Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 31


After passing a few turns, Lin Tian came to a crossroads. When Lin Tian was about to follow the man’s footsteps, he found that the man’s trail was gone.

“This is getting more and more interesting. I didn’t expect anyone to protect this man,” Lin Tian muttered as he rubbed his chin.

Someone noticed the new model tracker I put on the guy.

It made me lose track, and it seemed impossible if I was looking for someone in a place this big alone.

Lin Tian touched his stomach, which was already hungry, and said quietly: “Now I will find a place to eat and fill my stomach. I have too long stayed on the ship, and I only eat vegetables every day. It’s so boring!”

Along the way, many restaurants were passing by, but Lin Tian felt like these restaurants looked the same, without any special differences. Lin Tian finally decided to enter one of the places.

Lin Tian finally stepped into the front of a bar. The name of this bar is unique.

After thinking about it, Lin Tian decided to go in and take a look. The name is very distinctive, and the dishes inside shouldn’t be bad.

“Crack,” Lin Tian pushed open the bar door with his hand. He looked around the bar with a curious expression.

The decor of this bar was mostly similar to that of other bars. But it’s the changes in small places that give the whole bar a unique charm.

It seems that the bar owner is still very thorough when it comes to decoration. However, that is not something to be too concerned about.

Currently, there was no one in the bar except Lin Tian. Lin Tian was at the bar, choosing a random seat and pressing the bell.

“Ding Dong, Ding Dong, …”

Shortly after the bell rang, a young woman walked out the bar’s back door with short black hair and a spider print shirt.

When she first saw Lin Tian, ​​the woman was shocked at first. A teenager comes to her bar alone.

With a little patience, Lin Tian immediately saw the bar owner come out, and he quickly said: “Madame, give me the best food you have here!”

Seeing a child talking like an adult, the woman chuckled. He took a cigarette in a desk drawer, lit it, and took a sip, expelling the smoke from his mouth.

Slowly said: “Boy, the food available here will not suit your taste, and also we have to rest during the day and we don’t have time to serve customers. If you want to eat, there are many restaurants outside. You can go there.”

Lin Tian couldn’t believe what that woman said. Not long after Lin Tian rang the bell, another woman came out past the two of them and left the bar.

The bar owner said that the woman must be busy with something right now. How could she not have time to serve Lin Tian alone.

“Madame, is your cook always like this when doing his job?” Lin Tian put his hand on the bar and smiled as he watched the owner of the bar.

The bar owner nodded and took another cigarette, “Yes! But it looks like it has nothing to do with cooking this time.”

“Do you know? No matter what time it is, someone is bound to visit this bar. Ask her to make a plate of food for me,” Lin Tian joked.

The bar owner’s eyes became slightly irritated, and the cigarette she was smoking was extinguished. When he looked at Lin Tian again, the expression in his eyes had changed.

When that bar owner had looked at Lin Tian earlier, she didn’t really care about Lin Tian’s attitude. But now, when that bar owner looked at Lin Tian, ​​she was emitting a slightly serious look.

It seems like the child in front of me is not an ordinary child. The owner of the bar felt that he had just fallen into a hole by accident.

“Okay, I want to see if my cook is back. I’m asking him to buy the ingredients.” The bar owner looked at Lin Tian with regret.

Lin Tian couldn’t understand the implication of that bar owner. But the more that bar owner didn’t serve Lin Tian, ​​the more Lin Tian wanted to eat, then, Lin Tian continued, “Really? Huh, what a shame.” Lin Tian whispered, pretending to be disappointed.

But when the bar owner thought that Lin Tian didn’t want to go yet, Lin Tian changed his mind, “However, I am always lucky. Because I can find this place from so many other eating places, I thought I would have a good relationship with this place.”

The bar owner smiled faintly, got up, and walked towards the door behind the bar, “Is that what you think? Don’t just rely on your luck. Reality is not as good as you say.”

Seeing the woman leave, Lin Tian immediately thought. This bar owner was not an ordinary person. He felt that the bar owner had something to hide, and for some reason, Lin Tian was very curious about it.

When the bar owner came to the kitchen, Lin Tian knew a little about her identity, which was why Lin Tian stubbornly wanted to stay here with the excuse of wanting to eat at this bar.

Now the bar owner was making food as fast as possible, so that Lin Tian quickly left. So, after Lin Tian finished eating, the bar owner thought there was no more reason for this brat to stay here.

Sure enough, it was the same as Lin Tian had expected. After a while, the bar owner came out with a plate of fragrant food and placed it in front of Lin Tian.

“Looks like your luck is excellent. Fortunately, there are still leftover ingredients from yesterday.”

Lin Tian took a spoon and sucked the food scent. Finding that the food’s aroma was very fragrant, Lin Tian, ​​who was already hungry, quickly started eating. Who cares if it’s yesterday’s leftover, food is food!

Touching his slightly bulging stomach, Lin Tian sat down with satisfaction.

Because I was so hungry earlier, I couldn’t hold back my lust when I found something delicious, and now my stomach is so bloated.

Suddenly, Lin Tian talked: “Shakuyaku, also known as Shakky. Thirty years ago, she was a female pirate who was a famous pirate, but once met Monkey D. Garp of the Marine, who is now a hero of the Marine Vice-Admiral. Garp … She was eventually defeated by Monkey D. Garp, but in the end, she managed to escape from Garp, and no trace has been seen since then … “

Lin Tian was sure that this bar owner was a pirate more than 30 years ago. Hearing what Lin Tian said, Shakky was surprised to stop working and looked at the child in front of him warily.

I didn’t even tell anyone about this, and not many people around the world know about it. How could this little devil know about that incident?

Shakky calmly stretched out a hand behind her, and at the same time, asked Lin Tian: “How did you know about this? Who told you? What else do you know?”.

“This was told to me by Garp himself, that stinky old man and I went to the Marine data room looking for information about you, but it is general information only. I do not know the details about you.” Lin Tian waved his hand and explained innocently.

“Are you a Marine Soldier?” This kid was called Garp by ‘stinky old man,’ and he could also enter the Marine data room. Who is this kid exactly?!

Could it be that he has a good relationship with Garp? At a very young age, he had access to the Marine data room.

Only a few people in this world should be able to enter it, considering how important the room’s secrets and information are.

From Lin Tian’s words, Shakky could get so much information, and at the same time, she could guess Lin Tian’s identity. Shakky’s intelligence in understanding new things is excellent.

“Yes, I am indeed a Marine.” Lin Tian stood up, reached out to Shakky, and introduced himself: “Lin Tian, ​​Commodore of the Marines.”

Seeing that Shakky was silent, Lin Tian smiled and joked: “Don’t worry, I’m not that scary, and I don’t kill people without reason. And the weapon you are hiding is very heavy, right? Aren’t you tired of holding it?”

After Lin Tian laughed, Shakky also realized that Lin Tian didn’t mean to attack her, and the atmosphere between the two died down greatly.

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