Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 221


On the calm sea, a white line quickly passed through.. it was a splash of waves!

Lin Tian was expressionless, walking swiftly across the endless sea, seemingly aimless, but adjusting his body shape from time to time. He was chasing the Sea King.

Lin Tian could feel a very strange feeling when he saw the Sea King type. As a creature of the Grand Line, it would never enter the four seas, let alone a giant beast of the Sea King type.

‘It must be brought in by others…’

‘But, who would brought a Sea King from Grand Line to East Blue, the weakest ocean in the world?’

The strangest thing for Lin Tian is that this Sea King is a bit too unusual. You must know that the Sea King giant beast’s ability to judge is mainly determined by body shape.

Like that Sea King, more than two hundred meters long; it can only be regarded as an Ordinary Level, but it can bear Conqueror’s Haki? How could it be possible?

At that time, Lin Tian clearly felt its fear, but it was still not afraid to shoot Lin Tian, as if something was forcing him.

The thing that makes Lin Tian want to scold his mother the most is how this kind of Sea King type can block his fist.

So after discovering that the Sea King class had escaped, Lin Tian didn’t think much about it. He just followed and followed, feeling from the heart that this matter is more than just superficial.

Since the Sea King can directly dive into the deep sea, Lin Tian, as the Devil Fruit ability, can only stand on the sea surface, but this is not at all a big problem for Lin Tian.

From the beginning, Lin Tian had already used the space imprint secretly and attached it to the Sea King. The special space imprint can only be revealed by himself, which is the best tracking technique.

However, this Sea King is also very careful, changing the direction from time to time. Fortunately, the space imprint is far enough away, otherwise it is easy to lose it.

Even if this Sea King changed direction several times, it was still followed closely by Lin Tian, but Lin Tian still kept a safe distance along the way and was not found.

Even Lin Tian didn’t know how long it took to arrive. A huge island slowly appeared, the Sea King suddenly stopped, Lin Tian stopped quickly. Lin Tian thought he was there. When he was about to approach slowly, the imprint he had been sensing disappeared.

His complexion slightly changed. Things turned too suddenly, making Lin Tian a bit completely unprepared.

After using his space imprint for so long, no one has ever found it, let alone ruined it.

But Lin Tian has been running around for so many years. He hasn’t seen any strong winds or rains in the past years. But with how many times he has experienced life and death crisis, in a blink of an eye, he restored his inner calmness.

Thinking about it, moved towards the island, and the Sea King actually stopped here, indicating that there must be some special thing here. He decided to investigate. Maybe he could gain something…


In the dense jungle, branches and lush leaves block all the sunlight, leaving only a little escape light, scattered on the trunks, streams, and dead leaves… Adding a lot of beauty.

Walking on the dead branches and leaves on the floor, making a lot of noise. In such a quiet environment, it’s very loud. Lin Tian wandered idly.

He turned over a few tall roots. Before Lin Tian could step forward, a heavy object dropped from the sky towards him.


Countless fallen yellow leaves fluttered in the air.

Two dark shadows flew out from the side and came to the side of the heavy object.

“Big brother, we just killed someone…” in the crisp childish voice, there was a trace of fear and tension.

“What are you afraid of…”, the boy was also a little bit afraid, but under the pressure, he pretended to be calm and replied: “These are pirates, they are not good people. Killing them is doing good deeds.”

There was a strong resentment in the tone. Obviously, this boy had some deep hatred with pirates, otherwise, how could he have such a tone.

“Two kids, killing people at such a young age is not what you should have done.”

A quiet voice came, which shocked the two little kids. They turned back quickly, and saw the person who should have been crushed on the ground standing behind him.

Their bodies could not help but tremble, fear appeared on their faces, cold sweat continued to flow out, and they retreated back until they reached a big tree behind.

As the big brother, he extended the hand and pulled the younger sister behind him and asked: “Are you a human or a ghost?! If you want revenge, come get me instead of my sister!”

Looking at this scene, Lin Tian had a hint of admiration in his eyes. At such a young age, he would rather sacrifice himself to protect the younger sister. This boy is not bad.

“No, this is what I did… don’t hurt my big brother.” The girl behind, from who knows where her power burst out, broke free from the boy’s hand, with both hands directed him, staring stubbornly at Lin Tian.

