Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 217


Buggy threw a knife towards Luffy.

For what Luffy said, Buggy burst into laughter, “Kicked me off and laughed to death. Now you are locked in an iron cage by me, and today all four of you have to die here.”

“I won’t die here.” Luffy said solemnly, and then shouted, “Lin Tian, let me go quickly! I want to fly this bastard!”

For Lin Tian’s strength, Luffy was very confident. He doesn’t have to worry about death as long as he is there because he will definitely try his best to save them all. This is the deep bond between brothers.

Okay, okay, why are you so anxious? Who told you to be so careless?”

Lin Tian’s tone was plain, but it revealed an unspeakable Haki. Everyone unconsciously looked over there, but most people just laughed in mockery.

But when everyone looked, Lin Tian disappeared out of thin air. Immediately, everyone looked shocked at how fast he was.

Lin Tian already appeared beside Luffy, with his arm leaning on the iron cage, looking down at the tied Luffy, and laughing. With a smile, he asked, “Hey, Luffy, did you get deceived by Nami? You said you want to be the Pirate King, yet you were caught in such a simple way?”

On the side, when Nami heard these words, her shock turned into annoyance. She wanted to rush over to give him a beating, but she only stomped her feet and stared at Lin Tian, apparently saying, ‘I was waiting for you.

Hearing Lin Tian’s ridicule, especially the words Pirate King, Luffy felt ashamed. He was the captain and shouted excitedly: “Lin Tian will you let me go soon? I must beat this bastard away. I want to be the Pirate King!”

Buggy, who was laughing at the side, was shocked when he heard these words and said excitedly: “What a joke! You super idiot, you said you want to be Pirate King, then I am God. Only I can become the Pirate King and get all the treasures in the world, don’t be daydreaming!”

At this time, Lin Tian had already taken action to smash the iron cage, loosen the rope tied to his body, and Luffy rubbed his aching hands.

He went forward and raised his fist, “You are very noisy, but I am the Pirate King. I was told to let it slide.”

Hahaha...” Buggy suddenly laughed and moved away, revealing a group of pirates behind and the cannon among them.

All pirates laughed, “You don’t have the qualifications to let me take the shot. First, try my special Buggy Balls.”

“It’s over.” Nami looked terrified, and a cold sweat broke out on his forehead. Just now, she saw the formidable power of this bomb with her own eyes. One-shot was enough to destroy a street.

The parties involved, Luffy and Lin Tian, have relaxed faces. This kind of shell is useless to them.

Luffy was about to make a move, but Lin Tian stretched out his hand to stop him and said calmly, “Let me. This shell can’t be bounced back by your body. Zoro and Nami are on the other side.”

Luffy looked to the side, nodded, and stopped.

Zoro looked cautious, resisting the pain, got up and jumped, leaping towards the cannon, but it was too late. Those pirates had already lit the fuze, peng sound, and the shells were fired directly.


Everyone only heard a scream; rays of light flashed in front of them. There was no explosion, no shock wave, no sound, and nothing.

Lin Tian and Luffy stood here quietly, but a black rust sword appeared in Lin Tian’s hands. The Buggy Balls also disappeared, and only the black and red powder piled up slightly under their feet.



Heaven and Earth fell silent for a moment, and the air was filled with a strange atmosphere. Everyone looked at the scene in front of them, and they were shocked and couldn’t even close their mouths.

“How is that possible!” Nami said with a trembling voice, not because of fear but because of the deep shock in her heart. She couldn’t help asking secretly: “How strong is Lin Tian?”

Among the people present, perhaps the most shocked was Zoro. Because among all of them, only Zoro is a powerful swordsman, and only he can see what happened just now.

At that moment, Lin Tian made the two actions of drawing the sword and slashing at the Buggy Ball and chopped it into powder.

This kind of sword drawing speed; for Zoro, who is also a swordsman, has never thought that there will be such a fast speed in the world. Even if he is called a great swordsman, it is completely beyond his imagination.

Ever since he went to sea, he hasn’t missed a defeat until he was later called a great swordsman. He thought that his swordsmanship was strong enough, but now he’s not comparable at all.

Without the sharp sound, Buggy was silent when seeing Lin Tian’s strength, but there was not much shock and fear. With a rusted sword, he could actually cut his Buggy Ball into powder in an instant.

Lin Tian, who has been observing secretly, noticed the expression change on Buggy’s face, and a hint of thinking flashed on his face. It seems that Buggy is indeed not simple.

‘Just now, I didn’t use my full strength, but Buggy was not as shocked and scared as the rest of the people.’

‘As expected of the crew of Roger’s ship.’

Luffy made a sound at the right time to dissolve the strange atmosphere in the air, and exclaimed: “Lin Tian! You are still as strong as before.”

After that, Luffy raised his fist and walked forward, “Okay, it’s my turn. Next, I will beat this bastard.”

“Wait a minute.” Lin Tian said again, stopped Luffy’s movements, and whispered: “Luffy, don’t start yet. I want to verify some things. Don’t worry. I just have something I want to verify, and then I will leave him to you.” Lin Tian spoke bluntly, blocking what Luffy wanted to say.

