Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 222


The town is close to the sea. Lin Tian was standing on a dilapidated tall building, and there were ruins everywhere in the eye.

Collapsed walls, dark marks, big holes from the explosion, corpses everywhere, and the sunken ships on the side, the wreckage was floating on the sea, those still burning, smoky fires.

This is a fierce battlefield.

The battle between pirates and the Marines.

Judging from the on-site environment, the battle was extremely fierce. Even the Commodore-level Marines were killed in battle, and that was the elite of the headquarters, let alone the rest of the Marine.

As for pirates, there are more people than the Marine. There are corpses everywhere, and some of them are still fighting during their lives.

In fact, this kind of pirates and the Marine battle is not a place that makes Lin Tian curious. This kind of thing happens every day in the world. What really makes Lin Tian curious is their identity.

How can so many elite marines appear in the weakest ocean in the world, the East Blue?!

You must know that with the excellent battle strength of the Marine, you can push the entire East Blue horizontally. Of course, it is also possible that there is something hidden in East Blue. But with their strength, it’s enough to deal with the pirates.

But now that these marine elites have had a big battle with pirates and suffered heavy losses, that means must mean that these pirates came from Grand Line, which are not weak pirates.

This makes Lin Tian confused. It stands to reason that Grand Line pirates rarely leave Grand Line and enter the other seas, let alone East Blue, the weakest in the Four Seas.

Since Pirate King Roger, East Blue has not seen any powerful pirates. Over time, it has gradually become the weakest ocean.

Now there are not only the Marine Headquarters but also those strong Great Pirates. There must be something hidden behind them, but also the very important East Blue. What made the marine and pirates come out of the Grand Line and come to East Blue?

Thinking of it, Lin Tian showed a smile on his face. This kind of thing is what Lin Tian likes the most. Even in the Grand Line, Lin Tian often steals many extremely valuable things secretly.

Because of this, both pirates and Underground World hate Lin Tian’s teeth, but not at all alone dare to do something with Lin Tian, not only because of Lin Tian’s identity but also because of his strength. Doflamingo is a clear example.

However, Lin Tian does not at all relax his vigilance because that Sea King is still a thorn on Lin Tian’s mind. There is always a big secret hidden behind these kinds of things.

‘I have probably finished reading it now. It doesn’t make sense to stay here. Let’s deal with the two little children first, and let’s think about the rest later.’

The body flashed, but not long after Lin Tian left, the place where he stood in battle just now slowly moved.


pi li pa la, pi li pa la ……

The sound of wood burning is loud and bright in this small dark within the cave. Bright flames illuminate the entire cave, and the air is filled with an extremely fragrant smell.

Rio slowly opened his eyes. The fiery red light made Rio, who was accustomed to the darkness, a little uncomfortable, so he slightly blocked the light with his hands.

With a slight glance, looking at the surrounding stone wall and some vines attached to it, he immediately knew that he was in the cave.

He rubbed his aching head. After running from the demon, he fell to the ground with his younger sister. Where is this?

“How do you feel, okay, is there any discomfort in your body.”

The abrupt sound made Rio wake up in a moment of confusion, with fear on his face, and he looked towards the cave entrance.

He saw the man, who was lighting a fire, sitting at the entrance of the cave, rolling the fire with a twig in his hand and dropping a few pieces of wood casually to prevent the fire from going out.

Seeing that the boy didn’t speak, Lin Tian said again: “Looking at you like this, there should be nothing wrong. Don’t be so nervous, I’m not a ghost, just an ordinary person. I won’t do anything to you children…. Listening to your stomach screaming, you must be hungry too. I just roasted two chickens. Come and eat together.”

After listening to Lin Tian’s words, the boy thought for a while and walked over. The person opposite was right, and they were just two little children with nothing. The opponent is so strong; if he wants to do something to them, he would have done it a long time ago.

Rio dared to step forward, Lin Tian said again: “And the one next to the boy, don’t pretend. I know you’ve been awake. Come and eat together if you’re hungry.”

As soon as the voice fell, the girl next to him woke up too. She did wake up a long time ago but saw Lin Tian here, she pretended to be drowsy.

Their clothes were messy. There were scratches in some places on their bodies, and their faces were black and green. They should have painted their faces on purpose.

“Come on! Eat!”

Faced with the roast chicken that was stretched out, the boy had some concerns and did not take it, but the girl did not think that much and took the roast chicken. When she woke up, she had already smelled it, and she couldn’t bear it anymore.