“Sis, run quickly! This person is not something we can deal with! I promised mother to take care of you.”

Looking at the two little kids quarreling in front of him, Lin Tian secretly smiled helplessly. Did he have such a terrifying face? He waved his hand, stopped the two little kids quarrel, and spoke. “You two, stop quarrelling. Besides, you two can’t escape. If…”

But without waiting for Lin Tian to finish. Several sounds sounded from behind, Lin Tian quickly turned around, and reached out his hand to grab the flying thing. It was two rough-made ordinary arrows.

He turned around and saw that the two little kids had already run away. It’s not that simple to escape from him.

Hu hu!!

On a big tree, on a sturdy branch, in a dense leaf, two little kids panting and kneeled on it.

“Big brother, that person is really too terrifying, we didn’t even see him when he avoided.” the girl said with a lingering fear.

Boy comforted: “Don’t worry, we all ran so far and are still hiding here. That person can’t find us.”

“Hey! You two are so slow, I’ve been lying here for a long time.” Lin Tian was lying on the branch above their heads and said boredly.


The Southwest direction on the island is also the far left of the jungle where Lin Tian was just now. A small town with a large number of people is located on it.

Lin Tian is walking towards the small town, and he has appeared on the side of the small town, and there is silence around, only the sound of the sea breeze blowing from the sea, which is accompanied by a bird song.

It stands to reason that in such a big town, there should be a lot of silhouettes around, or people working outside, but now it is quietly terrifying.

In the town, there are still a few jets of black smoke coming out, and the burning smell in the air, which makes Lin Tian have a bad feeling.

It’s a pity that the two little kids passed out, otherwise he can still ask them what happened, and there is no need to run here.

Looking for a place, Lin Tian walked in. Lin Tian was shocked by the sight in front of him. There was no one in the street, and many small stalls were just placed on the street, but there was no one.

There are also a lot of debris, rubbish, and fallen leaves floating everywhere on the road, and the entire interface is covered with a thick layer of stolen goods.

Most of the shops on the side also had their doors open. There was no one inside. He found a shop and went in to take a look. Most of them showed that there were signs of fighting; items were scattered everywhere.

There was a lot of dust gathered on the tabletop. Obviously, no one passed by here for a while. All of this made Lin Tian strange.

Without a silhouette, there was a depression everywhere. What happened?

As Lin Tian went deeper, not only was there no one, there were also collapsed houses everywhere, as well as blood stains, but they had dried up on the wall in the face of time.

Going deeper and deeper, Lin Tian finally saw a person, dead person… There were scars and gunshot wounds. Obviously, not long afterwards, more and more bodies appeared in Lin Tian’s eyes.

Looking at the half-ruined building on the side, his eyes always glanced all around, observing everything. Suddenly, Lin Tian saw something that shocked him.

It is a cloak, a white cloak which has been broken. I don’t know whether it was caught by the wind or hung in a bright spot. The word justice is written on it.

He flashed to it. That familiar and significant cloak had appeared in Lin Tian’s hands, and under Lin Tian’s feet was a fallen figure.

The familiar dress and the badge on the shoulder all showed that this was a Marine captain that died here.

He turned the body over and observe carefully. There are several stab wounds all over the body, and a bullet hole on the shoulder, but the fatal wound is the one on the neck.

When he turned over the corpse, there was a very strong stench. The corpse was rotting. It seems that this Marine captain has been dead for several days.

pa pa pa …

Lin Tian clapped his hands.

Lin Tian stood up with both hands propped on his legs, turned his head and scanned it again, the color of incomprehension and thinking appeared on his face.

There are ruins everywhere, and there are many corpses of ordinary people. The air is still filled with a smell of gunpowder smoke. There are traces of burnt black in many places, as well as bullet shells on the ground, plus the Marine’s corpse at his foot.

…all mean that a few days ago, there was a battle here, and the Marine was involved. As for the other people screaming and where the battle was, Lin Tian didn’t know. There were only few clues that he could work with.

But with more and more corpses, the damage to the house became more and more serious, as well as the Marine corpse. It seems that this place should be very close to the battlefield.

Sure enough, just as Lin Tian had expected, the scene speculated appeared in Lin Tian’s eyes before he had walked too far.

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