Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 26


“How is this possible?!”

Deika was confused, thinking how did a marine soldier appear here. They should have been intercepted by Fandi’s men who occupied the city first, which would take time.

“Then what happened to my subordinates who occupied the city? And how many marine soldiers came with you?” Fandi asked Lin Tian anxiously.

If there is a marine soldier here, it is likely that my subordinates in the city have already been defeated if that so, why I didn’t receive reports of the Marine’s arrival.

Currently, Fandi is also still waiting for help from his subordinates from the city. If it were true that his subordinates in the town had been defeated, he would really be done now.

Now the root of the problem was clear, so Lin Tian felt that there was no need to hide anymore, “I killed them all last night, and now the whole navy is on its way.”

Deika immediately realized an unprecedented crisis. Now the issue was not whether he could get the treasure but how he survived.

But before escaping, the Marine Captain in front of him must die. He must have heard what he said just now.

Deika was also a perfectionist, knowing that there was not much time left for him, and he has to finish it as quickly as possible. When Lin Tian focused on Fandi, he attacked Lin Tian with a surprise attack.

‘Barbra Kick!’

Deika was completely indiscriminate. He attacked with a deadly trick. The blue light was like a sharp, deadly blade. He aimed to kill Lin Tian without cutting off his head.

Even though Lin Tian gave Fandi most of his attention, it didn’t mean that Lin Tian had relaxed his vigilance towards Deika. Lin Tian already knew when Deika moved to attack him silently.


Lin Tian teleported to the side to dodge the Deika’s dangerous attack.


Then Lin Tian teleported to Deika and hit him, who hadn’t reacted with a punch.

Even though Deika was marine trash, his fighting skills were not bad, don’t forget that he was a Marine Commodore.

He didn’t know that Lin Tian, who looked so young, had already mastered ‘Shave,’ so he didn’t expect that to happen.

But Deika reacted at the last moment the attack hit him. He didn’t have time to dodge but immediately blocked the attack.

‘Iron block.’

Deika took a deep breath, and the muscles in his chest bulged up immediately, ready to resist Lin Tian’s punch.

“Dang!” Lin Tian’s fist hit Deika, making a sound like steel impact.

Enduring the pain in his hand, the power on his fist suddenly increased, knocking Deika back a few steps.

The ‘Iron Block’ was one of the Six Marine Styles. By strengthening a well-trained body to become as hard as iron, this technique was used to withstand enemy attacks, sharp weapons, and bullets.

Then the attack launched by Lin Tian against Deika was no impact. Instead, Lin Tian was injured as a result of this technique. He really seemed to be punching steel with a bare hand.

Seeing that Deika could withstand his attacks, Lin Tian didn’t just give up. After receiving the impact of his own attack, Lin Tian quickly covered his fists with a Spatial Barrier.

Seeing that Lin Tian was about to take advantage of this opportunity to attack again, Deika quickly readied his stance and threw his fists against Lin Tian.

Barbra Kick! Shave! Iron block!

Every technique he mastered was launched to bring down Lin Tian.


For a moment, the two quickly attacked each other. In this state, the two relied on pure physical skills to fight, triggering huge airwaves and countless dust surrounding the two of them.

Lin Tian didn’t use his Devil Fruit ability. He only used Six Marine Styles, just like Deika. Both used the same technique.

And Fandi, who was beside the two of them, was impacted every time Lin Tian and Deika collided, powerful shockwaves were generated.

A lot of debris beside the two of them flew into the air. Fandi, who was still affected by the sea stone bullet, couldn’t move.

So much debris fell on Fandi’s body.

Seeing the two of them fighting fiercely, Fandi could only keep cursing Deika, who had shot him with sea stone bullets, making him looked like this.


The two collided like two meteorites, and huge airwaves scattered from all directions. With this strong reaction, the two of them retreated rapidly.

“This is unexpected, there is a genius like you in the Marine, and he has the strength equivalent of a commodity when he was eleven years old,” said Deika breathlessly.

