Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 30


Seeing the pirates being slaughtered in front of him made Garp felt relief and also worry.

Fortunately, Lin Tian has experienced many improvements, battle experience, war tactics, and included in the power of Devil Fruit.

And he has exceeded his teacher’s expectations. In just one year, he was promoted from Captain to Commodore, and he was now the youngest Commodore in Marine history.

But Garp’s concern for Lin Tian was that he didn’t look like an ordinary Marine Soldier but had his own rules and views of justice, and he just did whatever he wanted.

Just like before, Lin Tian let go of pirates with a bounty of hundreds of millions of Bailey because he had never killed an innocent person.

When these rumors reached Marine Headquarters, they immediately caused an overwhelming response. Some people wanted to make a fuss about this, but in the end, the Elite Marine and the World Government came together to press the issue.

Garp always felt uneasy about this. He always thought that Lin Tian would leave the Marine one day because his view differed from the Marine.

Lin Tian likes adventure and freedom, and Marine rules and regulations were not suited for him.

Looking around, Garp did not find Lin Tian, and asked the Marine Soldier beside him: “Where did Commodore Lin Tian go? Why is he nowhere to be seen?”

“Vice-Admiral Garp, Commodore Lin Tian just went to a small town not far from there, and he said he would be back soon.”


On the other side, not far from the canyon, was a busy city. Since this was the intersection of two of the seven Grand Line routes, there were many pirates and merchant ships here, and it was also very prosperous because of such a large human resource.

Right now, Lin Tian was strolling the middle street of this prosperous city, with so many shops, stalls, and of course, many pirates on either side.

As a crossroads of the Grand Line, you can imagine how many pirates pass by here every day.

A large part of the reason Sexon Island was so prosperous was that there were so many pirates, and the whole world knew that pirates were rich.

In the place where many pirates landed, there must be a lot of Marine on duty. There was also an Admiral stationed nearby, the Admiral in charge of thousands of Marine Soldiers.

Not far from this island, there was the Seventh Branch Marine Headquarters. It only took an hour to get there from this island.

Therefore, even though there weren’t many Marines on the island, no pirates dared make trouble here. The fighting strength of Seventh Branch Marine Headquarters was not weak.

Being on the ship all day, Lin Tian felt very bored, and the boat was adrift in the sea, which made Lin Tian feel very uncomfortable. He felt more comfortable on land.

A street vendor grabbed Lin Tian’s hand and pointed to the goods in his stall, and said, “Hey kid, look! These are items I searched for myself, and the goods here are very high quality.”

Lin Tian waved his hand quickly and refused. I’m not sure what the guy said.

Seeing the rusted copper and iron, Lin Tian wanted to laugh. It is an absolute lie. Even if it is broken, it is considered quality. But no buyer is that stupid. This merchant’s view is misguided.

“Sir, what you said is true? How much is this thing?” An unknown man crouched in front of the small stall and observed a black stick.

When the stall owner saw that a customer had come, he immediately boasted: “Of course, we got this from a very dangerous place. That’s why some of my friends died at that time …”

After the stall owner boasted for a long time, the man joyfully paid Bailey ten thousand and bought the black stick.

Lin Tian was stunned to see what the man was doing. In the end, he couldn’t say anything but shook his head.

The world was so big that there were so many things that he had never seen before.

When Lin Tian was about to walk, the man who bought the black stick suddenly turned around and ran towards him.

His face panicked, he ran toward Lin Tian just as while Lin Tian about to leave. Someone was chasing him.

The man had not run far from Lin Tian. A team of Marine Soldiers rushed out of the crowd, pushed the crowd with their hands, and shouted: “Stop, or we will shoot you!”

After hearing the words of the Marine, the man ran even faster. Because of not paying attention to the road, he hit Lin Tian, ​​so that the man fell to the ground.

Hearing the Marine’s steps chasing him getting closer, the man immediately got up from the ground and apologized to Lin Tian: “Sorry, I’m sorry …”

But because of his fall, the Marine managed to chase him, and they were only a few meters away from the man.

To cover this distance only took the blink of an eye for an adequately trained Marine Soldier.

Just when the Marine Soldiers was about to catch the man, they suddenly stopped in place and couldn’t move.

Realizing that his body was stopped by something, fear appeared on their faces, and they immediately realized that a strong guy stopped them.

The man quickly seized the opportunity and rushed into the crowd, and he escaped successfully.

At this time, the Spatial Prison on the Marine Soldiers was also removed, but the person they were after was nowhere to be seen, and the Marine Soldiers had no choice but to let out a natural sigh of exasperation.

These Marine Soldiers had been looking for the person for several days, and at the very moment of being caught, they were thwarted by someone at the last moment.

A Marine Captain who led the Marine Group glanced at the crowd nearby. Even though he knew there were strong people among these people, the marine captain did not think much of it.

There were too many people here, to be sure. People who possessed this kind of ability were not people who could be handled by the small team he led, so he could only go back fruitlessly.

Lin Tian was the one who stopped these marine soldiers. Initially, Lin Tian didn’t intend to interfere.

But seeing this man took the time to apologize to him while running away, Lin Tian immediately thought that the person didn’t seem like a bad person, so Lin Tian decided to help him.

The stall owner also recognized the man being chased by the Marine Soldiers. He bought something from his stall before.

Because he was afraid, he would get into trouble. The stall owner tidied up his stall and was about to leave.

“Damn, I have to get out of this place as quickly as possible …” Suddenly, a gold coin fell in front of him.

The stall owner immediately took the gold coin and took a bite. After confirming that the gold coins were genuine, he immediately put them in his pocket.

Then the stall owner looked at Lin Tian ​​and asked with a smile on his face: “Young lord, what do you want to know from me.”

As a businessman, he fully understands the phrase ‘there is nothing free in the world.’ The child in front of him threw a gold coin to find out some information.

Lin Tian took out another gold coin and placed it in his palm, “I want to know what just happened.”

Under the temptation of the gold coins, the stall owner said excitedly: “Young lord, if you ask me, you have found the right person. There is nothing I don’t know about this island, but I …”.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Just tell me the crux of the matter!” Lin Tian was impatient and felt reluctant to listen to the nonsense from this stall owner.

“This incident happened a few days ago. That day, a ship came to this island. The ship was not only carrying goods but also carrying many people. These people were not identified, and many of them were carrying a lot of things, such as treasure chests and other valuables. So these guys are very popular among the traders. Because they buy many merchants’ goods here.”

“But the next day, the Seventh Branch Marine Headquarters’ Soldiers arrived and captured all of these people. Only then did it become known that these people fled from the Holy Land Mary Geoise. They were the slaves of one of the World Noble. The Marine was paid to serve them. So the World Noble ordered them to capture all the slaves who escaped and handed them over to him. Although most of them were caught, there were still some who fled. And that person who earlier was one of the World Noble’s slaves.”

When talking about this, this stall owner shook his head and said sympathetically: “By the way, these people are suffering. They have been slaves to the people of World Nobles for so long. They have no freedom in their lives.”

Regardless of the stall owner’s feelings, Lin Tian threw the gold coin in the stall owner’s hand and walked towards the man running.

“The World Noble’s slave? This is interesting!”

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