Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 220



A burst of laughter came from two small boats.

Luffy actually gave the village half of the 10 million Bellys he had obtained through hard work. The angry Nami directly pressed Luffy’s head and sank into the water. Watching this scene, Zoro and Lin Tian couldn’t help laughing.

“Why are you laughing?!” Nami put her hands on her hips, staring at Lin Tian, who was laughing, and said with a pouting mouth: “Lin Tian! As the deputy captain of these pirates, you must compensate me for the loss. Ten thousand will do!”

Lin Tian immediately suppressed his laughter, and asked coercively: “Fufu- why should I? Luffy did it, so what do you want me to pay?”

“As I said, you are the deputy captain. The captain has no money, of course, you pay.”

At this time, Luffy hammered his hand and simply said: “Yes! Lin Tian pays for each barbecue, and Lin Tian is very rich. Last time he spent 200 million Berry on buying such a piece of stone.”

Maybe because he was afraid that Nami would not understand, Luffy also made gestures with both hands to indicate how it looked like.

“Two hundred million Berry…” After saying these four words, Nami’s voice was trembling. She had been a pirate thief for several years, and she wandered on the line of life and death every day, knowing how rare a thousand Berry is.

For so many years, her goal was to raise 100 million Berry. Even the famous East Blue Buggy Pirates has only 10 million Berry, but Lin Tian used 200 million Berry to buy a stone.

“Lin Tian! Who on earth are you? You actually used 200 million Berry to buy a broken stone!” Nami, who reacted, sprayed anger all over her body and gave Lin Tian the name of a prodigal in her heart.

Knowing the simple Luffy, Lin Tian was left with helplessness. Why did he speak out? Isn’t he just attracting hatred?

Even Zoro, who has no idea about money, was shocked to hear this number. He looked at Lin Tian with curiosity, and the more he came into contact with Lin Tian, the more he felt that there were countless secrets hidden in him.

With his hands swayed, Lin Tian said with a smile: “Well, Nami, can you stop getting so angry first. Get rid of your anger first, get rid of your anger first!”

Nami suddenly realized why she was so angry. In a blink of an eye, and she looked at Lin Tian with a little deep meaning. No! At this time, in Nami’s mind, he was no longer a person but a gold coin.

Looking at Nami’s eyes, Lin Tian flashed an unpleasant feeling in his heart. His body unconsciously moved towards the back and backed slightly.

Biting off the apple core in his mouth, Luffy turned his head and asked: “Lin Tian, can we go to the Grand Line now?”

Lin Tian has not spoken yet, Nami objected: “No, we’re really unplanned to go to the Grand Line with our two small boats and four people.”

“That’s what I will say.” Luffy rarely said a correct decision, “I need some meat. It’s boring to eat fruits every day. I want to eat meat.”

Zoro didn’t get too busy and echoed: “We still have wine…”

Hu hu… Nami couldn’t bear it and took an apple fiercely and smashed it on Zoro’s face. Exhaling a deep breath, and explained to the two people who didn’t go through their brains.

“The Grand Line is the most dangerous place in the world! If nothing else, we don’t even know anything about it, so it’s easy to have problems!”

He took the thrown apple and took a bite. “No, Lin Tian will take us there, and he is from Grand Line.”

“What!” An exclamation sounded. Nami looked towards Lin Tian with a look of disbelief.

Just when Lin Tian was about to explain, the calm sea suddenly rolled up, and the waves of several meters high, like generated out of thin air, spread across the entire sea.

Although the two boats are connected, increasing stability, they are still not enough to see such high waves. They shake violently and can roll over at any time, and Nami can only hold on tightly. The ship’s edge stabilized the figure.

And Lin Tian seemed to have discovered something. He stood up, listening to the rough sea. Zoro also changed his former leisure time, and his hands were already tightly clasped on the sword, only Luffy was still simply admiring the view of the sea.

Although nothing has been discovered yet, there must be demons if something goes wrong. If the calm sea suddenly changes like this, there must be something unusual.

“It’s coming.”

Without letting the two of them wait, they saw the sea surface slowly bulging, the sea surface shaking more violently, and a huge black shadow emerged from the seawater. It was a giant ocean beast.

Wow, it’s so big.”

“What is this thing, so big!”

“What the hell is this?”

“Sea King!”

[*TL note: Sea Kings are huge, carnivorous monsters that inhabit all of the world‘s oceans. They are especially prevalent throughout the Calm Belts surrounding the Grand Line, and as such, are one of the most common—and notorious—hazards encountered by seafarers in the area.]

On the sea, a huge Sea King like a toad appeared, and it was huge and covered the sky. Compared to a Sea King when Luffy first went out to sea and compared to now, it was like a small sea.

Nami said with a look of fear: “This is the Sea King class. How could there be a Sea King class here? Isn’t the Sea King class appeared only on the Grand Line?”

As Nami said, It is said that Lin Tian understands this point, so he looks cautious. How could the Sea King category of Grand Line appear in this place? It is totally unreasonable.


The Sea King class made a huge roar at Lin Tian and the others below. The powerful sound wave carried the fishy wind and blew towards Lin Tian and the others. Both small boats almost overturned.