It could be seen that the battle just now was very hard for Deika.

Even though Deika had used Iron Blocks to block many attacks, Iron Block wasn’t a technique that could withstand all attacks.

The iron block’s most significant role was to block basic attacks, sharp weapons, and ordinary bullets. The Iron Block couldn’t block the pure power that Lin Tian unleashed.

Although Deika looked fine on the outside, in fact, many parts of Deika’s internal body were injured.

But Lin Tian’s condition was much better. Although Lin Tian was almost out of breath, Lin Tian did not suffer any harm.

After all, Lin Tian’s Spatial Barrier was mighty, and he often blocked Deika’s attacks at critical times, but it needed physical exertion so much.

“You are quite strong. I didn’t expect your fighting strength to be so high,” said Lin Tian with a little surprise.

Hearing Lin Tian’s compliment, Deika laughed to herself: “Really? Most people who know me think I’m just a criminal. Do you think so too?”

Lin Tian nodded, “Yes, then. But not anymore. You are indeed qualified to become a commodity. But do you know that?”

After a battle with Lin Tian, ​​Deika was in a good mood and asked curiously: “Oh, what is it? I think I might be able to answer.”

“With your fighting strength and intelligence, that’s enough to make you a Rear-Admiral, but why are you still doing this?” Lin Tian said the question.

“Hahaha…” Deika laughed and said jokingly: “Rear-Admiral? I might get, but sometimes the higher you stand, it will be difficult for you to do something.”

Lin Tian smiled and nodded indeed. Isn’t it the same for my teacher, Garp?

With his strength and reputation, he could become a Fleet-Admiral, but why did he stay as Vice-Admiral?

It’s because Garp doesn’t want it.

“Well, you are also great for having this fighting strength at such a young age. It looks like your teacher is excellent. You also know a lot of darkness in the Marine more than I. Just do what you want to do.” Seeing Lin Tian daydreaming, his death was almost there.

But Deika suddenly started thinking about teasing Lin Tian.

“Is that so?” Lin Tian smiled faintly, “I am different from other Marines. I have my own justice in my heart. In my eyes, people like you must be exterminated.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s answer, Deika expected it. At around ten years old, this little demon named Lin Tian possessed a commodity equivalent to combat power, and his future in the Navy was limitless. Deika felt unable to keep him up.

Deika took a deep breath, killing intent gushing out in his eyes, and he could only survive by killing the kid in front of him.

Facing Deika’s killing intent, Lin Tian showed no fear, and his fighting intent became even stronger.


To defeat Deika quickly, Lin Tian not only used the Six Marine Styles this time, but he would also use his Devil Fruit abilities optimally.

‘Spatial Prison!’

Deika, who attacked quickly, stopped at once. Lin Tian’s Devil Fruit power trapped his body.

But Deika’s fighting strength was not weak. He immediately broke free with his own strength.

Lin Tian indeed wanted to save his energy. Lin Tian’s Spatial Prison could even hold Garp. If Lin Tian maintained it with all his strength, Deika wouldn’t be able to break free.

Seeing Deika break free, Lin Tian didn’t react at all but stood there calmly, because Lin Tian was ready, and took out more than a dozen ‘Death Balls’ around Deika.

Deika looked at the small black balls that suddenly appeared around her with an alert, and Deika could guess the damage caused by these small balls.

After finding out that this child was also a person with Devil Fruit powers, Deika originally wanted to run away, but these little balls were blocking his back.


A series of explosions could be heard from two places. As for Fandi, who was injured by Deika, who was lying on his side, Lin Tian didn’t forget it.

In Lin Tian’s view, Fandi was just a lowly pirate who was taken advantage of by Deika.

The smoke disappeared, and Fandi, who had lost too much blood, died on the spot due to the explosive power of several Death Balls he received.

As a cunning person, Fandi was at a loss. He was the one who made Fandi seriously injured like that, but Lin Tian easily killed him just like that.

Fandi was probably crying over what happened to him in the last moments of his death.

When the smoke dispersed, a figure still stood up.

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