Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 225



In the town turned into ruins, Niubi leaned against the ruins of a collapsed wall, clutching his chest, and vomiting several mouthfuls before vomiting the blood in his chest.

With his face deathly pale, he thought: “I felt that with my own Devil Fruit ability Awakening, coupled with the Zoan feature, the defensive power was greatly improved, but I still suffered a serious injury… Worthy of the name Killing God. Being able to escape with three Marine Admirals cornering you, the battle strength is really terrifying. With such strength in one punch, my chest felt extremely dull.

Niubi didn’t want to think about who Lin Tian’s teacher was. That was Iron Fist Garp, the strongest navy, and even their captain was not necessarily Garp’s opponent back then.

Lin Tian as his disciple, had terrifying power on his fist, and yet his strength was not enough. Niubi had planned to use Lin Tian’s power to escape.

After taking a few breaths, the chest dullness has been healed a lot. Zoan Devil Fruit Awakening User is very tenacious, not only in defensive power but also in resilience and rapid improvement.

This small town is so big, with many streets and so many shelters. It gives him a good opportunity to hide. Even if Lin Tian wants to find him, it will be a little troublesome for Lin Tian.


A slight falling rock sounded, Niubi’s face changed, his figure flashed, and his fist slammed toward the room where the sound came from.

Boom… tap…

Under a powerful punch, the sturdy wall was like tofu dregs, without any slight obstruction, and collapsed, thick smoke filled the front, making it difficult to see the scene in the room.

hu hu …

A big hoof waved the air and set off a breeze to blow away the dense fog. Before he could see the inside, he saw a huge boulder smashing towards him.

At the same time, two vague black shadows sprang out of the room very flexibly and ran out towards the outside.

But they obviously expected it wrong…

This kind of stone is of no use to Niubi, so Niubi grabbed it with both hands slammed it back to the two silhouettes.

Seeing the monster extend his hand, the two faces flashed in panic. In the end, only one silhouette was caught because one of them pushed the other ahead.

Lifting the figure caught in his hand… when Niubi put the figure in front of his eyes, it is indeed a little child. With a brutal smile on his face, thinking it was Lin Tian who found him and made him so worried, in that case, you two kids will die for this.

Looking at the boulder that the kids tried to attack him with under his feet, Niubi raised his feet and kicked the boulder towards the other kid running away.

A few dozen kilograms of stones have no weight for Niubi, but for ordinary people, being hit by it is completely dead.

One silhouette rushed quickly, reached out, and grabbed the kid. The figure hugged the kid tightly in his arms, and blocked the boulder with his back.

Seeing the huge boulder flying from behind towards her, Ellie thought she was dead, but then she felt that her waist was hugged, and then there was a dull sound. She quickly looked up. A thin but firm face appeared before her eyes, thinking that the heroic prince had saved the beautiful princess. –Every girl had a dream of a prince and a princess in her heart.

But Lin Tian did not at all notice these and did not have time to care about them. All attention was placed on Niubi, as well as the silhouette in his hand.

Through space teleportation, Lin Tian teleported directly to the port. Since Niubi ran here, it shows that he must want to escape from this island by boat, and this is the only way to leave here.

But for some reason, there was no figure when he arrived. Through Observation Haki, he did not find Niubi.

After waiting for a while, Lin Tian destroyed all the ships and sank into the sea. Then he searched in the town. When Lin Tian searched for no results, he heard the noise and hurried over.

Fortunately, Niubi didn’t know that Lin Tian knew these two people. Otherwise, it would be quite troublesome for him next.

“Uncle, hurry up and save my big brother, please! If you save my big brother, you can do anything you want me to do!” Ellie pleaded while pulling Lin Tian’s clothes behind his back.

Hearing this, Niubi showed a trace of joy on his face, and his right hand grabbed Rio slightly and let him gasp for breath. Now he is the safety amulet in Niubi’s hand, and he can’t die so easily now.

‘Unexpectedly, I can have such luck just by catching a kid at random. It seems that God has to keep me alive this time.’

Pushing his lips, Lin Tian sighed helplessly. Now that this bastard knew, he would definitely use it to threaten him, which was a little troublesome.

Ellie was also very smart. Looking at the situation, she figured out what had happened. Her face turned pale. She personally sent her brother into the enemy’s hands. She couldn’t help lift her hand weakly, and Ellie looked like she was about to yank her mouth fiercely.

The strong hand, Lin Tian’s hand, firmly grasping her wrist.

