Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 28


“Good job! Boy.” Garp praised.

In this incident, Lin Tian handled it very well. He can handle things calmly and deftly when faced with something, and he always faces situations that are not well expected.

Garp has been in the Marine for many years and has seen many very promising Marine soldiers.

However, at Lin Tian’s very young age, he possessed powerful combat strength, vision, intuition, and perfect wisdom. This is the first time Garp has seen a Marine as good as him.

Because Lin Tian had great potential, this was his disciple, Garp felt delighted. Garp believed that as long as Lin Tian was given time, Lin Tian would become the greatest marine soldier in history.

Lin Tian felt very strange at Garp’s praise. Usually, he was always a smelly old man who always looked down on him. Why this stinky old man praises me like that for?

“Smelly old man, since we didn’t see each other all night, did you eat something wrong?”

“Hahaha…” The Marine soldiers on the side held back laughter when they heard Lin Tian’s words.

Lin Tian was the only person on the ship who could talk to Vice-Admiral Garp like this.

Garp was in a good mood at first, then he felt bad hearing those words, especially when he heard the laughter of the other marine soldiers. Garp suddenly became irritated.


Because Lin Tian made him feel annoyed, Garp had to take out his anger on Lin Tian. Garp immediately hit Lin Tian’s forehead with a ‘Fist of Love’ and instantly knocked Lin Tian down.

Rubbing his dizzy head, Lin Tian crawled out of the pile of broken wooden planks and whispered, “Now what else? I was wrong now.”

“By the way, smelly old man, the problem here is resolved. Why aren’t we leaving yet?” Lin Tian asked Garp loudly.

Garp, who was still in a bad mood, did not answer Lin Tian’s question and walked towards the wicker chair beside him. I haven’t slept since last night, so I have to make up for it this time.

A marine soldier on the side explained: “Captain Lin Tian, some of the supplies on our ship are not enough. We need to add some on this island.”

“Oh, I see, thank you,” Lin Tian thanked the marine soldier.

Since there was still time before the sail, Lin Tian immediately lay down in the corner. I haven’t slept since last night and fought two battles. I am very tired. Now that I have time, I must rest well.

But not long after Lin Tian lay down, he woke up again when he was about to fall asleep.

“Hey, Captain Lin Tian ….!” Lin Tian sighed and got up, “What’s wrong?”

“Captain Lin Tian, someone who looked for you and said that he had something to tell you,” replied the marine soldier.

Lin Tian followed the marine soldiers with a strange gaze. He came to this small island alone and didn’t recognize anyone. Could it be she? If it were her, it would make sense, but why would she want to see me?

Following the naval soldiers, Lin Tian walked not far and reached the beach next to the pier.

Seeing the girl’s figure on the beach, Lin Tian knew that his guess was right. Carly was the one who was looking for him.

It’s just that Carly didn’t know where Lin Tian was, so she asked a marine soldier to find him.

Lin Tian walked over to Carly, who was on the seashore. Today Carly was wearing a white dress with white orchid embroidery in three thousand green silk tied with a lavender ribbon.

Blue sky, white clouds, calm choppy sea, gentle breeze, the beach view in the morning is so beautiful. Lin Tian had never seen a scene like this in his previous life. Lin Tian was dumbfounded at that moment.

After a while, Lin Tian reacted and scratched his nose awkwardly, realizing that he was innocent. People ask me to come and talk about it, but this is too awkward and embarrassing.

Lin Tian said shyly: “Then what is it, Carly? What do you need from me? And how is your father?”

When Carly looked at Lin Tian, she was very understanding of Lin Tian’s gestures and expressions. Carly’s face was already red when she saw Lin Tian before her eyes.

Unable to hold back the embarrassment, Carly turned around to look away.

Even though Carly turned around toward Lin Tian at first, then she braced herself and replied, “It’s okay, I just want to thank you for coming this time. If it weren’t for you, my father would never come back.”

“Nothing, I promised you anyway, right?” Carly’s gratitude to Lin Tian was very meaningful.

But why did Carly turn away from me? Do I look so scary? It looks like Carly is a little abnormal today.

When facing Lin Tian last night, Carly was so domineering. But now, she didn’t even dare to look at him.

Carly said shyly: “Lin Tian, there is a gift as my gratitude because you saved my father. So I will give you something.”

Seeing that Carly had her back to him, Lin Tian wanted to tease Carly. He walked slowly behind Carly, not making a sound, and just stood behind Carly quietly.

After waiting for a while, seeing Lin Tian not answering, Carly was a little confused and worried, “Lin Tian, Lin Tian! Are you still there?”

Carly called him several times, but Lin Tian didn’t answer. Carly thought Lin Tian had already left and quickly turned around to look. When Carly had just turned around, a familiar face appeared before her face.

The sudden appearance of a face startled Carly, and her body instinctively recoiled. But in a rush to step back, Carly’s legs couldn’t stand up, and her body suddenly lost balance and fell to the ground.

When Lin Tian saw Carly going to fall, the first thought in his mind was not to let Carly fall. So Lin Tian grabbed Carly’s waist and pulled her.

When she was in Lin Tian’s embrace, Carly was shocked. Apart from her father, this was the first time a male hugged her.

Feeling very awkward, both acted weird. Carly quickly broke away from Lin Tian’s embrace.

After that incident, the two of them stood up, blushing. Especially Carly, with the blush on her face, she didn’t even know what to say.

Finally, Lin Tian spoke, breaking the silence between the two sides, “By the way, Carly, what did you just say? I didn’t hear it.”

Carly looked at Lin Tian a little annoyed, and took out a blue jade pendant from her chest, “This is the pendant that my mother left me before she died. This jade pendant is in pairs. One of them I wear, and the rest is this one. And this is for you.”

After receiving the jade pendant from Carly, Lin Tian closely observed it and carefully kept it away.

Seeing that Lin Tian was very careful with this jade pendant, Carly couldn’t help but be amused and said with a laugh: “This is just an ordinary jade pendant. You don’t need to be that serious.”

While keeping the jade pendant, Lin Tian looked at Carly and said firmly: “Yes, why not, this is a sign of love, of course, I keep it carefully, if I lose this thing, I will feel very guilty for not appreciating it.”

When she heard the words “sign of love,” Carly’s face immediately flushed red, crossed her calves, and said shyly: “But this is just an ordinary gift, so why …”

Carly, who was embarrassed, was like a fairy who had fallen into the mortal world, and people couldn’t look away at her.

With a smile, Lin Tian said: “Your mother gave it to you, and it is in pairs. It must be a sign of love.”

Faced with Lin Tian’s seduction, Carly couldn’t say a word to reply because when her mom gave her jade pendant, she said that this pair of jade pendants was a gift to her.

I don’t know what happened today, why did I suddenly give him the jade pendant. Since I gave it to him, it’s not good if I take it back. Besides, I don’t want it back either. I just want him to keep it for me.

Carly couldn’t express her heart, so she just looked at Lin Tian’s chest and fell silent in embarrassment.


After refilling supplies, Lin Tian was ready to go back to sailing.

To thank the Marines for saving the entire island, the residents spontaneously rushed to the docks to escort the departing marine soldiers.

Holding a jade pendant, Lin Tian waved at Carly, who was standing in front of the crowd.

When he was leaving, Carly and her sister, completely reluctant to part with him. Seeing the two of them, Lin Tian showed a happy smile on his face.

In this incident, I increased my battle experience and got a copy of the Poneglyph and the heart’s beauty. It could be considered a complete victory.

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