Lin Tian stretched out again and said: “As a man, how can you have so many concerns? You’re not as bold as your younger sister.”

This time, the boy didn’t care anymore. He took the roast chicken he was handed over, opened his mouth, and took a bite without saying anything, completely immersed in the delicious food.

Lin Tian just looked at them two quietly, adding one or two knots of wood in it from time to time. Seeing the two of them finished eating, he asked: “Do you want more? I only have one for each, though.”

Both of them shook the head and signaled that they didn’t want it anymore, especially a trace of embarrassment flashed across the boy’s face.

Seeing that both of them have concerns, Lin Tian had no choice but to speak first, “Let’s talk about your name, how old are you, where do you live, why were you in the forest, and why did you attack me?”

“Rio. Seventeen. We have no home, and now only me and the younger sister are left.”

“Ellie. Sixteen. I was afraid of being chased by others, so I had to hide in the forest and attack you earlier, just thinking that you were here to deal with us.”

Compared to the younger sister, the boy, Rio, is a bit arrogant and has a deep inferiority complex, just hiding it in his heart. The younger sister’s mentality is much better, but her tone is also mild and indifferent.

However, for two children to become like this… Lin Tian, who had reached that small town, understands why the two become like that.

After reaching his hands inside his clothes, Lin Tian took out a somewhat burned photo album, but some photos were still very clear. He opened the best-preserved one, and put it in front of the two siblings, and whispered: “This should be you guys…”

Lin Tian opened a family portrait, with four people on the top, a middle-aged man and a virtuous middle-aged woman, and two children on the bottom, smiling very happily.

Seeing the photo that Lin Tian handed over, the two of them quickly took it. Their eyes could not help being filled with tears, and they gently wiped off the stains on the photo.

Seeing this, Ellie hesitantly asking, “You… Where did you find this? Did you go there?”

He nodded, “Yes, the Northwest of the forest, the ruined town that turned into the coast. I got it from the hands of a middle-aged man and woman……” Lin Tian continued to ask: “…Let’s talk about what happened and why did it become like that.”

As the two agreed to each other, Lin Tian slowly learned the truth of the matter.

This huge island is also a rich place, rich in resources, and life is equally good… But all these things were broken by something. Two years ago, someone suddenly found a kind of transparent stone here, which the World Government later discovered.

They immediately sealed up this resource. This incident had a lot of impact on the local area at the time. As time went on, everyone forgot it.

It started in three months. Suddenly several powerful Battleships arrived that day, carrying a group of elite Marine soldiers here, reopening the sealed place.

Because of the lack of manpower, the Marine recruited a large number of people in the local area with high wages and digging overnight. This was originally a good thing for the locals.

Just four days ago, the tragedy came, and a group of pirates suddenly arrived. There was a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering battle that day. The battle lasted for three days and three nights.

In the end, the small number of Marines lost, but pirates also suffered heavy losses. It was the ordinary people who really suffered.

In that kind of battle, these ordinary people existed like ants. The town was almost damaged, the ordinary people were almost dead, and the rest were taken away by pirates.

But the two of them in front of them, but because they sneaked out to play, they were lucky enough to escape the catastrophe, but they saw the situation clearly at the time. Their temperament began to change, becoming the way they are now.

“Do you know what the use of the transparent stone is and why the Marine got them?”

Both of them shook their heads, indicating that they didn’t know. Lin Tian was also expecting this result. It must definitely be an extremely important thing to allow the headquarters to send thousands of elites just for this kind of stone.

‘It must be very confidential too. I am afraid that most Marines don’t know this,’

However, Lin Tian was surprised that he had stayed in the Marine for so long, and he never knew this thing, even though he was relying on his status.

“Oh right,” The girl seemed to remember something and said: “My house was a bar. When I served two the Marine Commodores some wine, I heard them talk about that kind of thing is specially used to deal with one person. Only that kind of thing is effective to him.”

“A person?” Lin Tian murmured, thinking about it carefully, as if he had never heard such remarks in the Marine, and couldn’t help asking: “Then do you know who they are talking about? “

Ellie shook her head, denying: “No, it seems that the name is taboo for the Marine and cannot be said. By then, the two commodores will be replaced by that person. However, from the perspective of the two Commodores, this person seems to have a great status, and he’s a kind of a big shot, surpassing them.”

‘That person? Big shot?’

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