Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 29


It’s showtime!

Following Lin Tian’s order, the Marine soldiers took out their weapons, and gallantly followed the canyon.

In the canyon, a group of pirates consisting of about hundreds of people was surrounded by the Marine. Now, these pirates were like a mouse surrounded by many hungry cats.

A pirate who was watching the movements of the navy at the mouth of the canyon ran towards his Captain, “Captain, the Marines has surrounded us. They will start attacking!”

Hearing that the Marine had attacked, many of the pirates panicked. Even though they knew that the Marine was going to attack, the pirates were not ready for war but instead became chaotic.

“Shut up, Lao Tzu!” the Captain roared.

Because of the Captain’s prestige, the panicked pirates had to force themself to calm down. Now that this situation was against their Captain’s plan, death was really picking them up!

The Captain saw his silent men and said: “Now we are surrounded by the Marine. The chance to live is not impossible. Destroying them is the only way!”

After a pause, the Captain said fiercely: “If any of you escapes or asks mercy from the Marine, don’t blame me for I will hunt you to the ends of the world.”

The Captain said so, and the pirates quickly agreed.

After the Captain finished his sentence, the pirates’ spirits caught fire, and they cheered.

“Yes, we will defeat the Marine and escape with you, Captain!”

“Kill those damn Marines!!”

“Who is the leader of this Marine group, by the way?” Even if the Captain decides to fight the Marine, he must understand its fighting strength.

If the leader of this Marine group is stronger than me, and if I keep going, it will be a pointless death. It’s better to give up early so that I can have a better chance in my life.

One of the pirates came to tell him, and he couldn’t help trembling, and haltingly said, “This time … this time Ma-Marine Commodore … Lin Tian!”

“Li-Lin Tian…” By just hearing his name, the pirates felt short of breath. Not only was that name jarring to pirates, but almost everyone in the world knew this person well.

‘Commodore Lin Tian’ was known as the most promising Marine soldier leading the Marine forces.

He joined the Marine at eleven and was accepted as a student by Marine Hero Vice-Admiral Garp.

After a year of training at the Marine Headquarters, he followed Vice-Admiral Garp in the first half of the major route.

Within a year, Lin Tian was promoted from Marine Captain to Commodore due to his many achievements in carrying out missions and strong fighting strength.

As an outstanding soldier under Vice-Admiral Garp’s tutelage, the Marine Headquarters naturally proudly published this man. This is an excellent opportunity to increase the reputation of the Marine.

Back then, the Marine always covered Lin Tian in the newspapers, boasting that Lin Tian was the strongest soldier in Marine history. Even though this is true, the Marine always exaggerate it to make it look perfect.

Therefore, Lin Tian became the most famous Marine Soldier in this era. Everyone in the world knew Lin Tian’s name, but people only found out through newspapers and third parties.

After Lin Tian found out, he felt he didn’t deserve it. According to Lin Tian, his own current strength was still so weak that everyone would have too much hope for him. Isn’t this just Marine Headquarters nonsense?

Now that something has happened, it cannot be changed, but it still could be remedied. So Lin Tian approached Garp, hoping that the Marine Headquarters would prevent the newspaper from sending out his photos.

Garp also understood the seriousness of the matter and notified the Marine Headquarters.

Relying on Garp’s discretion, Fleet-Admiral Sengoku readily agreed. Now the world indeed knew Lin Tian’s fame, but no one knew what Lin Tian looks like.

In fact, what these pirates feared was not Lin Tian’s overly known reputation when Commodore Lin Tian was cracking down on pirates. The pirates that were assigned to Lin Tian generally had many allies, and they were very cunning.

Commodore Lin Tian never caught pirates carelessly. He did not act according to Marine rules.

If he came face to face with a pirate who didn’t do anything bad, he’d let him go. There were many pirates with high bounties, unleashed by Lin Tian.

On the contrary, if a pirate committed many crimes, even if the pirate knelt and begged for mercy until he cried blood, Lin Tian would still kill him without hesitation.

