Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 219


In the field, the battle between Luffy and Buggy reached the scorching stage. At the same time, Zoro, on one side, seemed to fall into a disadvantage. Although Buggy’s stabbing did not cause fatal injuries, it was still a very serious injury. The waist pain was very serious for a swordsman, and his battle strength was very damaged.

In addition to that, the despicable pirate who attacked Zoro’s wound, the dignified the famous East Blue swordsman Zoro was knocked to the ground by trash, and he felt aggrieved.

And the pirate named Cabaji felt very proud. He rode the little unicycle and said proudly: “Do you know what a man’s ghost is like? Blame yourself for going against us, Buggy Pirates.”


A group of black shadows flew down from top to bottom. It was Lin Tian who was holding Nami and flew up from above. Letting go of Nami’s soft waist, Lin Tian couldn’t help to jiggle it. Feeling good and a little nostalgic.

Nami immediately burst into anger. Without saying a word, she punched Lin Tian to the ground and clapped her hands.

Seeing Lin Tian bringing Nami up, a bad expression flashed across his face. Since they came up, it means that Mohji and Richie have been resolved.

Luffy leaped and dodged the flying knife. Seeing that Lin Tian had solved everything, he whispered: “Lin Tian has solved the battle. It seems that I also need to be faster.”

“Rubber rubber pistol”

Zoro, who was knocked down to the ground, slowly stood up from the ground, said solemnly with a sword in both hands, “It seems that I can’t fall behind. This kind of rubbish has delayed me for so long.”

When he heard that he was rubbish, Cabaji was furious. Holding a sword and riding a unicycle, he stabbed towards Zoro. Facing this thorn, Zoro did nothing. The sharp blade cut through the skin and splashed blood.

“Why didn’t you avoid it?!” Nami asked in surprise, very puzzled by Zoro’s doing this.

With his back turned, Zoro said solemnly: “I’ve had enough of the tricks. I will teach you now how my style is different from yours.”

When he heard Zoro’s words, Cabaji’s eyelids couldn’t help but shake. For the same swordsman, this is the biggest irony or an indefensible irony.

“This is Roronoa Zoro! It seemed like I look down on you too much!”

Even as an enemy, he had to admire Zoro. This is the charm of Zoro, a charm that the enemy has to admire.

Although Luffy and Buggy are fighting on the side, they have been paying attention to the situation on the other side. —-Regarding the conversation or fighting between the two.

“It’s so cool,” he said with bright eyes.

Facing Zoro, even Buggy couldn’t help flashing a hint of surprise and admiration at this moment and secretly asserted that Cabaji could not match him, and he lost the battle.

For so many years, Buggy has been staying in East Blue. No one has ever seen Buggy actually take a shot. What is Buggy’s strength? Lin Tian just guesses his heart.

But Bucky’s vision is needless to say, and you must know that Bucky was a trainee crew member on the mighty Pirate King Roger ship before and participated in the Sea Battle of Edd War that shocked the world.

Following Roger for three years, he marched on the Grand Line of a powerhouse as clouds until he finally contended for the Grand Line. He has seen countless strong ones, and even in this respect, Lin Tian can’t match him.

He glanced at Luffy over there and thought in his heart: “However, I didn’t expect that this smelly little demon in front of me actually knew Shanks, and he could get the Straw Hat of that bastard Shanks. It looked like he’s still alive…”

“Straw Hat brat, you can’t be distracted during the battle. Didn’t that bastard Shanks teach you this?”

Buggy laughed in a deep voice and flew towards Luffy with a small dagger in his right hand, reminding him kindly.

He quickly retracted his eyes and saw the four small daggers flying at extreme speed. Luffy accurately extended the hand and grasped the flying right hand. The sharp dagger was only a few centimeters away from the neck, Luffy immediately relaxed.

“Flying Fist Attack”

But who knows when, after separation, Buggy can actually increase the punching power under such power. Luffy hurriedly turned to the beginning so that he could avoid it in time. There was no mortal danger, but there were several scratches on his face.

“Hey! Lin Tian, you didn’t move at all! Your companions are all injured. Zoro is already seriously injured but still fighting. Why won’t you help?”

Upon seeing this, Nami asked loudly, but she still didn’t hear Lin Tian’s answer after waiting for a while. Her heart flashed in confusion, and she couldn’t help turning her head and looking back.

Lin Tian was staring at his own palm. His eyes were motionless, and he said nothing. He just watched calmly, with a thoughtful expression on his face, as if there was something extremely important in the palm of his hand.

“Hey, Lin Tian!”

Nami stretched out her hand to Lin Tian. She wanted to see what it was that could make Lin Tian take it so seriously.

Just when Nami was about to see it! Lin Tian’s hand had already reacted. His right hand quickly turned over and held it tightly, obviously not wanting Nami to see it.

Nami did not say much about this and gently retracted her foot. Although she was very curious in her heart, she did not ask any questions. Everyone has their own secrets, and they don’t want others to know.

She anxiously urged: “Lin Tian, why don’t you help them?”

Looking at Zoro, who endured the pain in the battle, and Luffy, who was knocked down by Buggy, Lin Tian laughed slightly, “No need, because they have the heart of a powerhouse.”

