Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 224


The battlefield suddenly broke into two, bringing about a huge change in the direction of things.

The one who prevented Naguri from moving forward is the Sea King who had been chasing Lin Tian to this battlefield…

Standing on its head was a silhouette of a white coat.

It’s just that, for some reason, that Sea King can actually come to land, move and breathe. Although it looks like a frog, it doesn’t really possess the amphibious ability of a frog.

At this point, even Lin Tian was extremely surprised. After being on the Grand Line for so long, he hadn’t even heard of it that a Sea King could go to land, let alone see it.

In fact, what Lin Tian values most is that the silhouette standing above the Sea King should be the person who controls the Sea King, making Lin Tian very cautious.

But Niubi did not act after Lin Tian appeared, just staring at Lin Tian quietly, keeping his whole body vigilant and thinking in his heart.

‘The person who suddenly appeared in front of me is very strong, but not so strong.’

‘The temperament on his body is not comparable to me. If you really do it, the winning rate is extremely low.’

‘The most important thing is to see that face.’

Niubi has a familiar feeling.

Naguri also stopped. The giant beast was also shocked and puzzled. Most importantly, he felt hostility from the Sea King in front of him.

Although the silhouette at the back did not notice the hostility, he had never seen the opponent and could not be sure whether it was an enemy or a friend. The necessary precautions are still necessary.

Therefore, the battlefield of the original war suddenly fell into a weird silence, and none of the four parties did anything.

But the silence did not last long, and the battle broke out.

The first shot was Niubi and the Sea King. The two did not say much; they shot together directly, very fast, and very ruthless. They wanted to hit Lin Tian together by surprise and made Lin Tian lose their combat effectiveness.

In an instant, the war broke out!

With every hoof, the ground left a very deep footprint. The earth shook, dust and mist flew, rushing towards Lin Tian.

As soon as the opponent shot, they had already revealed their respective positions. It seemed that Niubi and Sea King were in the same group. Lin Tian was calm, and it was difficult to see what he was thinking.

Lin Tian leaped quickly into the air. Armament Haki covered his hands. With his dark fist, dropping from the sky like a stream of light, he arrived on Niubi’s head in an instant.

Feeling the violent fist wind on the head, he hadn’t realized what had happened yet. A black fist had hit the middle of the two horns.

The huge power seems to have found a catharsis, like a big mountain pressing on the top of the head, thick and long front hooves, knelt forward, and pounced on the ground, the entire bull’s head was punched into the ground by Lin Tian.

Just when Lin Tian had to make a move, the oxtail suddenly swept toward his head, bringing up a burst sky-splitting sound.

Lin Tian hurriedly extended his arm and blocked his head vertically. Who knew that this whip was so powerful that his arm slammed into his own head too?

The ears buzzed, and the head was hit with a heavyweight. Lin Tian was immediately confused and dizzy. With the help of that great strength, he hurriedly pulled back.

He shook the discomfort out of his head, watching the Niubi who had pulled his head out of the ground. Lin Tian retorted, “It seems that I am a little small for you, Liu Bin.”

[*TL note: I can’t find a character named Liu Bin or Niubi in the original series.]

This name is not very familiar to most pirates, but if you have been a pirate for more than 20 years, you must have heard of this name. He’s a Great Pirate.

Liu Bin, also known as Niubi, is a Devil Fruit Zoan-type Ability User. He can become a big red bull with extremely powerful strength. With that powerful force and hard horns, even a big mountain can be pierced without any effort.

[*TL note: Zoan is one of the three Devil Fruit types. This type of Devil Fruit allows a user to transform into an animal species at will or an inter-species hybrid. Zoan types are especially effective in close combat.]

Because of the homophony of the name, coupled with its Devil Fruit ability, gave him a great title. Most people call him this way, so no one actually knows his real name.


Niubi retired from the Devil Fruit state and turned into a human shape. His appearance was fatty with a big belly, tattoos painted on his hands, and a pair of split pants.

Looking at Lin Tian carefully, feeling that powerful fist and a familiar face, Niubi finally remembered who this person was. —The strongest genius of Marine in the past, and the traitor of Marine currently with a bounty that amounts to 1 billion, The Killing God Lin Tian.

“Unexpectedly, I not only met my friends today, but also met the Marine genius of the past. Now everyone is calling for the 1 billion Berry reward for The Killing God Lin Tian.”

There was no sarcasm and ridicule in his tone.

In this regard, Lin Tian just slightly smiled. It seems that in the Grand Line, now he has become everyone and every side enemy. When he was in the Marine, he offended a lot of people, especially those pirates and the underground forces.

Presumably, in the Underground World, his bounty should be a lot higher than 1 billion. Lin Tian just doesn’t care. If someone dares not to open their eyes and do something to Lin Tian, then Lin Tian will definitely let them taste the origin of the name “Killing God”.