She looked up and saw Lin Tian open his mouth and say: “It’s not your fault, but why are you two here?”

Ellie cried: “Actually, the two of us just wanted to find the bodies of our parents and bury them well…”

After Lin Tian left, the two discussed about it, and they came to the town, ready to find the bodies of their parents.

Because they were afraid that there were pirates, they never returned to the town, but they found out from Lin Tian that no pirates were there, so they had the idea of burying their parents.

But didn’t expect. When they acted, they happened to see Niubi, and this monster rushed over. Because of Devil Fruit’s ability to Awakening, Niubi’s appearance has changed a lot.

Unexpectedly, when they acted, they happened to see Niubi, and the monster rushed over. Because of the awakening of Devil Fruit’s ability, Niubi’s appearance had changed a lot.


Lin Tian sighed deeply, slowly lowered Ellie’s hand, and said with some regret: “This is my fault. If I didn’t tell you this before or promised you things, otherwise, it wouldn’t end in this way.” As soon as the conversation turned, Lin Tian continued: “However, rest assured, I will save your big brother.”

“How about it, have you discussed enough? Whether you want the little boy in my hands to die or let me go, the decision is all in your hands!” After having the safety charm, his confidence to speak is a lot.

Lin Tian didn’t answer immediately but plunged into thinking with his chin as if he wasn’t very concerned about Rio’s life safety.

As time went by, Niubi couldn’t hold back his breath and couldn’t help thinking about whether the boy in his hand was not important to Lin Tian.

People who can grow up to beyond high level have seen every wind, heavy rain, and choice, and their minds have reached the point of being very determined. The ugly point is cold-blooded.

Besides, the man in front of him is called the Killing God. He caused a few major events that year. The people who died in his hands did not know the geometry and killed countless pirates to have that title.

Human life is just plain and impermanent to him. How could he let go of Niubi for two little children? If Niubi stood in the same angle, he would definitely not agree with this choice.

Thinking of this, Niubi’s complexion slowly became heavy, and his body leaned back slightly, obviously because he was afraid of Lin Tian’s sudden action and was ready to escape at any time.

“Uncle, leave me alone, kill this bastard, he killed our parents, if I can kill him, I’d rather die with him… ah!”

A scream sounded before the words fell, and Niubi’s awkward hands that were originally loose slowly clasped. The powerful force pressed from all directions, and the bones were squeaking straight. Rio’s chest felt stuffy. His face flushed; he couldn’t breathe, as if he was about to die at any time.

And Lin Tian showed a trace of uncomfortable color on his face, “Am I an uncle? Am I that old?”

“Uncle…” Ellie grabbed Lin Tian’s hand and immediately pleaded again: “Please save my big brother. He’s my only relative alive left…”

Forcibly enduring the pain in his whole body, Rio said with a fierce face: “Cough… cough… uncle, don’t listen to my sister. Leave me alone. Kill this pirate. If you can avenge everyone, it’s worth my death. Argh!”

“There’s no place for you to interrupt, child.” he looked up at Lin Tian and said: “Well, Lin Tian, you don’t agree to let me go. There is no hatred between us either. I didn’t offend you. You don’t have to chase me forever. The two siblings depend on each other for their lives. You have the heart to let such a little beauty watch her big brother die in your hands. Lin Tian! Now the choice is yours.”

After finishing speaking, the strength in Niubi’s hand increased again, screams sounded, and blood could not help but spit out from his mouth, splashing all over his body.

Lin Tian also has a fierce struggle sitting in his heart. If this bastard is let go, it will probably have a huge impact and even expose the safety of himself and Luffy.

But if he doesn’t let him go, then Rio must be put aside. Even if Lin Tian makes a move, it is impossible to stop him and kill him.

Feeling the pain in the arm, Lin Tian couldn’t help but look down. The black and white stains could hardly cover the beautiful face. Two long tears appeared on the face of weeping beauty.


He sighed deeply. It seemed that he had killed so many people…

Before the blood in his heart had cooled down, Lin Tian took a step forward and pulled Ellie behind him.

Lin Tian suddenly moved forward, shocked Niubi, and thought that regardless of the life or death of this little child in his hand, Lin Tian decided to shoot Niubi, and Niubi almost turned around and ran back.

But seeing Lin Tian just take a step forward, not at all taking action, Niubi also calmed down. He stopped his plan to flee and just stared at Lin Tian closely.

Take a deep breath. Lin Tian said calmly: “Let this little child let go. I promised, as long as you let him go, I will let you go.”

“What!” Niubi was shocked.

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