Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 216



Nami screamed.

On the top of the building, Lin Tian was grabbing her right foot. It was Nami’s foot that really hurt.

Hmph,” Nami put her arms around her chest, looked at Lin Tian, who jumped here and was holding his pain. She snorted in anger, “You’re here so late! It looks like you disagree with our cooperation!”

“How is that possible? We received your letter and came here with 200% sincerity.”

Lin Tian quickly put down her right foot without the slightest dignity to explain. Now Nami is the one in charge.

Really?” Nami asked back.

From the look and tone of voice, it was obvious that she did not believe these explanations.

“Of course, it’s just that we don’t know how to use a map and get lost in the sea, so we were late.” a few steps forward, Lin Tian said with a smile.

In order for Nami to agree to be their Navigator, not to experience the days of drifting aimlessly in a small boat, Lin Tian completely sacrificed himself and lost face.

“Well, I think…” Nami said slowly with her chin supported. Suddenly, Nami’s conversation turned, “No, I don’t want to cooperate with the vicious pirates.”


She complimented him. He thought that Nami would be moved by his ‘hero saving the beauty’ and handsome silhouette. When he begs for it, he doesn’t expect her to agree immediately.

“Hahaha…! Lin Tian, you were so funny just now!” Luffy was laying on the ground, laughing, his legs shaking constantly.

Zoro, from the very beginning, turned his head and pretended not to know Lin Tian. It was really embarrassing just now, and he was so different from usual.

Looking at the behavior of these two people, Lin Tian is getting darker and darker. ‘I recruited a good navigator,.. though…’

After laughing enough, Luffy got up and said, “Lin Tian, Zoro, you guys are awesome! Quick, let me go.”

Turning around, Zoro asked puzzledly: “What game are you playing again? You were taken away by a bird, and now you are locked in an iron cage?”

Zoro glanced at Lin Tian calmly. His heart was full of doubts.

‘How did Lin Tian know that Luffy had appeared at his destination?’

‘How did he do it?’

‘This can’t be explained by coincidence.’


Hearing the name Zoro, the pirates couldn’t help showing a trace of fear.

“That’s how he was called just now…?”

This name was like a god of death to the East Blue Pirates. The entire East Blue does not know how many Great Pirates have been planted under Zoro.

As for Lin Tian, everyone has forgotten it automatically. In Grand Line, Lin Tian is known to everyone, even more famous than the Four Emperors. But in East Blue, everyone has only heard of Lin Tian, the strongest Marine genius.

Because the two parties are not in the same rank, most people in East Blue don’t even understand the Grand Line, let alone New World and the Four Emperors. No one will associate Lin Tian in front of him with the rumored one.

As Zoro walked forward, ready to rescue Luffy, Captain Buggy, on one side, said, “You’re Zoro! What are you doing here? Come to get my head?”

Hearing this voice, Lin Tian almost wanted to show his true character. A Great Pirate on The Clown Buggy East Blue, bounty gold reached 15 million, and the best pirate among other pirates in East Blue. —It is reasonable to say that this kind of pirate can’t even be seen in Lin Tian’s eyes. As Lin Tian, who was going to be promoted to Admiral that year, can only get the eye with a bounty of 100 million.

Whether it is the memory of past lives or what we have seen and heard in this life, Lin Tian has investigated this pirate early. It can be said that Buggy is the biggest foreshadowing in Pirate King.

Buggy’s most distinctive feature is his big nose. With the decoration on it, it is completely a clown walking out of the circus.

Zoro closed his eyes and said solemnly: “No, I am not interested. I have not been a Pirate Hunter for a long time, and now I am also a pirate.”

HAHAHA!” Buggy suddenly made an extremely sharp voice, “I am really interested in you. If I kill you, I can be famous all over the world.”

“I advise you not to. Otherwise, you will die”

Buggy turned the knife in his hand flexibly with a face of disbelief, “Oh, is it?”

Although Zoro doesn’t want to fight, it doesn’t mean that he will submit to humiliation when others provoke him. and not fight back. Turning his head, Zoro helplessly said: “Don’t you understand what you said?”

Hearing the cheers of the kids around, Buggy licked his tongue disgustingly. The blade of the knife in his hand was proud and confident.

Zoro is very confident in his own strength, but the person in front of him is the famous East Blue’s The Clown Buggy. So, Zoro used his own Santoryu as soon as he shot.

Hey! Lin Tian, which do you think will win? The Pirate Hunter or The Clown Buggy?” Nami suddenly asked.

Without much thought, Lin Tian replied firmly: “Buggy will win, Zoro will lose.”

Nami didn’t believe this inference, “How could it be possible that Zoro, the famous Pirate Hunter of East Blue and the great swordsman, would lose?”

Lin Tian just smiled and didn’t explain too much. Zoro is the great swordsman of East Blue, but Buggy is the one who followed Pirate King Roger, who conquered the Grand Line.

The cloak blows, Buggy holds four daggers in his left hand, and his right hand holds a slightly longer dagger.


The arrogant Buggy has been chopped into three pieces and fell to the ground without making a sound.

