Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 226


In the ruins, Lin Tian’s choice shocked the other three people in the field.

Whether it was Rio who was hijacked or Niubi who hijacked Rio, or Ellie who pleaded with Lin Tian, they actually didn’t expect Lin Tian to do this.

But Lin Tian did indeed make this choice. Maybe everyone has doubts, but even Lin Tian himself can’t come up with a suitable reason. Just like Lin Tian said, perhaps his heart is not cold yet.

“Hahaha…” Regardless of what Lin Tian was like, he laughed loudly, thinking that the shield he had got was useless. “Okay! It seems that everyone in the world calls the Killing God Lin Tian extremely cold-blooded, but today I saw that the rumors were wrong. You actually made such a decision for two little children. I always thought you were very awesome, didn’t expect you to be even more awesome…”

Faced with the awesome praise, Lin Tian directly cursed the past sharply. In Lin Tian’s view, this kind of person is cheap, and he sells well when he gets a bargain. Isn’t he looking for cursing?

“Are you done talking bullshit? Just let him go. I was told so much bullshit here. You should let people go as soon as you finish speaking. I was asked to change my mind. You should know my methods.”


Seeing that Lin Tian didn’t give him a face like this, Niubi suddenly became very angry, pointed Lin Tian with his finger, and about to start to curse.

Lin Tian sneered and asked, “Why? Do you want to do it? Don’t blame me for not reminding you. The initiative is now in my hands. Are you sure you want to do that?”

After thinking about it, in the end, he gave a cold snort. He put his hands down and escaped first. Otherwise, it’s useless to say more. A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. He comforted his heart like this.

Seeing that Niubi hasn’t moved yet, Lin Tian urged again: “What’s wrong, Niubi? If you’re not letting him, you’re not going to liveeee…”

Niubi sneered, “Lin Tian, do you think I am stupid…”

A questioning voice came, “Aren’t you?”

Uh…” The horrible sound indicates he ‘didn’t know how to refute’ sound for a while, so he changed the subject to cover up his embarrassment. Niubi sarcastically said: “Didn’t expect Killing God Lin Tian has not only a stronger battle strength but also a stronger mouth.”

Lin Tian directly ignored his words and said in a deep voice, “Let’s talk business, what are you gonna do? I don’t have time to listen to your bullshit. Don’t waste my patience here.”

Hearing this, Niubi finally came to the topic: “I don’t believe you, Killing God Lin Tian. If I give you this child now, you’ll break your promise and shoot at me. I’m at a loss.”

He frowned. Lin Tian hoped this little trick could be calculated, so he calmly asked, “Then what do you want to do?”

“Okay, it’s good to see you understand.” Niubi said with a smile: “Just one more; you let me take this child on the boat. I’ll give this kid to you when I’m sure I’m safe.”

Lin Tian didn’t even think about it and agreed directly, “Okay, sure!”

Now it was Niubi’s turn to be shocked. ‘He agrees without thinking at all, not even bargaining. No, this is too simple, and it feels unreal. This is my own life, and I have to be careful and think about it. This proposal is the most beneficial to me, but why did Lin Tian agree so easily?’

Without waiting for Niubi to think too much, Lin Tian seemed to see through his mind and said: “Do you think it’s strange why I promised happily?”

Niubi was taken aback, and his eyes showed fear. Now Niubi understands a little bit why the Marine called him the strongest genius of Marine in the past ten years.

Just listen to what Lin Tian said: “The people in the world who offend me have died miserably, especially those who deceived me. If you dare to break the contract, I will chase you to the end of the world. Believe me. I can do this.”

The calm tone and words made Niubi feel the invisible amazingly murderous aura. Niubi was trembling, and his back was soaked with nervous sweat. He swallowed his saliva and said, Niubi stammered a little and said: “Don’t worry, I just want to survive. I don’t dare to offend Lin Tian, just because of a kid.”

Seeing that Niubi was so aware of current affairs, Lin Tian showed a satisfied smile on his face. It seems that it is useful to threaten, “In that case, let’s go.”

After finishing speaking, no matter what Niubi’s expression was, Lin Tian took Ellie’s hand and walked towards the pier. Behind him, Niubi gritted his teeth and followed.

Just for the sake of his own life, he deliberately distanced himself from Lin Tian, so that when something went wrong, he could escape.

Feeling the warmth on her hands and the rough palms, Ellie’s face turned red. After living for so many years, it was the first time a man held her.