This kind of Marine soldier was what pirates fear. The pirates knew precisely what kind of people they are. They didn’t have a chance to give up when faced with a Marine like that, even if they had no more hands and feet.

Lin Tian’s eyes widened in surprise at seeing these pirates dared to encountered his Marines group.

Lin Tian has already investigated this pirate group, and the total bounty for this pirate group is 60 million Bailey.

However, this pirate group was extremely vicious. A week ago, this group of pirates brutally massacred in a small town.

Lin Tian, who heard the news felt very angry and concerned. At least a thousand people died in the massacre.

And the reason these pirates massacred there was only to announce their arrival to the Grand Line.

Lin Tian was furious at the time, so for the past week, Lin Tian had been looking for information about this pirate group, and now he had finally found it. This pirate group will be killed today.

A Marine Soldier issued an order to one side, “Gather at the mouth of the canyon. These pirates want to fight us head-on. We have to intimidate them after all!”

“Alright!” A Marine Soldier quickly picked up the transponder worm and issued an updated order to the surrounding Marine Soldiers.

At the mouth of the canyon, when the pirates came out of the canyon, the Marine Soldiers had already ambushed them.

“This time, as usual, don’t let anyone escape!” Lin Tian stood at the front and shouted.

“Alright!” The Marine Soldiers responded with burning enthusiasm.

The Marine Soldiers already knew of the tragedy in the city. After they learned of this tragedy, they were filled with murderous intent in the name of justice.

Compared with the Marine Soldiers, the pirates’ momentum was not bad. Since there was no way to back and no chance of surrender, they could only fight to the death.

“Kill, kill them all!”

The two sides collided with each other like a torrent. More than a dozen people fell to the ground in just one collide, but the ones who fell to the ground were pirates.

The marine soldiers that were cut by the pirates didn’t get the slightest scratch.

Lin Tian created a Spatial Barrier layer for the marine soldiers who were on the front lines, but it only resisted the enemy’s attack at the beginning.

After all, for these Marine Soldiers to have courage, they would be more experienced after facing such a battle.

Lin Tian slowly walked across the battlefield and walked towards the pirate captain, but no pirate dared to stop him.

Just now, several pirates attacked Lin Tian with their swords, but before they got close to Lin Tian, ​​these pirates died instantly, and Lin Tian didn’t even look at them.

Seeing this strange situation, the pirates realized: “He is Commodore Lin Tian! He is even more terrifying than the rumors that are circulating.”

Seeing Lin Tian getting closer and closer to him, the pirate captain’s heart slowly sank. Witnessing the deaths of several of his underlings earlier, the pirate captain already understood that the person walking towards him was very strong, and he was not his opponent at all.

According to the pirate captain’s mindset, it was better to run first when facing an enemy who could not be defeated.

But based on the situation, if he took a step back, his men would immediately find out about it and follow him.

Step by step, the pirate captain walked backward.

When the marines had slaughtered all the pirates, Lin Tian was also walking towards the pirate captain.

By that time, the pirate captain was on the verge of death. I can only stand here silently, and watching my subordinates being slaughtered one by one, and wait for someone to take my own life. What should I do?

Seeing the angel of death approaching him to step by step, the pirate captain finally lost his mind under this intense pressure.

He took out a knife, and rushed towards Lin Tian like a madman, and shouted: “Why are you chasing us? Why are you hunting us to death? Because of you, my plans are falling apart! Die! Die all of you, bastard marines!”

Lin Tian pointed his hand to the pirate captain running towards him, thinking of the city people killed by this pirate group tragically. Lin Tian’s eyes were fiery.

“Spatial Shattered!” silently shouted.

The pirate captain’s body stopped suddenly as if it was being held back by something. Then after that, countless cracks appeared on the Captain’s body, like shards of glass about to shatter.

Crack … Crack … Crash!

Seeing the body that was shattered to pieces, Lin Tian whispered: “You are nothing but a devil-hearted human!”

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