Turning around and looking at Buggy, who was killed by one of his own moves, Zoro’s tone was a little confused, “This guy died too fast.”

Wow, this guy is too bad.” Luffy blamed him with a look of surprise, originally thinking this pirate was very strong.

“No way…!”

Nami looked at this scene and asked with a trembling voice, “Unbelievable… He is the East Blue’s Pirate Buggy, powerful, very terrifying. Quite a few people talked about him, and he was killed in one move??”

Just when Nami was about to say that Lin Tian’s guess was inaccurate, a burst of laughter came, and she couldn’t help but draw her gaze over there.

Zoro also heard the laughter, and his eyes couldn’t help staring at the pirate who was laughing.

Nami asked, definitely confused: “What the? Their captain is dead, but they are laughing.”

“Who said that this pirate is dead?” a voice came from behind, and Nami couldn’t help being surprised and quickly moved towards the ground to look.


As soon as Nami’s question fell, severe pain came from Zoro’s abdomen. His body trembled, his head was immediately covered with cold sweat, and a dull sound came from his mouth.

The severe pain caused Zoro to kneel on the ground. Behind him, a sharp dagger was grasped by a wrist and pierced through Zoro’s abdomen. The bright red blood even stained the thick deep red belly of his waist. Red.

“ZORO!” Luffy exclaimed worriedly.

“What the hell is going on?!”

Nami was full of puzzlement and surprise, and what happened before her exceeded Nami’s cognition.

Suddenly, Nami remembered what had happened before and quickly turned her head at Lin Tian and asked: “Do you know everything and what is going on?”

Lin Tian slightly nodded. When Zoro chopped Buggy into three stages, Lin Tian had already anticipated this scene. Buggy would not die that easily. Otherwise, how would he survive in the Grand Line?

‘If you use Observation Haki to probe, you can hear his heartbeat.’

‘Not to mention, there is no blood on the ground after being cut into three sections, which is totally out of the norm.’

‘It is this easy to spot that Zoro didn’t realize it, and he showed his back to his enemy, which is a taboo in combat.’

Therefore, Lin Tian did not remind Zoro and let Zoro learn a lesson. The real battle is not a child’s play. As long as the enemy is not determined to be dead, one cannot relax one’s vigilance. Sometimes the battle is won or lost in an instant.

“In this case, aren’t you partners? You just watch your partner hurt like this!”

Faced with Nami’s incomprehensible question, Lin Tian explained: “It is because he is my partner that I will do this. If he doesn’t show enough vigilance in any battle, he will die very quickly. I would rather let him be injured here. I don’t want to let him die in the future because of carelessness.”

This…” Nami was speechless. She doesn’t know how to put it into words. Although cold-blooded, what Lin Tian said is indeed an undeniable fact.

Looking up at Lin Tian in front of her, Nami seemed a little unfamiliar with him. It was different from seeing his hippie smiling face, and he was not at all like being brutal when he threatened her. —At this time, Lin Tian seemed to be in control of everything…

“Chop-Chop Fruit.” Buggy floated, and his body rejoined, “This is the name of the Devil Fruit I ate. I can’t be cut into pieces!”

“Split up in pieces… It turns out that this guy is a monster.” Luffy said in surprise, but he forgot that he is also a monster that can turn into rubber.

Looking at Buggy recovering, Nami broke out in a cold sweat and said in fear: “The body is one again! I thought Devil Fruit was just a legend!”


Lin Tian, who has been warm and generous with his big hands, gently patted Nami’s shoulder and walked out slowly from behind, who had not moved.

“Next is the true battle. This kind of thing is not something that girls can participate in. Let’s take a good rest in the back.”

Although he said that with a smile, he had this irresistible command in his tone that Nami had to obey, Nami obediently moved towards the back.

Listening to pirates’ happy shouts around, Lin Tian showed a disdainful smile. His silhouette flashed and suddenly appeared in front of Zoro, both hands crossed on chest, looking at Buggy with interest.

He turned his back to ask softly: “Zoro, how about it? Are you okay?”

“Don’t worry, I can hold on.”

Recognizing the pain in his abdomen, Zoro slowly stood up from the ground and stared at The Clown Buggy in front of him.

Looking at this silhouette that suddenly appeared, Buggy’s smile gradually disappeared. The way he moved just now as if he saw it back then, carefully asked: “Hey, who are you again?”

Pointing at himself with a finger, Lin Tian said with a slight smile: “Me? This pirates’ deputy captain. A nobody.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s introduction, Buggy Immediately relieved his heart. His face continued to show a brutal color. Obviously, he wanted to kill Lin Tian as well.

“Lin Tian, let me go quickly! I’m going to beat this bastard flying!” twisting the tightly tied rope on his body, Luffy shouted: “What kind of ability is a sneak attack from behind?! Fight me, ya big red nose!”


Ass if they were in a good agreement, the yelling pirates beside them stopped their voices at once. Their faces were shocked, and their faces were sweaty with fear.

“…who do you call a Big Red Nose?”

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