“The heart of powerhouse…!”

She lightly nodded—the heart of powerhouse. Only true powerhouse has this thing. It is better to say that it is the heart of the strong than it is a kind of persistence, a kind of ambition, a kind of mentality, a kind of goal…

This kind of person has taken life and death indifferently and has the courage to dedicate life to ambition at any time. In a duel, they would rather die in battle than being killed when the battle is not decided.

Of course, Lin Tian is also confident in their strength, and they are enough to solve their opponents. If they were really not capable, Lin Tian would have taken action long ago.

Compared to Luffy and Zoro, the most serious problem now lies in himself. Feeling the stickiness in the palm of his hand, a trace of worry and eagerness flashed in his eyes.

It seems that I can’t drag anymore. I must return to the Grand Line as soon as possible and find the old man from Rocks!

Peng sound, Luffy fell into the ruins, arousing smoke and dust, Buggy said with a smile: “Straw Hat brat, know how good I am The Clown Buggy.”

“Asshole, you actually damaged this hat.” Luffy looked at the cut hat in his hand and shouted angrily: “This is my baby! I can’t forgive any person who damaged this hat!”

Behind, Buggy threw away a flying knife in his wrist, forcing Luffy to avoid it, holding three knives in his wrist and stabbing it towards Straw Hat in Luffy’s hand.

“Since this hat is a treasure, protect it.”

Squintingly saw the wrist flying towards the Straw Hat in his hand, Luffy showed eagerness in his eyes. But while dodging, he was too late to react.

Clang clang!

A light gray long sword is inserted next to Luffy’s right hand just in time to protect the Straw Hat from Buggy’s knives.

Seeing Lin Tian’s interference, Buggy flashed a trace of anger in his eyes, but he didn’t do much at all.

However, after Lin Tian retracted his long sword, Lin Tian said: “Buggy, as a friend of Shanks, you must have understood the meaning of this hat. You’re sure to destroy this hat?”

His complexion slightly changed. Buggy coldly snorted. He retracted his arm and looked away from the Straw Hat.

But Luffy didn’t intend to forgive him. The hat was his own treasure, and it was damaged. His face blackened, and he attacked Buggy angrily.

On the other side!

Zoro no longer wants to compete with this kind of rubbish swordsman, and it is completely tainting the word swordsman.

“I want to become the world’s number one swordsman. How can I be like you and be in a stalemate here for so long? If I lose to you because of this little injury, how will I be a human being in the future?”

Being so ironic, Cabaji was very angry and pointed at Zoro with a sword, “In this case, I will use the real sword technique to kill you.”

“The real sword technique? Just a person like you who only has acrobatics and knows basic sword techniques. Today, I’ll let you see what the real sword technique is.”

Zoro stood up tenaciously and looked at Cabaji, who was rushing over. He suddenly crossed his swords in both hands, with the point of the sword facing upwards, his mouth clenching the words of peace.

“Ghost cut!”

Three cold glow flashes, the two brushed past each other, puci sounded, several bloods spattered, and Cabaji fell straight to the ground. Zoro also fell to the ground after performing this move.

Seeing this, Lin Tian hurried over. Suffering a penetrating injury and having been fighting for so long, that wound was hit several times…

Nami went in the opposite direction and moved towards the place where Luffy and Buggy fought. Obviously, she had some good ideas to help Luffy solve the battle.

Lin Tian lightly tapped Zoro lying on the ground and asked, “Hey, how are you? Don’t just lie down here.”

Turning his body, Zoro closed his eyes and slowly said: “Don’t worry, I’m okay, I can hold it. Just let me sleep.”

After speaking, there was slight snoring, and after a few taps, Lin Tian smiled helplessly.

On the other hand, Nami looked down on Buggy a bit. She thought she could easily attack Bucky with a simple sneak attack. Fortunately, Luffy shot in time, and otherwise, it would be dangerous.

Luffy took a strong kick and kicked Buggy directly into the pile of wooden boxes on the side, almost flying downstairs, but this kind of damage is not at all useful to Buggy.

Buggy, with only one head, left floating in the air and spoke loudly with a smile: “I can split myself up in pieces! Any weapon is useless to me! You can’t kill me off!”

“Really?” Lin Tian held a Black Sword with both hands on the side and laughed out a question.

Nearly scared Buggy to death.

Lin Tian knows Armament Haki. Lin Tian can kill him.

After a quick glance, Buggy finds that all his subordinates have been solved. Only one of them is left, and there are four people.

In the face of this situation, anyone will make the right choice. Buggy is the same, and without saying anything, he recalls all parts of his body.

“Ah….!” a scream sounded from Buggy’s mouth.

Lin Tian also held the long sword at the right time, stepped aside, revealing what was behind him. Nami was tying Bucky’s separated torso together and stomping it tightly with her feet.

“Are you looking for this?”

Ah, my body…”

Luffy suddenly stretched his hands backward. His arms stretched rapidly, relying on the elasticity of the rubber, his hands with stronger strength and speed, instantly blasted Buggy out.

“Smelly brat, just wait! I won’t spare you……..”

Lin Tian smiled slightly.

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