Lin Tian, who was thinking about what happened secretly, did not realize this embarrassing scene. It was an instinct for him to hold Ellie’s hand, just like he usually held Ain.

The strange Sea King, as well as the treasure transparent thing that controls and guards the Marine Headquarters here, and these two legendary pirates who survived from Roger’s time.

Niubi is one, and the old man Naguri, Lin Tian once saw his record in the Marine archives, was also a Great Pirate, but he was defeated by Roger and disappeared. But now, it seems that it is also false. In fact, he has been active in secret.

‘Why have these people gathered here?’

‘They’ve disappeared for so many years. Even Marine thought they might not exist in the first place or that they were already dead somewhere.’

Except for some old people back then, or people like Lin Tian who have seen their files. Otherwise, no one knows these people.

‘But now he appeared in East Blue, and he did such a big thing as soon as he appeared… Killing thousands of marine elites, which was deathly offending the navy headquarters.’

Presumably, after receiving this news, Fleet Admiral Sengoku will be very angry and must send out the smelly old man or three Admirals to give those pirates a disarm, to tell them that since you’re old, just enjoy your old age, don’t jump out to cause trouble anymore.

After spending so many years in Marine, Lin Tian has a clear idea of Sengoku’s mentality and how to issue orders.

To make them pay such a price, there must be something very important hidden on this small island, enough to make them feel that it was worth offending the Marine Headquarters.

‘No, how can I let these Old Guys live well?’

‘They are all so old, and they come out again and return to their old business.’

But this made Lin Tian wonder.

‘What exactly it is that possesses such a great charm, it is worth offending the Marine Headquarters?’

Lin Tian has always been very concerned about treasures, but it’s not like it’s as important as his own life.

As for the transparent spar previously learned from Ellie and Rio and the others, Lin Tian directly erased it and decided it couldn’t be that kind of thing.

Furthermore, why did Naguri stop him? He is indirectly helping the Marine. How could a pirate help Marine so much? Do you think everyone is as simple as Luffy?

In this way, the thing Niubi and Naguri talked about must be something amazing, and if it leaks out, it will cause chaos in the world, and even the World Government will not be able to resist it.

It immediately made Lin Tian helpless, he was just here to investigate that strange Sea King, and as a result, he knew this kind of shocking secret, which was troublesome enough at first, and another trouble was added.

He was feeling helpless for this kind of illogical comic world. Is this world so easy to destroy? Anything that pops up can destroy the world? This fact made him tired every time.

Detonating three volcanoes can destroy New World. Who would have thought that such illogical things are true, and it almost happened…

Actually, Lin Tian also knew that he was just guessing. The only ones who really knew the secret were Niubi and Naguri, and he could only get to know them.

Lin Tian originally wanted to seize Niubi. Besides not wanting to leak his own news, another reason was to understand what happened.

Since you want to take such a thing as your own, you must understand what the thing is. If it is leaked out and enough to blow yourself up, you still need to take it. Isn’t that a brain teaser?

Unexpectedly, the development of the matter finally exceeded his expectations, slowly got out of control, and became the way it is now.

A voice suddenly came from his ear, disturbing Lin Tian’s thinking….

Ellie whispered a reminder behind her. Apparently, she was afraid of being heard by someone behind her, “Uncle, your agreement just now was a bit too sloppy. You have to discuss it and take the initiative. What if we wait for him to break the contract later? That’s…”

After all, she was the only family member left. Of course, Ellie cared very much. After thinking about it, she still felt it necessary to remind Lin Tian…

Lin Tian did not immediately reply, but instead asked: “Since we want to save your brother, besides this, do we have other options? Unless you’re sure, you don’t want to save your brother?”

“That’s…” Ellie was immediately speechless, and she reacted. She only decided to save his brother. In fact, the initiative was never in their hands. They had to do what the other party did unless it was just like Lin Tian said.

Lin Tian continued to believe in himself: “Don’t worry, what I said before is not for fun. If he dares to breach the contract, he will definitely die miserably… miserably…”

Once, some people did not believe in his evil attempts, but they even hoped to die in the end.

Under such domineering words, Ellie slowly relaxed, and at the same time, looked at Lin Tian’s eyes, full of curiosity.

‘Who on earth is he, and why did he become a murderer?’

‘Even the cruel and powerful pirate was terrified for him.’

From behind, Niubi had been observing the two. Seeing the two secretly talking, he hastily listened attentively, but they were far apart, and he heard nothing.

He couldn’t help holding the little kid in his hand tightly, and his vigilance has increased a lot.

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