Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 27


Even though Fandi was dead, Deika’s real problem was still in front of his eyes.

In the final moments of the explosion, Deika used the ‘Iron Block’ to resisted the shockwave from the blast.

But in order to kill these two people at once, Lin Tian put up a layer of Spatial Barriers around them.

The explosive power of the dozens of “Death Balls” was terrifying, and you could imagine what would happen to those in it.

Although Deika was able to survive the fatal attack, he was seriously injured. Deika was literally on the verge of death.

Seeing Lin Tian, who didn’t even move from his place, Deika smiled bitterly.

Even though this brat is still very young, but his fighting strength is so high, he can corner me just by relying on the Six Marine Style without suffering much loss. Besides that, he also has a strong devil fruit ability, and he uses it well to finish me.

Deika didn’t know that Lin Tian was also using his devil fruit ability to defend himself. If he didn’t use it to protect himself, Lin Tian would have received quite a severe injury.

Lin Tian was also surprised to see Deika, who was still standing after receiving the ultimate attack.

Lin Tian wanted to kill the person in front of him. Marine trash like this must be exterminated!

Lin Tian slowly walked towards Deika. Even though she survived the explosion, Deika was so weak now, and he couldn’t even move his body.

Seeing Lin Tian coming, Deika knew that Lin Tian was aiming to kill him. Even though a soul reaper was in front of him, Deika was very calm, neither afraid nor begged for mercy.

Because Deika knew that he would definitely die in his current situation, in that case, he was ready to accept whatever Lin Tian would do to him.

Lin Tian stared at Deika blankly. In Lin Tian’s heart, he indeed deserved to die.

With all his strength, Deika asked the question, “Who are you and who is your teacher?”

Lin Tian appreciated the dying person’s question in front of him, then he replied, “I am Lin Tian, Marine Captain, and my teacher is Vice-Admiral Garp!”

“Vice-Admiral Garp? I see,” muttered Deika, suddenly realized.

Deika was not surprised that Lin Tian’s teacher was Vice-Admiral Garp, whose fighting ability was beyond doubt.

So this little devil’s name is Lin Tian, and his teacher is Vice-Admiral Garp, The Marine Hero. He is one of the people who dare to hunt down the Roger Pirate King. No wonder he is so young and so strong.

Just when Lin Tian was about to kill Deika, suddenly Deika

raised the gun and fired it at Lin Tian.

Lin Tian thought Deika was completely helpless. He really did not expect Deika would launch a surprise attack like this. Since the attack was sudden, and Lin Tian wasn’t alert, he couldn’t dodge the bullet.

Seeing the bullet hitting Lin Tian, Deika laughed, “Hahaha …, son of a bitch, you will die with me.”

The bullet Deika had just fired was a sea stone bullet, the same as the bullet he used to shoot Fandi.

Even though Deika couldn’t move, he was very careful in looking for opportunities, and when it came, he immediately launched a surprise attack.

Deika’s aim just now was intentional to weaken Lin Tian’s level of alertness and use it to give Lin Tian a fatal blow. Deika already knew that he would die, so he intended to take Lin Tian with him to hell.

This little devil is a Devil Fruit user. After receiving this attack, his strength will weaken.

“You’re too early to be happy.” Lin Tian once again used his Devil Fruit power to block Deika’s attack. The sea stone bullet stopped moving right in front of him.

Seeing Lin Tian doing nothing, Deika shouted in disbelief: “How is that possible? What are you doing? How can you stop that Seastone bullet?”

The attack just now was indeed very dangerous for Lin Tian. If he didn’t react to using the spatial shield quickly, the situation would change.

I’m dead now.

After experiencing the incident just now, Lin Tian didn’t make any movement but immediately used spatial power to kill Deika.

After confirming that Deika was dead, Lin Tian felt relieved. Lin Tian recalled the situation just now, still shocked.

Because of his carelessness, Deika was able to take advantage of him and was almost killed.

After killing Deika and Fandi, Lin Tian saw the Poneglyph that recorded historical texts. After observing for a while, Lin Tian also found nothing.

I had to copy the writing on this Poneglyph first, then make two big holes, and immediately fill them with soil and a big tree on top.

Lin Tian put the Poneglyph into the pit below and used spatial strength to bury it, then erased all traces.

That’s right; Lin Tian would hide this Poneglyph. Lin Tian didn’t want Marine to know about this.

That was why Lin Tian wanted to kill Deika as quickly as possible to hide the evidence about this Poneglyph before the Marine arrived.

When Lin Tian was hiding the Poneglyph, the Marines finally arrived, and the leader was Commodore Ander.

At the same time, several townspeople followed suit. They feared for the safety of their families and followed the marine soldiers on the initiative. Carly and her sister were also in the crowd.

Residents looked at the large pit buried in front and the destruction caused by fierce fighting, but many residents had a bad premonition without a family member.

The residents saw a big hole buried in the ground ahead, and in the aftermath of the fierce fighting, they had a bad feeling because no one saw their family.

Commodore Ander also found that the situation was very inappropriate, then he asked Lin Tian in a low voice, “Captain Lin Tian, what happened to the residents who have been captured.”

Lin Tian stood still and said, “They all are buried underground.”

The nearby residents heard Lin Tian’s answer, several people fainted on the spot, and many of them were already crying, staring badly into Lin Tian’s eyes.

Hearing Lin Tian’s answer, Commodore Ander couldn’t help but move his mouth, “Captain Lin Tian, you are too blunt. When something like this happens, you should say it in more polite words.”

Seeing the villagers who had misunderstood what he meant, Lin Tian couldn’t laugh or cry and quickly explained: “I mean, they are indeed buried below, I’m not saying that they are dead. My Devil Fruit ability protects them. Now they are all still alive. “

After listening to Lin Tian’s explanation, everyone’s faces suddenly changed.

The villagers immediately dug a hole to save their family, but they were too slow. Lin Tian was afraid that they would be dead from running out of oxygen, so he immediately took action.


Seeing countless families reunited in front of him, Lin Tian showed a meaningful smile on his face. My mission is done now, no more business here, and it’s time to face that smelly old man.

“Father!” Carly and her sister rushed to embrace a middle-aged man. After half a year of not seeing him, she could finally feel his father’s embrace again, and tears streamed down their eyes.

While cuddling with her father, Carly also remembers her mother’s death and the times when she cared for her sister. Carly has suffered a lot in the last six months.

Currently, she felt her anxiety disappear a little, and it was all because of Lin Tian’s hard work. If not for him, today would just be a dream for Carly.

When Carly wanted to thank Lin Tian, she realized that Lin Tian had left.

The middle-aged man found Carly’s movements and asked: “Carly, who are you looking for?”

Next to him, the little girl answered: “Dad, sis Carly is looking for the Marine boy who saved everyone.”

“That young man is truly extraordinary. He is the savior of all of us,” said the middle-aged man with emotion.


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