Lin Tian said: “Awesome. We won’t talk too much nonsense. Disappeared for more than ten years and killed thousands of Marines as soon as you appeared. What are you doing here?”

Huh?” Niubi smiled and asked, “You, a Marine traitor, want to avenge those Marine soldiers?”


However, Lin Tian’s answer was beyond expectations. He actually admitted that although Lin Tian left the Marine, he would still fight for those who died, not to mention his own subordinates. This has nothing to do with the position, and it is only about the feeling in Lin Tian’s heart.

Ignoring Niubi’s surprise, Lin Tian said again: “Compared to my revenge, I’m more curious about what you’re looking for, to make you, a disappeared pirate, come back and offend the Marine headquarters.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, the awesome complexion slightly changed. ‘If something like that is targeted by this bastard, I won’t stand a chance.’

Killed five World Nobles and escaped from Marine Admirals and a Fleet Admiral. That battle not only shocked the world but also completely made his name in the Grand Line.

If the Killing God Lin Tian becomes a pirate, he must become another one of the Four Emperors. Many people are already waiting for Lin Tian’s reply to the Grand Line, take revenge on Marine, and prepare to watch Marine jokes.

But such a thing is something that the captain must get. If they escape, such a thing will fall into Lin Tian’s hands, let alone take it back. The captain will not spare them.

Lin Tian has already helped each other make a choice accidentally. Since Niubi recognized his identity, it means that Lin Tian must kill them.

‘I can’t reveal my identity now, not only for my own reasons but also for Luffy. They are currently too small to enter the eyes of the Marine Headquarters.’

Lin Tian felt the strong aura in front of him, and he knew that this battle was unavoidable. The opponent had already started a killing intent, and only one would survive.

“Lin Tian, the Killing God, although you can escape from the hands of the three Marine Headquarters, but I’m not weak as well. It is not so easy to kill me.”

With a loud shout, Niubi’s whole body began to change. Unlike the previous big cow, it has now become a half-human cow. The limbs have become four hooves, and the two horns are still on the head, and the whole body has become fiery red.

“Zoan Devil Fruit Awakening, interesting!” Lin Tian muttered to himself. He stretched out his hand and withdrew his right foot slightly, ready to fight.

“Hidden for more than ten years, I am not without a little progress. Today will be the day when I become famous.”

Just when Lin Tian thought there was a fierce fight next… After Niubi finished speaking, he turned around and fled in a hurry without the arrogance of the previous words.

Lin Tian had a look of confusion at the time and was stunned there. After a few seconds, he woke up and immediately burst into foul language. “Fuck!” He yelled immediately: “Where the hell is your pride and dignity?!”

The shout came from behind, and Niubi ran even harder. Soon, Niubi covered his head and ran forward, cursing secretly in his heart.

“Dignity, pride… it’s a fart! Brother can’t even win against a Marine Admiral, but you fucker escaped from the hands of three Admirals and injured two of them. Obviously, you’re gonna fuckin’ kill me!”

That pretending scene was so good. He had used the Devil Fruit ability Awakening, but who would have thought that he did those just to make himself run faster.

Without thinking about it, Lin Tian quickly speeded up to catch up. If he really let him run, it would be no ordinary trouble.

The two played cat and mouse game for more than a minute. Along the way, who knows how many trees were scraped by the air waves caused by the speed of the two. Seeing the rays of light in front of Niubi, the cold sweaty face finally showed a smile.

It was a town. His boat was still there. As long as he gets on the boat, he doesn’t have to worry about the pervert that catching up.

Rays of light flashed, and the town finally appeared in Niubi’s eyes. Lin Tian, who was also chasing after him, jumped up and punched the Niubi below.

Lin Tian has already considered it well, and at this time, it is difficult for Niubi to evade this punch. His breath has already locked him, and he can only counterattack himself with his backhand. Otherwise, he will be hit in the back frontally.



However, the result was beyond Lin Tian’s expectations. Niubi did not block his backhand, and he actually chose to take his own punch. With the help of his own strength, the speed increased, and the distance from him was immediately opened. After a few flashes, he disappeared into the town.

Lin Tian was left with a stunned look. He thought Niubi was so afraid of death that he would not dare to take Lin Tian’s punch. Lin Tian didn’t expect him to not only survive but launch himself. Lin Tian had underestimated his will.

He raised his head and looked at the town in front of him. Lin Tian had an even more murderous aura in the eyes of Lin Tian. Since this kind of person is offended, he can’t stay even more. For this purpose, he can do nothing but dare to abandon it.

If he doesn’t solve him, he will have trouble sleeping and eating, just like a poisonous snake in the dark, staring at yourself closely, even if you pay a high price, you have to clean it up.


The body slowly merges into in the void and disappears in the void!

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