Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 3 The Power of One Fist


“Kill! Kill them all!”

Both sides were on fire. No one refuted the order of their captain. The two-ship were about to collide, the marine soldiers and pirates prepared to battle.

One side was for justice, and the momentum was like a rainbow; the other side was for survival, and the impression was extremely fierce.

In just a moment, the first wave of marine soldiers and pirates fell as if they were cutting wheat.

The line behind them did not look at their fallen companions. There was only one goal in their eyes, and that was to kill each other.

In an instant, there were knives, swords, and the sound of guns everywhere, accompanied by countless screams, and the entire sea surface was instantly dyed red with blood.

But no one backed away. Before rushing to the opponent ship, all of them had already bet their lives and deaths.

When they came to the battlefield, their own life was no longer in their hands, and they could only rely on their own luck.

This was what Lin Tian had heard from a veteran who had experienced the battlefield. Lin Tian hadn’t felt anything in the past when he heard that.

But after watching these hundreds of people keep slaying each other, Lin Tian had a real experience.

Lin Tian saw that many pirates were killed right in front of his own eyes, but he didn’t know where the bullets came from and hit a few pirates.

This was a total cold weapon war, the most notable of which were several marine soldiers.

They looked like just massacring the pirates easily. These marine soldiers were all elites of the Marine HQ, and each of them masters at least one of the Six Marine Styles.

These marine soldiers’ fighting style seemed to Lin Tian to make a martial arts movie, which made Lin Tian enjoy watching them in action.

But it didn’t take long before Lin Tian couldn’t stand it. They have hardened arms and feet, and they also could fly into the air.

Some pirates were chopped in half, the intestines in the belly, the internal organs flowed everywhere.

He immediately closed the door. The scared Lin Tian took a few breaths before suppressing the feeling of vomiting.

As a young man who lived in the 21st century who has never seen a nasty massacre, it would be excellent for Lin Tian not to feel dizzy.

At this time, Lin Tian had the opportunity to look at this bedroom, which had almost become ruins, and many valuable gems and gold were scattered randomly on the ground.

If it were other circumstances, Lin Tian would still be interested in these things. But now, he didn’t even know if he can survive. Lin Tiancai has no time to think about these things.

Lin Tian glanced around, and he was deeply attracted to something. It was a black box. The problem was that the black box was kept on a beam. If it hadn’t been for the beam to fall from above, no one would find the box at all.

It can be seen from the treasures all over the floor that Ayim is a person who likes to collect the ​​treasures very much. But what was the treasure that Ayim hide so hard? It made Lin Tian curious.

When he struggled to reach the black box, Lin Tian spent a lot of energy before pulling out the entire black box. When he looked at the box’s brass lock, Lin Tian found an ax to split it.

Just as Lin Tian was breaking the locks, the battle outside was almost over.

Garp led the elite force from Marine HQ. How can these pirates resist? In the beginning, they could fight with a fierce force. But when the marine soldiers started to fight back, these pirates didn’t last long.

Under the fierce marine soldiers’ attack, more and more pirates were killed, and the entire pirate ship was covered with blood.

Many pirates, in danger of death, surrendered to the marine soldiers. Although these marine soldiers gave them mercy, what awaited them was the prison.

There were still many pirates and pirates resisting, but there were not many pirates left, and they would be resolved in a short time.

Ayim looked at his death and wounding crews with a calm expression. His crews might surrender, but it depended on what they do. If his crews surrender, they would definitely be killed by Ayim himself.

Even if he were not to sentence to death, he would be thrown into jail. But he might as well die immediately.

Ayim said with a look of reconciliation: “Unexpectedly, I thought that with my high bounty, at most, it would be a Rear-Admiral. The most likely is a Vice-Admiral. I didn’t expect it to be a marine hero who wants to arrest me.”

If it was a Rear-Admiral, he has some chance to escape. But the person who came was actually this man, which made Ayim not even thinking about running away.

But Garp didn’t say a word in front of him, just stood there with his arms folded and didn’t move.

The marine soldiers below, noticed the situation here, muttered: “It looks like the Vice-Admiral Garp is asleep again.”

“You are new here! You will get used to it if you watch too much,” another older marine soldier explained disapprovingly. Looking at this expression, it seems that this marine soldier has encountered many such situations.

The marine soldier below understood, but Ayim above there did not think so.

In Ayim’s view, Garp ignored him and felt inadequate to talk to him. Even though I can’t beat a marine hero like you, you can’t look down on me like that.

Ayim, who had always been grumpy, suddenly became angry. He turned directly into a humanoid black bear, used all his strength, jumped instantly, and displayed his strongest punch, hitting Garp from top to bottom in the air.

Ayim was also worried that Garp would avoid it. Although his move was decisive, it was too slow and had too many flaws, and it was very easy to be avoided.

But he looked that Garp didn’t even hide, the force on Ayim’s fist increased a bit again, and ready to make Garp look down on himself and feel his fist well.


A loud bang sounded out of thin air, followed by a powerful shockwave, and one or two people as the center spread outside. All the people fighting below invariably looked upward.

The remaining pirates saw that their boss actually hit a Vice-Admiral. Their grayish face turned ruddy in the blink of an eye, and there was a glimmer of hope on their face.

If his boss could kill the strongest people on the marine’s side, they might survive. But the pirate who fell into the fantasy didn’t see the dismissive expression on the face of the marine soldiers, as if everything had nothing to do with it.

Garp, who was hit by a powerful punch from the front, only bounced a few meters back under Aim’s tremendous strength. There was not even a wound, let alone bleeding.

“How could it be, how could you be so powerful, how could it…” Ayim muttered with a look of disbelief.

I don’t know if he was awakened by Ayim’s voice or was awakened by Ayim’s punch. In short, Garp woke up.

That clear disturbing his head, he asked with a puzzled look: “Who are you, and why are you in front of me?”

A marine soldier on the side reminded helplessly, “This man is the pirate captain Ayim, we chased for a long time.”

“Oh, so you are the pirate, Ayim?” Garp suddenly realized.

But then he immediately changed his face and barked: “It’s you bastard that made my holiday break.”

Then, without even thought about it, An angry punch from Garp knocked Ayim into the air. But it was a coincidence that the direction Ayim flew upside down was the bedroom where Lin Tian was staying, the exact middle door.

Ayim, who broke through the door, bumped into Lin Tian, ​​and at this moment, Lin Tian was holding what he took out of the box and placed it in front of him to observe it.

This was a tragedy. Ayim bumped into Lin Tian, who didn’t know it, and Lin Tian lowered his head and swallowed what was in his hand.

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