator, but you have to go to this place and do something for me.]

Lin Tian’s eyes swept away, and in the middle of the sheepskin chart, there was a prominent little red dot, a small town there.

[Also, Lin Tian bastard, I repeat: even if I join, it’s just a partnership.] and at the end of the word: [-Nami!]

Luffy asked puzzledly: “Lin Tian, who is this Nami, and when did you meet?”

Lin Tian stared at the map closely, trying to find some other clues from above, “You also know her when we met Koby that day. We fell into the sea in a small boat under Marine’s shellings.”

“Oh, it turned out to be her.” Luffy hammered his hand and suddenly realized, “But why did she leave us a map?”

Zoro’s face showed a sly smile, “I see. Nami should be a woman from before. Perhaps you got rejected, Lin Tian?”

“Give me a break… go away.” Lin Tian waved his hand quickly, pretending to be upset, and asked Zoro to leave.


Regardless of Zoro’s laugh, Lin Tian looked towards Luffy, “Captain, this is how I found a very talented navigator for our group.”

“Really? Lin Tian, so amazing.” Luffy was very excited. Ever since he came to the sea, Luffy has understood how important a good Navigator is, but he has never met a suitable candidate.

Luffy jumped into the boat and shouted: “Okay, I’ve decided, we want her to be the Navigator, and now let’s move there!”

Zoro made a light leap and jumped into the small boat. The captain said the word, and they had to obey the order. The person whom Lin Tian praised must be an extremely good Navigator.

Putting away the sheepskin scroll, Lin Tian didn’t set off immediately. Instead, he rolled up the map and knocked it in his hand. Nami’s behavior was really suspicious.

It stands to reason that if Nami really joins them, she should just ask them directly, but she caused such trouble to make them go all the way to such a place, which is just unnecessary.

And there is a bad premonition in his heart, it feels like there is a big pit waiting for them, but they have to move towards the pit like a moth flies into the flame, which is called Nami.

“Hey, Lin Tian, what are you doing standing there? Hurry up.” Luffy’s urging sound came from before his eyes, interrupting Lin Tian’s thinking.

Just when Lin Tian was about to get on the boat, a rush of footsteps sounded. When he turned around, he saw Koby, the little girl, and the bar Lady Boss running towards them.

“Luffy!” Koby offered a Marine military salute to Luffy and said gratefully: “I will not forget your kindness for the rest of my life.”

Zoro said in surprise: “Never heard of a Marine thanking a pirate.”


With a cry, the sails of the boat were lowered. Driven by the sea breeze, the boat slowly left the port and headed towards the sea.

Luffy smiled and waved goodbye, “Goodbye, Koby.”

“All salute!”

At some point, the Marines from the Marine base also came to the pier. They moved towards the Luffy who had left and saluted with the Marine military salute.


Speeding the boat, cutting through the waves, Luffy clutched the Straw Hat above his head to prevent it from being blown away by the sea breeze and said happily, “The pirate group is finally going out!”

“There seems to be a big adventure ahead waiting for us.” blowing the oncoming sea breeze, Zoro said with a slight smile.

Hey, I must become the Pirate King.”

Zoro asked curiously, “Luffy, you said you have to be the Pirate King; is there any reason to it?”

“No, there is no reason. It’s just that I once swore to a man. I want to find the strongest partner, find the world’s biggest treasure, and become the Pirate King. This Straw Hat is the proof.”

“Is that so?” Zoro whispered. He turned his head and asked Lin Tian: “Lin Tian, why did you become a pirate?”

“After being chased out of the Grand Line, it is time to realize my ambitions.”


On the sea, Luffy and the others set off in that small boat.

“Lin Tian, who is that, Nami?” Zoro asked. 

After thinking about it, Lin Tian answered: “….I don’t know her very well, but I know she is a thief. A thief who specializes in stealing pirates.”

“Thief?” Luffy asked puzzledly: “Lin Tian, didn’t you say that she is our Navigator?”

Lin Tian explained: “Who said that a thief could not be a Navigator? Although she is an excellent thief, her sailing skills are more powerful than her stealing skills, especially her innate talent.”

Zoro shifted the position and asked puzzledly: “However, in this case, why doesn’t she stay with us, instead of leaving a letter to us, asking us to find The Clown Buggy?”

“When Luffy broke into the Marine base earlier, I was inviting her. I didn’t elaborate much at first, but when she heard we were pirates, she immediately disagreed.”

“It seems that this Nami has deep grudges against pirates.” Zoro cupped his chin.

‘In this age of voyage, even she had deep grudges with pirates.’

‘Pirates likely killed her relatives.’

‘It may be troublesome to invite her in this case.’

Speaking of this, Lin Tian smiled embarrassedly, “And in the message, I seemed to scare her, so um…”

Oh, Lin Tian, you actually did that kind of thing.”

“Go away, Luffy.”


Along the way, Luffy couldn’t help asking: “Hey, how long will we get there?”

Lin Tian took the map, looked at it, then threw it on the ground, and said with the same powerlessness. On the first day of going to sea, Luffy had eaten their food again, and it was strange that they still had strength.

“I am not a Navigator, and I can only understand the map. As for the map, I don’t know how to use it. The ocean is endless, and there are no signs at all.”

“What!” Zoro immediately exclaimed, “Lin Tian, you don’t know how to sail, then how do we get there?”

Leaning to the side and looking up at the sky, Lin Tian solemnly said, “I don’t know. Just float in the general direction, and anyone would always get where they want to.”

Indeed, the Grand Line is different from the other four seas. There are magnetic fields everywhere in it. As long as you lean on the recording pointer, you won’t lose your way.

As long as you are not a fool, you will not get lost.

Therefore, Lin Tian did not learn sailing skills. The most important thing is to learn the basics, especially in places like the Grand Line, where profound navigation skills are needed. There are navigators on every warship. Why did he need to learn?

Suddenly, a small sea wave came, and the boat almost turned over.

Luffy accidentally let his Straw Hat fly out.

The three of them quickly got up, trying to grab the straw hat. The Straw Hat was very important to Luffy. Just when the Straw Hat was about to fly away, one hand stretched out and grabbed it.

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