Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 215


On the boat, Luffy was holding his Straw Hat in a daze, and he couldn’t help recalling how he met Shanks in his mind.

Hey! It will be blown off again if you’re in a daze! That hat is very important, right?” Zoro reminded with a sword in both hands as he watched Luffy.

Putting on his hat, Luffy smiled and thanked: “Well, thank you, Zoro!”

Lin Tian suddenly asked: “By the way, Zoro, since you’re lost, are you going to go back to the village, or just follow us back to the Grand Line?”


Zoro stomped heavily on the boat, and angrily reiterated: “I have said it, I am not lost!” Zoro also fell into the memory, and slowly said: “I went to the sea not only to become the Greatest Swordsman in the World, but also for that person’s dream. Going to sea, so I must beat that man.”

“Zoro, I’ve been listening to you saying that you want to defeat that man, who is that man?” Luffy asked curiously.

Just when Zoro was about to speak out, Lin Tian took the lead in saying the person’s name, “Hawk Eyes Mihawk. Dracule Mihawk.” 

Zoro was immediately shocked. It was only then he remembered that Lin Tian seemed to be a swordsman, so it was not surprising to know this name.

“The man has eyes like a hawk’s eyes. Mihawk is called the Greatest Swordsman in the World. It is a goal that all swordsmen must surpass. If you defeat him, you can be called the Greatest Swordsman in the World.”

Luffy’s eyes lit up with excitement, “Wow, that’s great! The Greatest Swordsman in the World!”

Hey, Luffy, what are you excited about?!” Zoro yelled in confusion!

“Zoro, if you want to find him now, I advise you not to go now. You are not his opponent currently.” Lin Tian’s calm voice was like a basin of ice water, extinguishing the excited flames in Zoro’s heart.

Next, Lin Tian stopped speaking. Zoro is a swordsman genius, and he also has the pride and arrogance of genius. Lin Tian was the same back then, but these prides often brought life and death crisis, and he could not help being reminded by the outlet.

Lin Tian touched the already hungry belly, and cursed: “So hungry. Luffy you bastard. You ate all the food.”

Well, I’m really hungry too.” Zoro also touched his hungry stomach.

Detecting the sound of hu hu from the sky, Luffy looked up curiously, and saw a huge seabird flying by.

With a flash of mind, Luffy smiled and suggested, “Or, let’s eat this bird.”

“But how do we catch this bird?” Looking at the big bird in the sky, Zoro looked puzzled.

Luffy hurriedly got up, grabbed the horizontal sail with both hands stretched out, took a step back, “Look at me! Rubber… bounce.”

Hey! Luffy, wait!” Lin Tian suddenly got up, moved towards Luffy to grab him, but it was already a step too late. He regretfully said: “Devil Fruit Ability User can’t swim, it will be finished if you fall into the sea.”


Zoro cried out in surprise, without a second word, he picked up the oars on the side. The speed increased several times instantly and moved towards the giant bird.


At this time, a cry for help sounded, and Luffy happened to be stuck in the beak of the giant bird, unable to move even a little bit.

“No way.” Lin Tian muttered secretly and was about to fly up. As for the backlash, he couldn’t care about it currently.

The sea is so big. If Luffy falls into the sea, he will be finished.


They seemed to hit something.

The boat was destroyed and took the two of them out of the sea.

Three silhouettes crashed to the edge of the ship because of the momentum.

After climbing up to their boat, they looked at the unconscious people. They were pirates.

Zoro looked at the three pirates who were beaten by the shockwave, and asked: “What to do, Lin Tian? Because of these three, we lost Luffy.”

Looking at the sheepskin map in his hand, Lin Tian threw it forward and spread it before their eyes, “Wake up! Where is this place? Where are we right now?!”

“Huh?! What?”

“Answer me!”

“Here?” After reading the map carefully, the pirate in the middle quickly replied: “This is a town our Captain Buggy just occupied, and now we Buggy Pirates are there.”

Lin Tian clapped and said: “Okay, let’s go there and find our Navigator.”

After meeting these three pirates and learning that they are Buggy Pirates, Lin Tian remembered… It’s as Luffy and Nami met Buggy in the original book.

Zoro was very puzzled by this order. Luffy should be found first before anything else. “Then we won’t find Luffy there. Let’s go find him; he’s our captain.”

Lin Tian said with a slight smile: “I feel that Luffy should also appear there, and don’t underestimate Luffy.”

He is the protagonist of this world, how could he die so easily?



A group of bright lights rose from the town, followed by the sound of heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, the earth trembled, and the sea water shook. The three pirates behind were shaking slightly with cold sweat on their foreheads.

Hey, how come there is an explosion?” Zoro turned around and asked the three pirates who were terrified.

One of the pirates, looking at the direction of the explosion, was trembling…. “Buggy Balls… This is Lord Buggy’s Buggy Balls.”

“Buggy.” Speaking of this name, Lin Tian showed a hint of curiosity on his face, “Go, Zoro. Go and see what the Clown Buggy is like in the rumors.”


At this time, the Buggy Pirates gathered here in a tall building in the small town. Luffy and Nami were also here.

