Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 24


While on the other hand, Carly led the Marine soldiers to board the island.

Carly resisted the feeling of vomiting and looked at the dark corpses passing by her eyes. Once again, she was shocked by Lin Tian’s strength.

The pirate who frightened the entire town in the past died so miserably under Lin Tian.

At this moment, there was a loud noise coming out of the forest, attracting everyone’s eyes.

Hearing noise came from the forest, the small-town residents were full of worry on their faces, and their families were there.

Karp looked at the direction of the explosion, with a trace of perplexity on his face. Karp didn’t worry much about Lin Tian’s safety.

Karp knew Lin Tian’s ability very well. Even if Lin Tian encountered an overwhelming enemy, he could still escape.

“Commodore Ender, bring some soldier and go check the source of the explosion now.” When many residents looked at the direction of the explosion and looked worried, Karp ordered.

“Yes.” Commodore Ender quickly took the order and led all the marine soldiers to the source of the explosion.


Deika looked at the figure come out from the soil in front of him and smiled softly: “Captain Fandi, how did you become like this?”

The one who came out from the soil in front was Fandi. When Fandi first came out, he saw a figure standing beside his corpses’ men.

Suddenly you intend to kill me just like that, and you should know that all of your men died in the explosion that I caused earlier.

Now, aside from your men who are still guarding the city, this pirate group is left with you alone.

After leading his men for so many years, now all that was left was him. If Fandi found out that Deika had killed all of his subordinates, he would be furious.

After seeing the faces of the figures standing beside his subordinates’ corpses, Fandi was shocked. The person he had killed with his own hands last night was now standing right in front of him.

Fandi immediately reacted and was about to point his sword at him. Deika, that bastard was just pretending to be dead and then planning a counterattack like this at the last moment.

Seeing the anger on Fandi’s face, Deika smiled triumphantly: “It seems that our Captain Fandi has figured it out, but what can you do now?”

Fandi smirked, “Really? You fooled me with fake death. It’s amazing. But you didn’t expect that I didn’t die from the explosion, right?!”

Deika nodded, “Yes, Fandi, you are too tough for a lowly pirate.”

“Looks like killing you once isn’t enough.” Fandi prepared to attack.

When the voice fell, Fandi’s whole body began to change. Fandi, who was covered in mud, transforms into a stone man in the blink of an eye.

Fandi was also a person who has devil fruit power. He ate the stone fruit that can turn him into a stone man.

He was such a capable person that Fandi was able to leave immediately unscathed.

Feeling the immense power enveloped his entire body, Fandi stared at Deika with a ferocious expression and rushed towards Deika, who was not far from there.

“Deika, I will not let you go this time. I will break you into pieces!”

Hearing Fandi’s self-confidence declaration, Deika smiled dismissively and slowly took out a pistol from his clothes and pointed it at Fandi.

Fandi narrowed his mouth in disdain when seeing Deika pointed a pistol at himself. Guns were of little use to those with devil fruit abilities, especially after Fendi transformed into a stone man, let alone guns. Even cannons were useless.


Fandi, who was running fast, slowed down immediately after the shot and finally fell to the ground weakly. His arrogant smile gradually turned into fear.

Looking at the stone bullet that hit his chest, he barked: “You use the sea stone bullet, you sneaky guy!”

Deika walked towards Fandi slowly and squatted aside, “What a shame! I think you are too naive, Captain Fandi! When did I say that I use ordinary bullets? That’s just your wishful thinking. And I am not someone you can fight against!”

Fandi was speechless and could only snort helplessly, slumped his head, ignoring Deika’s existence.

“Fandi, you want to know why I knew you were going to kill me, and then I was ready for suspended animation,” Deika said softly.

Although Fandi wanted to know why, he didn’t want to die on this bastard’s hand.

“I know if you are a despicable villain. But you are ruthless enough to calculate everything and want to take away my whole treasure!”

“Your treasure, you said? Hahaha…” Deika burst out laughing, “This treasure originally belonged to me.”


Hearing Deika said this, Fandi couldn’t help but looked at Deika with a puzzled look, “What’s going on? Who are you exactly?”

At this time, Lin Tian was about to break out of the ground, but he immediately stopped his actions.

Lin Tian felt that Deika about to tell the truth about the whole incident, and when that happened, it was time to come out of the ground.

“Of course, I got the treasure map from the beginning, but I couldn’t take it out. Then I thought of a good way, which is to give the treasure map to a pirate, and then let him take the treasure out. And in the end, I will trap the pirates for my own benefit.”

“Well, my plan is not bad!” Deika said triumphantly, watching Fandi’s face full of anger.

Fandi really wanted to punch Deika in the face, but he didn’t have any strength when the sea tower stone hit him.

Thinking of being calculated by Deika from half a year ago, Fandi suddenly became very angry. No wonder how this bastard would cooperate with him at that time.

Fandi gritted his teeth and said, “So, when you talk the Marine about to come here last night, it is just bullshit you make to me? Is it just to complete your plan and make me think you are dead so that I can do something for you later?”

Deika raised her index finger, shook it, and said.

“No, the Marine will come to this island, and I intentionally leaked it. Now it is estimated that they have landed. When I kill you, then I hide the most important part of the treasure. The Marine will believe that I was the one who killed these pirates, and they will give me great credit.”

“Haha…, how is it possible, everyone in this town knows that you with me, then you can’t fool them at all,” Fandi said with a smile as if he had seen the scene of Deika being killed by the Marine.

Deika smiled slightly, “Really? No one on this island has seen me. Then I just have to say that the pirates were using my name, and I happened to find out and came to investigate. As a result, I discovered the pirates’ conspiracy, they killed all their comrades and residents, but it was too late to save the residents.”

“You…!” After hearing Deika’s plan, Fandi couldn’t deny it.

This plan is, indeed, perfect. Could it be that this bastard dominates everything, I can’t do anything at all, and how we will accuse him?

Suddenly Fandi thought of something. He burst out laughing and looked at Deika with a playful expression.

“You planned for so long to get the item in the treasure that can give you a powerful strength. But it would disappoint you. It was just a black stone, and there was no powerful strength at all.”

Deika grabbed Fandi’s collar angrily and kept shaking, “What are you talking about? What’s wrong with that thing?!”

Seeing Deika’s reaction, Fandi laughed louder now. Deika, this bastard has planned for so long and hasn’t got what he wanted at all. What he got is just a piece of stupid stone. This is too ridiculous!

Fandi pointed to the hole that he had just broken on the ground, “That thing was protected by me just now, and it’s in that hole now. If you don’t believe me, you can go and take a look.”

Deika ran over and started digging.

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