Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 223


The Southwest direction of the island.

On the tallest tree around, Lin Tian was standing on it.

Since entering here, Lin Tian has not moved on. It is not that Lin Tian doesn’t want to, but the premonition in his heart has come true.

Just entering the range here, Lin Tian has a bad feeling physically, not psychologically, but his own reaction, as if there was something here that was repelling him.

This made Lin Tian strange and shocked. With his own strength, even if he faced some top powerhouses such as the Four Emperors, he could still be treated equally, although he was still a little worse.

But here, there is something that can instinctively scare him and can only be suppressed by his strong will. How can there be such a place in the world?

Although Lin Tian is different, most people think that East Blue is the weakest sea. It is impossible for people who have not experienced that year to know that it was around Roger’s time.

‘How many powerhouses had been produced in East Blue?’

‘East Blue must not be as simple as I imagined, and there must be something hidden. It is just a long time that these things have been difficult to verify.’

‘Now, I must have been exposed to something, but the situation before me is a bit uncomfortable for me. It does not affect ordinary people on the island, but why does it make me feel uncomfortable?’


Suddenly, a huge noise rang from the distant forest, and the earth quaked, like an earthquake destroying heaven extinguishing earth. Even Lin Tian, far away, can clearly feel the severe shaking.

The tall tree trembles violently, making a loud and straight sound, countless leaves falling down as if about to collapse at any time. Lin Tian still stood firmly on it.

In such a high place, Lin Tian’s eyes shrink, barely able to see what is happening in the distance. He saw that the forest collapsed in pieces, and thick smoke and dust rose into the sky, covering the entire sky, making it difficult to see the scene inside.

However, there were several earth-shaking noises, the earth shook, white waves of air rushed into the sky, and the sky was quiet.

‘There seems to be a good show!’

The battle between the two powerhouses must be seen.


Dense smoke and dust drifted in the forest, and the air was still filled with a bloody smell. The forest collapsed to the ground, and there were thick branches everywhere. All of the animals have fled here under the shock wave of the war.

In the destroyed flat forest, a short figure and a huge black figure stood in the field, while hundreds of pirates were standing beside the battlefield in the distance.

Watching the battle in the field, this kind of powerhouse battle, they are not qualified to join, and they can only watch obediently and honestly beside them.


A roar like a wild beast emanating from the smoke, the actual sound wave visible to the naked eye, instantly dissipated the smoke to reveal the situation inside.

A cow and an old man are facing each other. 

Yes, it is a cow and an old man.

No matter the appearance or size of the two sides, there is nothing in common between the whole body and the whole body. However, facing such a thin old man, the same cow broke out in such a powerful battle, and the earth trembled.

The actual sound waves rushed towards him and almost blew off the old man’s torn top hat. The ordinary black cloak behind his back also chased directly. His right hand clasped the torn top hat tightly, and when the sound wave dissipated, the old man raised his head.

A face covered with wrinkles, apparently, after the vicissitudes of time, a face covered with wrinkles, messy white hair, a gray-white pipe in his mouth, two thick white eyebrows, his face and eyes covered, and a thin body of 1.5 meters.

On the opposite side, a cow was still a flaming red cow. According to visual observation, it was six or seven meters tall. As for the figure, it was more than ten meters tall with two shiny black horns.

One of the horns was missing, and the wound was smooth, and it was obviously cut off by some sharp tool. From the huge nostrils, rough white air was sprayed out and rushed to the ground. The long tail a few meters behind swayed slightly, and the resulting airwaves even scratched deep marks on the ground.

The pirates on the side, seeing this scene, suddenly shouted with excitement, “Nice… Nice! Captain uses this trick. That old man must be done.”

The old man lifted his head slightly and said calmly: “Awesome! Over the years, you have not changed much and are still disgusting as always. I really don’t know how you cow has lived until now. It seems that bastard is as rumored.”


The cow made a coldly snorted sound like a human and stepped forward on the big cow’s hoof, and the earth cracked a huge crack. The cow was obviously angry.

Hmph! You old man is so old and not dead yet. How could I die before you? I’m going to live longer than you, smelly old man. However, back then, you stinky old man, after being defeated by Roger, has since disbanded pirates and disappeared, thinking that you died in an unmanned corner, now you actually appear here.”

The old man lightly smiled, “You, the bull, can join that person’s fleet. So why can’t I make a comeback too? But I didn’t expect that this time that my opponent would be a bull.”