Lin Tian stepped forward, and an invisible force instantly spread across the entire sea. Within a range centered on Lin Tian, the churning sea calmed down.

Looking at the giant Sea King in front of him, Lin Tian’s eyes sank, and his mighty spirit came out through his body, a force of pressure on the head of the Sea King like a mountain.

Conqueror’s Haki!

On the side of Luffy and the others, before realizing what happened, the tossing sea calmed down, the boat didn’t shake, and the huge Sea King also calmed down. All this was because of Lin Tian’s stepping out.

Except for Luffy, who had seen Lin Tian’s strength, Zoro and Nami were shocked by dumbstruck, unable even to speak. This kind of battle strength surpassed their imagination.

Feeling the sudden and powerful pressure between Heaven and Earth, an expression of fear flashed in the eyes of this huge Sea King.

Such a big Sea King class has some wisdom, knowing what is dangerous and knowing who they will have to avoid. But this Sea King screamed again abnormally, and the fishy wind blew towards Lin Tian.

Lin Tian’s expression was hard to look at immediately. It was not because of the stench in the fishy wind, but because this Sea King was able to bear his Conqueror’s Haki, which is very abnormal.

Even if the Sea King is bigger than most in the Grand Line, the Sea King cannot bear his Conqueror’s Haki. There must be a problem with it.


Sea King opened his mouth again, spit out a water column with a diameter of tens of meters, and directly moved towards their boats.

Even the simple Luffy knew that the trouble was coming, so he jumped down and stood with Zoro, who drew his sword. They were about to stop the water column.

Lin Tian stopped in front of the two and said three words softly, “I’ll handle it.”

After finishing speaking, he jumped up, hovering in the air. With his right fist clenched, it suddenly burst out. The huge force was vented on the entire water column, and it broke into pieces before it lasted for a breath.

Lin Tian didn’t stop smashing the water column, his right fist increased forward, and even more, powerful force burst out from his fist and passed along the sky.

“Rising Fist!”

In a short time, the huge Sea King screamed, and the huge head was recessed inward. The blood flowed out like a stream, and the entire sea area was dyed red in one fell swoop.

With a bang, that huge body fell from in midair. A tsunami tens of meters high was moving towards all directions in a circular shape. Even if Lin Tian was imprisoned in front of the might of the world, he had to surrender to the wave.

“It’s over! Such a small boat will definitely be overturned!” Nami held her head in her hands, watched the huge tsunami hit, and knelt down on the bottom of the boat with a panic expression on her face.

Zoro didn’t say much, but he held the sword tightly in his hand, the veins on his arms were slightly bulging, and the palms of his hands began to sweat.

“Wow, really strong, so amazing.” but Luffy still has time and energy to praise how strong Lin Tian is.

Landing quietly on the boat, looking at the rising waves, Lin Tian complexion slightly changed.

He was originally not going to use this power, but now he has to do it.

Slowly stretched his right hand towards the back, in the void with nothing, and tightly held it behind his neck. A long black sword appeared in Lin Tian’s hand, and some black matter covered the slender sword.

“This is… the sword.”

Behind Zoro, seeing this scene, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He had heard Luffy say that Lin Tian is a swordsman, but he had never seen any sword on Lin Tian’s body, and it was uncharacteristic of a swordsman at all.

But he didn’t expect that it’s not like Lin Tian had a sword on him, but he just kept hiding it behind him, disappearing from everyone’s eyes like invisibility, just why it was a rusty sword?


With a sudden squeeze of both hands, the Chasing Wind made a clear buzzing sound, as if feeling that Lin Tian would use it to fight and fell into joy.

Due to the battle at that time, the Chasing Wind was severely damaged, and the body was covered with some black material, making it difficult to show a sharp edge. However, after this time passes, some of the black materials on the Chasing Wind have fallen off slightly.

“Break the waves!”

Lin Tian flipped his hands over in his heart, and the sword was aimed at the waves in front of him with strong momentum. A light blue sword of tens of meters long moved towards the tsunami, the turbulent sea surface was cut into a big crack by its leaked edge, and countless seawater poured in.


The sharp sword light pointed directly at the tsunami, and in a blink of an eye, a flash of light flashed across the blue tsunami. The light became lighter and lighter, and a crack appeared on the tsunami.

The blue water, as if being secretly manipulated by some power, the blue water moved towards the edge, and the sun finally shined on everyone through the cracks.

“The tsunami was cut…”

“This… how is this possible? A sword split the tsunami? Is there such a powerful sword technique in the world?” Zoro sweated. He looked nervous and shocked.

The dazzling light passed through the cracks and sprinkled on Lin Tian, accompanied by the tsunami that was cut in half. At this time, Lin Tian is like a god who controls the world!

Suddenly, Lin Tian turned around and said to Luffy and the others: “You go find other partners first. I have something to investigate. I will leave for a few days, and then I will catch up with you.”

After speaking, Lin Tian turned around, stepped on the sea water through the cracks, and sprinted towards the sea in front of him. In a blink of an eye, he disappeared before the eyes of the others.

The Sea King class of Grand Line? It can withstand his punch? It can resist Conqueror’s Haki?

How could it appear in East Blue?!

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