Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 218


The sudden cry for help shocked everyone, but the voice came from below.

Brat, when fighting, you can’t be distracted.” Buggy’s voice then came from the front.

It’s just that Buggy is floating in the void at this time. Only his lower body was like a spinning steel dart, with a hint of cold light glowing from the dagger on the side.

“Don’t worry. I still know the most basic point. But I don’t know why you speak that carelessly to your enemy.”

Buggy’s feet tried to sweep Lin Tian’s feet.

Lin Tian escaped Buggy’s sneak attack, but the Chasing Wind in his hand was raised high at this moment. The rusty Chasing Wind was covered by black again, with the momentum of a thunderbolt; the revolving leg was chopped off.

Buggy’s face changed drastically, and he shouted: “All split up and in pieces! Escape urgently!”

The revolving flying leg immediately split into several segments and flew in all directions. Lin Tian’s slash is empty. Chasing Wind cutting towards the side extremely fast, and in an instant, several slashes came out.

AH… AH...”

A scream sounded, and the surrounding crew members cried out in surprise. Captain Buggy does have the Devil Fruit ability. Even if he is cut, he will not be injured.

[*TL note: for the user to be able to levitate any of his body parts, their feet must be on the ground as they are the only body parts of the user that cannot levitate. Because of this limitation, the user’s ability to levitate cannot be used to traverse across oceans as it is not true levitation in a sense. This can be rectified if someone else carries their feet as it serves as a foothold for them to stand on. However, Buggy has been seen running in midair while separated at the waist. Whether or not this is a continuity error is unknown. Additionally, in Impel Down, Buggy’s head was drawn toward his body once his feet left the ground, and his body fell down the hole to the second floor, as though an invisible force connected his parts. This somewhat conflicts with the mechanisms of his power when his head and body were separated, and Luffy blasted his body away, but his head did not follow. This may be because his feet were with his head, not his body, at the time.]

But at this time, Bucky has three symmetrical wounds on his legs, all showing that the Captain’s fruit ability has been rendered useless before his very eyes.

Feeling the pain in the legs, Buggy clenched his teeth and muttered in pain. “Armament Haki…”

Only Armament Haki in the world can make Devil Fruit Ability User’s abilities seem imaginary.

“Who are you?! You know the Marine Rokushiki and even Haki!”

“I said before. I am the deputy captain of these two; a pirate.”

Lin Tian lifts the Chasing Wind, and a light blue sword aura wave bursts out from the tip of the sword, carrying an invincible momentum and killing aura.

Where the sword light passed, the blue bricks on the ground shattered. A crack appeared on the tall building, and dust mist floated. The pirates looked terrified and hid to the side. They didn’t think their bodies were harder than the bluestone bricks, after all.

Buggy ran the fastest he could. When the sword aura was released, he realized that it was not good and quickly moved towards and hid beside him. If he was cut from the front, he might be finished.

It seems to be slow, but it actually happened in a flash. Countless pirates wanted to run away. Just thinking about how fast the slash is actually not that much slower than the Kizaru’s laser.

It was like a flash of light passing by, with a swelling sound. Several pirates in the pirate group couldn’t avoid it and burst directly. The East Blue Pirate was so bad, not comparable to Grand Line, unable to withstand the powerful energy, and exploded directly.


Not only the roof of the building is shaking, but the earth is also shaking, and half of the tall building where Lin Tian and others are located is slowly cracking. The row of houses was all cracked from the middle until they collapsed and turned into a pile of rubble. Fortunately, the townspeople had already left.

Looking at the scene before him, Zoro was shocked, “It was just a slash in the air… I thought it was only a rumor…”

‘Using a powerful force to slash the air, and easily destroy a building….’

‘Only powerful swordsmen can use it.’

Zoro has never done it before, and he had only heard about it and had never seen that swordsman perform it. After all, just normal slashing in the air was not so difficult for a swordsman.

Seeing the ruins behind him, Buggy involuntarily swallowed his saliva. His eyes turned to Lin Tian, revealing fear.

At this moment, Zoro looked down and immediately shouted: “Lin Tian, Nami is in danger below! A pirate stopped her!”

After that, Zoro was ready to go down to rescue Nami, but at this time, a pirate riding a unicycle sprang out from the side, stopped Zoro, and vilely hit Zoro’s wound, making it difficult for Zoro to go to the rescue.

Seeing this, a black knife flew out from Lin Tian’s right hand, pushed Buggy back, who was about to entangle him, and said: “Luffy, I will save Nami first. This pirate captain; I leave it to you.”

His body flashed and disappeared on the top of the building. He moved towards and flew down below.

A pirate below is riding on a huge lion, and Nami is tightly guarding a huge package.

This is how it happened…

Nami saw the battle between the two sides, and everyone was attracted by the battle. So she took the opportunity to sneak down and went to the Buggy Treasure Depository. Since she had been there once, she found it at once. —Everything was fine; not only did she get all the treasures, but also the Grand Line chart. But when she came out, she was blocked by a pirate riding a huge lion.

The cry for help followed, and thus the scene now.

“Nami, you thief. You dare to steal the treasures of our Buggy Pirates.”

This is a pirate staring at a ragdoll headgear, waving a whip in his hand, riding a big lion under him, looking at Nami in front of him, threatening.