Puff, puff…

The huge hooves, scratching backwards, impatiently asked: “What are you looking for this time? I don’t believe you arrived by accident here.”

“Yes…” the old man replied replied, “I’m here to stop you this time. I think you should know what I have to say, too.”

“I don’t count this. Since you know who my captain is, then you should understand that you can’t stop us, Naguri. I advise you, you should just leave it honestly, you cannot participate in this matter.”

This cow didn’t say much. It stomped on four hooves and moved towards the old man, rushing towards him. The ground trembled with four thick and powerful hooves, regardless of its huge size, but its speed was not slow.

hu hu…

Naguri waved the ordinary wooden hammer in his hand, said solemnly: “I may not be that person’s opponent, but as I who knows this accidentally, I don’t want that thing to appear prematurely. It’s not good for the world.”

[*TL note: Naguri is an anime-only character. He was a former pirate captain that lived in the Gray Terminal twelve years before the current storyline. His current location is unknown.]

In that thin body, extremely terrifying power erupted, turning the wooden hammer, setting off a white wave of air out of thin air, his body flashed. He rushed to the front of the cow faster than it was, slamming down the wooden hammer.


Like meteors sliding across the horizon, they collided heavily. In a short time, a powerful shock wave, carrying white smoke, scattered towards the surroundings in a circular shape, and the ground was scraped into deep ravines.

Fortunately, the pirates on the side, after many of their companions paid the price of their lives, were already prepared and hurriedly hid, otherwise their bodies would be torn apart by the shock wave.

Even when they hid, the pirates were still under attack. One by one they fell asleep without any injuries and fell to the ground.

This is the collision of Conqueror’s Haki!

Naguri let go of the wooden hammer held in his hands, his figure flashed, and he appeared on the side of the bull. His fist, which was not as big as an adult’s, was covered with a layer of dark material, exploding with unimaginable power, and punched in the weak part of the abdomen.


A scream came from the cow’s mouth, severe pain came out of the body, his eyes were slightly raised, and his body trembled. The huge body was about to fly out from the side.


The bull’s two hooves stepped hard, and the thick two hooves stepped deep into the soil, stopping the regressive figure. At the same time, the flexible and powerful tail behind, like a whip, slammed Naguri fiercely.

Naguri just shot a powerful punch. With a little strength left, his figure slightly paused, and he couldn’t avoid it and could only watch the black bullwhip hit him.


There was a dull sound like a cannonball launch.

The chest was hit hard, and blood spilled from the corner of the mouth. The whole person flew upside down and slammed into the ground fiercely.

Expert’s tricks often determine success or failure in an instant. In an instant, before the people around could see what was happening, one was about to fall to the ground, and one flew out.

chi chi …

Both feet landed on the ground, but the power of the whip was not vented. The soles of the feet were close to the ground and slid backward. After more than ten meters of retreat, the figure stopped, leaving two scratches more than ten meters long on the ground.

With one move, neither of them took advantage, and they drew a tie.

Erasing the blood from his mouth, Naguri stared at the cow in front of him. His mind could not help but move quickly, “Years ago, the two have often fought against each other. It can be said to be the enemy of life and death. I haven’t seen him in years. There is still not much difference in strength, and they are evenly matched.”

But the other party can delay time, but he can’t delay time. Excavation is still going on there, and if he waits for them to dig out, they will go one step further away from the purpose.

Niubi also looked at Naguri and also thought about the solution in his mind.

‘Thousands of Marine’s elites might come.’

‘The Marine Headquarters cannot be ignored, and they will definitely send high-end combat power.’


Naguri also moved, moving towards Niubi, rushing at extremely fast like a black line. And in a flash, he has arrived in the front.

Just when Naguri was about to hit the horns, his feet immediately tilted down, and the whole person slid off Niubi and grabbed the wooden hammer in the ground.

But instead of turning around and attacking Niubi, he rushed towards the pirates in the previous direction. Obviously, Naguri wanted to solve the pirates first to interrupt their plan.

Niubi understood his intent in an instant and quickly turned around to chase Naguri. Even if Niubi was faster, it was too late now. Naguri was not far from those pirates.

Suddenly, a huge black shadow dropped from the sky, and the sky darkened in an instant.


The earth shook, and countless smoke and dust rose.

Something… or some things landed behind Naguri.

Behind Naguri, the silhouette appeared in front of Niubi, blocking Niubi.

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