Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 25


After spending a lot of time, all I got was a strange pile of black stone.

Deika sat limply on the ground, stared at the black stone in front of him. This strange black stone was precisely like what Fandi said, it was a black cube stone with strange symbols engraved on one side, and the other five sides were very smooth, and there were no carvings at all.

After half a year of waiting, only a useless piece of black stone was obtained. Deika was furious and helpless when she saw this black stone.

Fandi and Deika at all for what use the black stone was, but Lin Tian knew exactly. This is not an ordinary black stone. It must be said that currently, this is a treasure that cannot be measured in value.

This black stone’s topside was an actual historical text, and it showed the history of 1000 years ago that the world government was trying to hide and information about ancient weapons.

It could be said that the note engraved on this black stone was the ultimate secret of this world.

In the world of One Piece, the final treasures were based on historical texts in the form of these cubes, which were scattered all over this world, one step at a time to be arranged in order.

When Lin Tian was at the naval headquarters, he searched for relevant information, but the World Government hid it well.

They were able to completely cover historical information about the void century, and there was no relevant record of this history.

During this investigation on the island, Lin Tian realized the power of a World Government for the first time.

That the history of a hundred years ago could have been artificially erased from this world completely.

Because there were no copies in any books or documents, it was conceivable that the World Government has control and power over the world.

The only information that remains was with certain people and this indestructible and highly hidden cube stone carving alone.

Even the countless high-tech countries in Lin Tian’s previous life did not have strong control over the world.

Knowing this firsthand, Lin Tian did not continue investigating, but he was afraid that the world government’s spies would target him.

But I don’t expect that I would find a stone that holds such a valuable history today. Even though I don’t know the words written on the stone, it’s not that I don’t want to copy these words.

At that time, Lin Tian thought of finding someone like Nico Robin, who could read it, and with that, he could figure out the words.

Deika was an intelligent person, and he could guess that these words were the key and that the real treasure might be hidden behind these words.

This kind of thinking, just mentality in Deika’s head, looked at the words on the black stone with excitement.

Then he pulled out a sheet of paper and a pen from under his robe, ready to draw all the text. So that when he left this island, he could translate these words at a later date.

Seeing Deika, who was focusing on the black rock, Fandi silently moved his right hand to the wound, and he tried to take out a sea stone bullet.

But the effect of the sea stone was too strong for people who have Devil Fruit ability, not to mention removing bullets that needed medical assistance. Even Fandi has difficulty moving his hands.

After many attempts, Fandi finally gave up on this useless activity.

At this time, Deika had drawn all the texts, and then he put the paper back under his robe.

“This treasure is only for me. This black stone no longer useful. I will destroy it!” Deika looked at the black stone he had copied.


Deika’s right foot pointed to the black rock and kicked into the air right in front of the black stone.

A bright blue light emitted from Deika’s feet and hit the black rock. An explosion occurred around the black rock, causing thick dust.

Lin Tian, who was very knowledgeable about the Six Marine Styles, saw Deika’s attack method and immediately realized that Deika intended to destroy the black stone.

Barbra Kick was different from the Shave that Lin Tian often used.

Barbra Kick didn’t kick the enemy directly to deal damage but kicked in the wind at incredible speed and created a vacuum!

It was like a sharp mower that could cut opponents. The blue light was actually a strong and sharp moving wind.

Even though the attack method was only wind, don’t underestimate the wind released by trained legs. When Barbra Kick was trained to a certain degree, even steel could be cut.

Seeing that powerful explosion, it seemed that Deika’s mastery of Barbra Kick had reached a high level.

But even a high-level Barbra Kick was not enough to destroy this stone. This black stone was very hard. It could be said that no one in this world can destroy it.

The dust enveloping the black stone was slowly disappeared, and the black stone was still intact without the slightest scratch. Deika’s powerful attack didn’t even leave a trace.

“What?!” Deika reacted in disbelief. Even though he used his full strength, he couldn’t even destroy the stone.

How could it be…my Barbra kick didn’t leave a single scratch?!

Deika couldn’t believe what he saw in front of him and kept hitting the black stone with blue light, but the black stone was still intact without a scratch when the dust was gone.

Seeing what Deika was doing in front of him, Fandi was surprised at first, but after thinking about something, Fandi slowly smiled on his face and finally laughed.


Fandi said with disdain, “Dika! Your plan is indeed perfect, but in reality, any situation can happen. You expect everything too much, but don’t expect this black stone to be destroyed by you. Now that your goal is not achieved, the treasure will not only be yours, but your plan has also failed! “

When Fandi talked about the problem in his head, Deika angrily swung his leg towards Fandi. However, Deika was a tolerant criminal.

He was holding back the murderous intent of Fandi. He aimed to kill him just as the navy arrived to receive an award from the Marine Headquarters.

On the other hand, Deika directed his attack at Fandi’s right hand to intimidate him from talking too much.

His right arm was cut off, blood flowed out like water, intense pain rushed to the brain, but Fandi could still endure the pain.

The excessive blood loss caused Fandi’s face to turn pale in an instant. Seeing Deika’s desperate gaze, Fandi forced himself to endure the pain and laughed out loud.

“When the Marine arrives, the secrets of this treasure could not be hidden anymore. But the Marine has discovered that there is an unmatched power recorded on it, and the Marine will definitely seek it out. After designing for so long, this treasure will not be yours alone. And in the end, Deika, you’re like digging a hole for your own body. Hahaha … “

Every time Fandi spoke, he intended to roast Deika, and it caused Deika’s killing intent towards Fandi to increase continuously.

At this moment, Deika’s killing intent had reached an extreme, and even the air seemed to be frozen by this killing intent.

However, at this moment, someone came out from the ground in a place covered by the soil due to the explosion next to Deika.

This person was Lin Tian, who was hiding underground. After knowing all the truth behind the case, Lin Tian decided to show himself. It’s time to go out and solve the whole problem.

Deika and Fandi were shocked by the figure rushing out. How could anyone still survive under such a powerful explosion?

Fandi was immediately pleased to see that his subordinates survived the explosion. This guy must have good strength, he thought.

Among the people buried beneath it, these residents were just ordinary people who had no power at all, so he assumed that their subordinate was the people who had come out.

As long as this subordinate could help him get the sea stone bullet out of his body, then, with the strength of his two men, he would be able to defeat that bastard Deika.

Deika also thought about this situation, so that Deika’s face immediately panicked. How could Fandi still have subordinates who could survive?

Despite feeling a threat, Deika was not afraid. Even though he couldn’t beat the two of them, he was still able to escape.

What embarrassed Deika the most was his arrogance. He was bragging about how perfect his previous plan was, but then many unpredictable factors appeared suddenly.

But when Deika and Fandi looked at the figure more clearly, they were not surprised but scared, and the same sentence came to their minds.

“A kid ?! How did he get here?”

Lin Tian could glimpse the thoughts in the hearts of the two of them. He had seen too many eyes like that in the past year.

“Boy, who are you?” Fandi barked. After experiencing uncertain circumstances, you could imagine Fandi’s mood.

According to Fandi’s temper from ten years ago, he would have attacked this kid without hesitation if not for his limitations.

“I’m Lin Tian, Captain of the Marine!”

“Marine?!” Fandi and Deika couldn’t do anything but shocked.

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