[*TL note: ]

“No, this is my treasure! And I won’t hand it to you fierce pirates!” Nami stood in front of the pile of treasures and did not back down.

The money is of great use to Nami. As long as she has this batch of money, her dream for many years can be realized.

The pirate waved the whip and ordered the following lion: “Richie, crush this thief! Buggy Pirates is not something she can deal with.”


Richie roared at Nami. The powerful sound waves messed up Nami’s beautiful hair, waving his huge paws and moving towards Nami.

Faced with the sharp claw bigger than herself, Nami felt a sense of powerlessness in her heart. She closed her eyes and couldn’t help thinking of Lin Tian in her mind. It would be good if that bastard were here.


With the loud sound of bang sound, the ground shook…

After a long time, the surrounding was extremely silent. She quickly opened my eyes and saw that a smiling face appeared directly in Nami’s eyes. Lin Tian was reflected on her slanted eyes, making Lin Tian suddenly much taller for her.

‘This is the second time he has saved me.’

Nami’s mind suddenly came up with this sentence.

Nami, who reacted, raised her foot to stamp fiercely. Suddenly, a miserable scream sounded between the world. With her hands wrapped around her chest, Nami snorted and raised her head, “I called for help, and you were late!”

Lin Tian immediately knelt down and said helplessly: “Nami, who told you to sneak away? we were fighting just now.”

At this time, the lion and pirate, who Lin Tian punched, slowly opened the debris on their bodies and walked out of the ruins. Mohji yelled: “Smelly brat, how dare you sneak attack this Mohji. Richie, kill him to death!”

This pirate is a cadre in Buggy Pirates, but he wasn’t upstairs. He doesn’t know how strong Lin Tian is, and he moved towards Lin Tian to take the initiative to attack.

Seeing the lion rushing, Nami stopped quarreling with Lin Tian. She stepped back and hid behind Lin Tian. —Nami did not realize that she had regarded Lin Tian as a reliable safety for her.

Hey!” Lin Tian slightly sighed, with a helpless tone, “…I originally wanted to let you go, but now it seems that being merciful to the enemy is really not suitable for me.”

Iron Fist!

It was just a normal punch but still possessed extremely powerful formidable power. It hit right on the lion’s forehead. Slightly stepping forward with his right foot, power burst out from his arm, directly knocking a person and a lion into the air and turning them into the light.

Nami was surprised and suddenly rushed forward. Looking directly at Lin Tian, she asked: “Who the hell are you? Not only can you run on the sea, but also disappear. You’re way too strong.”

“That is just a Devil Fruit ability. Like our captain, I am also a Devil Fruit Ability User.”

“Captain- you mean Luffy?” Nami asked in surprise. She didn’t expect to see two legendary Devil Fruit Users today.

Lin Tian explained: “Yes, Luffy is also a Devil Fruit Ability User. He is a rubber man, and his whole body can be turned into rubber.”

‘What kind of pirate is this?’

‘There are only three people. The captain is a bit stupid, and the deputy captain is a bastard.’

‘Two are the rumored Devil Fruit Ability User, and one of the three is the famous Pirate Hunter swordsman Zoro of East Blue.’

Hey, Nami! Will you join us at all?” Lin Tian asked. Fearing that Nami would disagree, he added: “I have saved you twice now, and you owe me two lives.”

Nami was stunned. With orange-red hair swaying from left to right, “No! I will not agree! Pirates have taken away my most important person, so I will not join the vicious pirates!”

“Really? Are you sure you don’t agree?” Lin Tian asked again.

“No, don’t say anything. I won’t agree to join the pirates.”

Lin Tian walked a few steps forward, slowly approaching Nami, with a brutal look on his face, rubbing his hands, just like the expression of a hungry wolf when it sees a young lamb.

Nami was scared and quickly backed away, but there was a wall behind her. She ended up stuck in place after a few steps back, and she couldn’t retreat. Leaning close to the wall, Nami said with a trembling voice: “Lin Tian, you what- What are you doing?! I advise you, don’t mess around!”

Lin Tian stretched out his tongue and licked his lips. Lin Tian pretended to threaten, “You said what I want to do. I remember I said at the Marine base that if you don’t agree, I will do that. There is no one here anyway. So many empty rooms…”

Nami was not frightened, but instead, she calmed down. She folded her arms and looked at Lin Tian with a chuckle.

‘Very beautiful-’

Lin Tian was taken aback. The development of things was somewhat different from what he expected.

“I can be with you, but only for cooperation, not join. I will never join the pirate group.”

Lin Tian nodded and agreed, as long as she is with them… After a while, everyone would establish a relationship with each other, and when the time comes, she will be a mainstay in the group.

“There is one more thing, that is, you have to give me 100 million Berry, and then I will talk about the rest.”

Lin Tian shook his head quickly to object, with a heartache showing on his face, “That’s my wife’s money that has been for so many years. If I give it to you, then what will I do in the future…? No, I can’t give it to you.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Nami’s face was blushing. If 100 million Berry is his wife’s, what does it mean to use 100 million Berry to hire her? She pursed and cursed. ‘Lin Tian bastard.’

Seeing Nami’s expression, Lin Tian’s face raised a smirk and decided to tease her, “You can ask for that 100 million Berry, but that’s my wife’s… But if you reaaaallly want it, then…”

“Lin Tian, you bastard!”

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