Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 22


Seeing Deika walked toward the door, Lin Tian immediately hides aside. But before Lin Tian made a move, something unpredicted happened inside the room.

Lin Tian saw when Deika is about to take a step. Fandi quickly got up from his seat while drawing the sword on his waist, jumped up, and aimed at Deika’s left-back.

As an experienced Marine Commodore, Deika has skilled the most basic reaction ability. When he felt the murderous and breaking air behind, Deika quickly turned around.

But it was too late. Deika, who was out of the guard, wouldn’t think that Fandi would attack him from behind.

Deika didn’t have time to dodge. A sword stabbed Deika’s heart in Fandi’s hand.

Blood instantly leaked from his heart, flowing out along the sharp blade. His chest was full of blood.

Suppose Deika hadn’t turned around first but avoided it instead. Even if he was injured, it was not a fatal injury, and he would not be stabbed right in the heart.

Looking at the sword on his chest in disbelief, Fandi stared at Deika with a fierce smile. His eyes were full of resentment and fear.

With blood flowed in his mouth, he faltered and said, “Wh..why…?!”.


Fandi drew out the sword from Deika’s chest and said with a smug look: “You are too greedy. You dare to threaten me, and you have to take half of all the treasures. Don’t make me laugh!”

“From the time I worked with you that day, I was using you to cover my shortcomings. Now it’s not safe anymore here, and your role is done. And you are no longer useful so that I will kill you right now!”

Hearing Fandi’s words, Deika died with a hatred look, but his eyes were still open, showing that Deika would not look down.

“Hahahaha…” Fandi evilly laughed when seeing Deika finally dead.

For the past six months, Fandi has been trying to kill this insatiable Marine Commodore Deika.

But he needed Deika to report fake information about this island, so Fandi patiently has to endure this bastard’s dominance on him.

Now this island has been discovered by the Marine, this Marine scum

has not used anymore, so Fandi immediately killed him to satisfy his hatred.

Lin Tian looked at the two since their conversation began, but unfortunately, he completely didn’t understand what happened between them. In Lin Tian’s thought, he would also kill Deika. No one wanted to be forced to give half of the treasure he had found a huge risk.

Lin Tian was so shocked about Deika’s way to die. He was more convinced that Deika is the person behind the scenes in this case.

By played Fandi and Marine in his hands, Deika deserved to die like this. This bastard was too rubbish.

Could it be that Fandi had discovered Deika’s trickery long ago, but it didn’t sound like it about what he said earlier?

Looking at the unexpected scene, Lin Tian felt that his brain was suddenly smoky, and things were becoming more and more complicated.

Fandi thought for a while and felt that he still couldn’t let the matter of killing Deika leak out. Sometimes it was better to reduce evidence, so he hid Deika’s body in his room.

Fendi walked outside while he wiped off the bloodstains on his hand and looked at the Deika’s corpse one last time.

Although he was killed Deika himself, a bigger problem was coming. He wanted to force the laborers to speed up the digging progress, so he could take the last part of the treasure tonight and leave this island tomorrow.

According to the treasure map records, the last part was the most important part of this treasure. It could be said that this treasure was built to hide the last thing.

There was a hidden power in the treasure that can mess up the world. Fandi aimed to get it and used that power for himself. If he got that hidden power, he dared to face an Admiral.

At that time, he would go to the New-World and dominate the entire island, then obtain the legendary treasure One Piece and become The Pirate King.

Thinking of this, Fandi was very excited. After preparing for so long, he was only one step short of it now, but he couldn’t fail at the last minute. So the most important is I must do this carefully without any mistakes.

Lin Tian saw Fandi coming, then he quickly walked aside, quietly waited for Fandi to leave.

Seeing Fandi passing through the gate, Lin Tian did not follow him but fell into thought. Lin Tian found that this matter is getting more difficult to understand, so he should be wise and didn’t rush to pick a chance.

The root of the whole thing was on this treasure, and everything of this happened around the treasure.

Now the dig for this treasure was almost complete, and no matter who was behind this case, they would take the initiative to show up.

I have to hide where I can observe everything and wait for all the treasures to be dugout.

When the time comes, I would come out and stop the Pirates. After thinking about the plan, Lin Tian also left the house and went to the treasure location.

No matter how clever the prey was, he couldn’t escape the palm of the hunter hiding in the end.

Just when Lin Tian about to the left, a voice suddenly came out from the room.

“Captain!” A pirate on duty saw his captain strode out. Although he was surprised why his captain came here, he cried respectfully.

Fandi nodded and said, “Go tell everyone to get together!”


Although he didn’t understand why his captain ordered this, he immediately spread this order to his comrades without thinking about anything.

After notifying his men, Fandi rushed to the treasure digging site. It was late night already, and he must hurry up.

When Fandi rushed to the treasure digging site, all the pirates had already gathered, and many residents hadn’t slept for long.

In order to saved time, Fandi adopted a two-shift system. All forced laborers were divided into two groups: working during the day and working at night. So, in addition to those who were digging, many people are sleeping.

But now he wanted to order whole forced labor to dig tonight.

Seeing the noisy people below, Fandi flashed a trace of discomfort on his face and shouted: “Be quiet, you stupid donkey!”

The residents below were quiet instantly, and everyone did not dare to violate the cruel pirate captain’s words standing above.

Seeing that the people below were so obedient, Fandi nodded in satisfaction, cleared his throat, and shouted.

Tonight I gather all of you to tell me the good news. This treasure dig is almost complete. As long as you can finish tonight, we will leave here tomorrow, and you can reunite with your families.”

Hearing the news that Fandi said, the people who had been quiet began to whisper again. Some people were pleased to go home and reunite, but some smart people have a sad look.

These people all understood that it is impossible for a pirate to let everyone go so kindly. Now, this treasure dig was about to complete, and the death of people like them were also coming.

The pirates in front didn’t kill them because they still needed people to work. Nonsense, if these pirates let the residents on the island go.

“Now, all of you are going to work for me!”

Lin Tian, ​​who also rushed to the scene, was watching everything quietly.


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