It’s just that Luffy is locked in an iron cage, and his whole body is tightly helped by a rope, but Nami stays with the pirates like she was part of the group.

Crackle, crackle, crackle.

There is a large group of pirates around Nami, shouting excitedly, and there is a cannon next to Nami which is facing Luffy in the iron cage.

Holding the fire material tightly in her hand, Nami did not do anything. Her forehead was perspired by the surrounding pirates. Nami didn’t want to kill Luffy, she just wanted to use Luffy to break into the pirates and get a nautical chart of the Grand Line.

But she didn’t expect that Buggy would actually make her kill Luffy herself. If she does it, she would become a pirate’s accomplice. If she didn’t do it, she would be killed as well. Suddenly she fell into a difficult decision.

Lin Tian couldn’t help but curse in his heart. In the previous Marine base, he got the Grand Line nautical chart in Buggy’s hands, and Nami put the target on Buggy. But Buggy is the Great Pirate of East Blue. Nami has no confidence and couldn’t help thinking of Lin Tian in her mind.

So, she planned to use Lin Tian’s group who is extremely strong to let them come to the Buggy site, secretly provoke them and profit from the fisherman. (The three of them got lost in the sea instead!)

After waiting for three days, Nami didn’t wait any longer. Nami lost patience and had to do it herself. Although she succeeded in getting the nautical chart, she was also discovered and was chased by all the pirates.

At this time, Luffy dropped from the sky. After a conversation and after realizing that Luffy is simple, she tricked him, and then there was this scene.

Looking at Nami’s trembling body, Luffy, who had been silent, said, “What’s the matter, your hands are trembling. You still don’t realize it, huh? So you become like this when facing pirates.”

“Realize what?” Nami asked puzzledly: “Is it that pirates can kill easily?”

“No, it’s your conscience to not kill.”

At the critical moment, Luffy, who didn’t speak through his brain, would also say a reprehensible sentence, leaving Nami speechless.

Hey! Newbie, don’t be in a daze, I will light the fire for you.”

A pirate suddenly came over, grabbed the match in Nami’s hand, skillfully took out a match, lit it, and moved towards the lead.


Nami quickly pulled out the three small sticks tied to her feet, turned them gently, and put them together into a long stick. She accurately and quickly hit the pirate on his stomach and the pirate fell to the ground.

Seeing this sudden scene, everyone was shocked. The roof was silent, leaving only the sound of hu hu.

“Well, I actually…” Seeing what she did, Nami was shocked.

Buggy said angrily: “Nami, what are you doing?”


“What! Do you think an apology can solve the problem.”

Luffy was still a little unhappy about Nami’s approach, “What happened? Why are you saving me now?”

Nami, who was already impulsively regretful, heard Luffy’s words, and said angrily: “Don’t talk nonsense! I just moved my hands after a moment of confusion. I don’t want to be an accomplice of any murderous pirates. Pirates have taken away my most important person, so I don’t want to be with the pirates!”

At this time, Luffy realized why Lin Tian wanted her to join them and why Nami resolutely refused to agree.

A zi zi sound came.

The fuse had been lit, and he hurriedly shouted, “Run away!” Luffy could see the power of Bucky Balls just now.

Knowing that Nami was playing with him, Bucky was angry, “Smelly girl, dare to trick me…! Kill her!”

Several pirates listened to the order and moved towards Nami. After all, she was a woman. It was hard to be these pirates’ opponents. Nami dropped the stick in her hand, moved towards the cannon and rushed without hesitation, holding the burning fuse tightly with both of her hands.

The blazing high temperature burned under Nami’s white and beautiful hands, and the violent pain caused Nami to scream miserably, but she still clenched her teeth until the lead was extinguished.

“Go to hell.” behind him, a few pirates jumped up and slashed towards Nami.

There’s no way to escape, just when Nami thought she was dead, one silhouette appeared in front of him. A clang of steel. He used his body to block all attacks for Nami.

“So many people actually bullied such a beautiful girl.” feeling the force from both hands and head, Lin Tian sarcastically said.

“Lin Tian!” Luffy exclaimed in surprise.

“Lin Tian….!”

Seeing Lin Tian appearing in front of her, using his body to block all weapons for her, Nami couldn’t help but yell out. Her tone of voice contained surprise, anger, worry, and perhaps some unclear feelings.


Looking from behind, Lin Tian completely used his body to block the sharp sword for Nami, but the pirates in front were already dumbstruck and scared.

The sharp knives in the hands of the four pirates did not cause any harm to the visitors, and even the clothes were not damaged.

As for the four pirates involved, only fear is left in their hearts. When they tried to cut him down, it was as if they were hitting on steel, the blade trembled violently, and the powerful reaction force almost made them unable to hold the weapon in their hands.

The four pirates didn’t know what to do. A powerful force hit their chests. They flew upside down, their chests rolled, spitting out a mouthful of blood, and fell downstairs.

Shua! Several cold glows emerged from behind these pirates, and several screams sounded. In the crowded pirate group, a passage was cleared. Zoro walked out with two swords in his hand.

“Zoro!” Luffy exclaimed in joy.

Ignoring those pirates, Lin Tian turned around and looked towards the stunned Nami with a smile. “Nami, we meet again!”

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