Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 23


The time flew so fast, but Fandi felt the time that night flow so slow.

Fandi was sitting on the seat all night, and there was a ray of sunlight on the horizon, but the excavation was still going on.

He still didn’t find what he was looking for, Fandi’s patience gradually ran out, and his fingers trembled, showing that Fandi’s feelings were already very irritable this time.

But at this moment, a pirate shouted from below: “Captain, we found something.”

Hearing that, Fandi stood up and looked down immediately. He saw a few pirates next to a black stone. Only one side of the stone was exposed, and the rest was still buried in the ground.

When Fandi saw that all he had found was a rock, his joy became irritated. All he got was an ordinary black stone after he had waited all night.

Seeing his Captain’s face turned dark, the pirate quickly explained: “Captain, this is not an ordinary stone. There are some strange words on this stone.”

Fandi’s expression changed a little after hearing the explanation from his subordinates, and he asked, “Apart from this, did you find anything else?”

“No, we have dug to the last place, and we only found this black stone, and the entire treasure spot has been dug out,” the pirate replied respectfully.

“Really?” Fandi dragged his chin in thought.

In that case, the black stone below is the most important treasure mentioned on the treasure map, and the powerful force should be recorded in those words. That black stone was a Poneglyph.

After thinking about it, Fandi decided to go and take a look. Only by reading the writing on this black stone could he understand.

When Fandi came down, his subordinates organized for the residents to step aside, and the pirates were all standing by the black stone, talking in a low voice.

“This is not the last treasure!”

“Who knows that? Wait until the Captain checks it.”

“Yes, even if it is really a treasure, we will get no share, so let’s watch it!”


Seeing Captain Fandi coming, the pirates surrounding the black stone immediately gave way.

Fandi walked to the black stone, observed it, and found that he could not see anything. He had never seen the kind of words before.

Fandi commanded: “Go dig out this black stone completely!”

When he commanded, the pirates picked up the side tools and duped unseen black stone parts.

“What the hell is that?” Lin Tian stood by and looked at the black stone secretly.

Lin Tian also followed Fandi down, but he used the spatial space to isolate and hide. And none of these pirates had awakened Observation Haki, and of course, could not discover the existence of Lin Tian.

Most of this black stone was still covered by the soil, and Lin Tian couldn’t see what it was even with a little exposed.

It was just that Lin Tian guessed in his mind, but he didn’t dare to decide without seeing the whole black stone parts.

Bang… bang… bang…

But before the pirates unearthed the entire black stone, a series of explosions exploded all over the giant pit, accompanied by bursts of fire, illuminating the whole giant pit like daylight.

Before everyone below could react, they didn’t know what happened. A huge disaster came quietly.

These explosives were buried by the pirates, which was initially used to kill all the residents.

These pirates’ previous plan allowed all residents to enter the pit as usual and then detonated the explosives above, burying all residents alive.

These explosives were buried deep, but now the pirates didn’t know why these explosives were exploded. The powerful force generated by the explosives shook the upper part.

Countless boulders fell from above, which was simply a spectacular rain of stones.

But for the people at the bottom of the pit, it was a disaster. The countless boulders fell from a height of tens of meters.

The small one was only the size of a fist, and the big one is the size of a person.

For the pirates who buried explosives, no one knew better than them about the impact caused by the explosives. So when the explosive exploded, the pirates reacted and ran up.

But it was too late. The stones fell rapidly from tens of meters high. They hit the ground instantly.

Some pirates and residents who could not evade were hit by these stones on the spot, without knowing their lives or deaths.

Fandi quickly avoided the stones as best he could, his face filled with rage and ignorance. I’ve ordered my men to stand guard on the surface, then how can this explosive explode?

If the Marine or fellow pirates went to the island, Bert, who was in a small town, would have notified himself (Fandi didn’t know Lin Tian killed Bert). Who did this?

At this time, Lin Tian, ​​who had been hiding his figure, finally appeared and avoided the stone above.

He kept vacating his hands to smash the huge boulders above the residents. Some were beyond his range. Lin Tian didn’t have enough power to protect them all.

“These bastards, it’s okay to load so many explosives. But now, they are impacted by themselves. It’s a backfire.”

Seeing a kid suddenly appeared, some residents were almost scared to death. However, after discovering that Lin Tian was strong and helping them, these residents all moved to Lin Tian’s position. It would make Lin Tian easily protect them.

The residents had Lin Tian now, so only a few people died. Most of them were just injured.

But the rest of the pirates were not so lucky. Many pirates were killed on the spot by countless boulders, and they couldn’t even make a scream.

But it was not over yet. The falling debris nearly buried them all.

No one knew how many explosives these pirates buried, anyway, according to the pirates’ plan. The power of the explosion was enough to bury the entire huge pit.

Cracks appeared on the stone walls around the giant pit, and the walls of the giant pit began to collapse.

Countless soil mixed with stones fell into the pit. The pirates on the side didn’t even have time to react and were buried alive.

Looking at this scene, Lin Tian showed a bitter smile, which was similar to the mudslide that caused his death in his previous life, but he did not expect to encounter it again in this world.

But the current self was different from the previous life. In the previous life, he didn’t have the ability to resist the mudslide, but now he could face it properly. Lin Tian was very confident about this.

Lin Tian was so confident indeed, but it didn’t mean that the residents next to him are also confident. Looking at the mudslide that fell, everyone closed their eyes in despair. Under this circumstance, there was no hope to survive.

“Spatial Barrier!”


After half a minute, the huge pit was buried. Thousands of people spent half a year on the project, and they were tragically killed.

Beside the buried huge pit, a figure quietly watched what was happening in front of him, with a smug smile on his mouth. And beside him, there were dozens of pirates’ corpse laid.

A breeze blew by, blew that figure’s cloak which reads “justice”  on it.

The figure standing beside the huge pit was Deika, who should have been killed by Fandi. But now, Deika was standing here intact. Just now, he ignited explosives and buried everyone in this huge pit.

“Boom,” a loud noise came from the center of the huge pit, and a figure broke out of the ground.

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