Although he is very puzzled, for the rough Luffy, if he doesn’t understand it, then he won’t want to. Anyway, when the time comes, this big red nose will still be left for himself.

With a light wave, the rusty Chasing Wind buzzes straight. The strong wind blows up countless ground smoke, and the ground is slightly scratched one after another.

“This sword is not ordinary.” Watching this scene, Zoro’s heart came out with five words.

Lin Tian smiled at Buggy: “As long as our captain is not strong enough to take action, let me, the deputy captain, take action.”

But before Buggy could speak, Luffy couldn’t help it, “Lin Tian, didn’t you say you want to leave this big nose to me? Why are you taking care of him now?”

Uh!” With the sound of falling to the ground, Lin Tian couldn’t help but show a black line.

Nami is even more puzzled, ‘how can such a simple person become a captain?’

Buggy, who was already angry, became even more furious when he heard those words, “Smelly brat, you don’t know the immensity of heaven and earth, the Pirate World is not so easy to mix, die.”


He easily blocked the flying knife, Lin Tian said solemnly: “Although I promised that our captain will take care of you, now it is my battle with you…”

Retracting his arm, Buggy said arrogantly: “Brat, don’t think that the sword technique just shown is just invincible. I have seen a lot of people who are stronger than you in this World sword technique.”

Lin Tian smiled slightly; there are indeed people in the world who are better than his own sword technique, but not many. In sword technique, Lin Tian is still a little confident, not refuting, but changed topic: “The Clown Buggy. I paid attention to you a few years ago, but after a long time passed, I was very surprised.”

Everyone couldn’t help calming down, and their faces showed curiosity and incomprehension. Who exactly was Lin Tian and what he did with Bucky, and what was it that has been a few years since?

Buggy asked in a deep voice, “Brat, what do you want to say?”

“I didn’t say anything. I just wanted to prove something.” Lin Tian shook his head, said calmly.

The tone barely fell, Lin Tian suddenly disappeared, leaving only a faint dust mist, reappearing, already quietly standing behind Buggy.

“Captain…!” a pirate said in surprise, with fear in his tone.

On the powerful Buggy boat, someone put a sword on his neck in an instant. How could this be possible? How strong is this person?

Lin Tian held the Chasing Wind tightly, covered in rust with the blade that was difficult to show the sharpness of the year, and clung to Buggy’s neck tightly. As long as he exerted a little force, it was very easy to chop off Buggy’s neck.

Feeling the cold air coming from his neck, Buggy looked shocked. He was not surprised by the death aura coming from his neck, but how Lin Tian moved.

“The Marine’s Rokushiki; you’re a Marine…” Buggy said silently and unbelievably.

During the time of Captain Roger, Buggy has often played against the Marine. Of course, he is familiar with the Marine Rokushiki, this powerful physical technique. The Marine Rokushiki, only the Marine can learn it, so Lin Tian must be the Marine.

“What! The Marine?!”

Buggy’s voice is not loud, but it is enough for everyone to hear it, and everyone is overwhelmed in an instant.

‘How did a pirate suddenly become a Marine?’

For Buggy to guess his identity, Lin Tian was a little surprised and said in a low voice: “It seems that after so many years, you have not forgotten the experience on the Pirate King Roger’s ship.”


Buggy felt that a muffled thunder had struck in his mind. Since the captain died, he has been avoiding the Marine, and buggy has stayed in East Blue and never told anyone who he is.

Lin Tian continued to say, “It’s just that, more than 20 years have passed, as Roger’s trainee crew member, why do you now only have this kind of strength? And you are far behind Shanks, or say….”

For the last sentence, it’s not that Lin Tian doesn’t want to say it, but Buggy has already launched an attack on him.

A dagger came out from the tip of his toe, moved towards Lin Tian’s abdomen.

Experiencing countless battles, rich combat experience, extremely crisis moments, Lin Tian did not retreat but flipped his right hand and chopped it towards Bucky’s neck.


Zhi Zhi…

The Chasing Wind dashed on the ground, rubbing against the bluestone, making a crisp sound. With the ultimate move between each other, both of them had to retreat. The two punched each other, Lin Tian stepped back a few steps to stop his figure, but Buggy got launched.

There was a bang to the bottom and several screams. Buggy directly slammed into the pirate group and drove several pirates downstairs without knowing whether they were alive or dead, while Buggy kept on going because of the momentum and crashed into a tent. There was a dull noise.

Gently sweeping the blood on his fist, Lin Tian showed a meaningful smile on his face. No one understood what he was thinking.

Buggy leaned his hands back, walked out, and asked, “Smelly brat, you’re not bad, but who on earth are you, and how do you know my name? Is Shanks annoying me? Did that bastard tell you?”

Lin Tian said excitedly, “Shanks, you also know Shanks…”

En?” Buggy looked at Luffy suspiciously and saw the straw hat on his head. It suddenly dawned on him. “It seems that you also know the immensity of Heaven and Earth Shanks. No wonder that hat seems so familiar. It turned out to be the bastard Shanks.”

“Help.” a cry for help came.

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