Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 34


As Lin Tian’s slap fell, everyone in the bar fell silent, and their breath all stopped at this moment.

Only a clear, loud slapping sound echoed through the entire bar before disappearing for a long time.

“You stupid girl, who told you to attack me. If I was aiming to catch you from the start, wouldn’t I go out and ask the Marines to surround this bar without showing my figure.” Lin Tian expressed his irritation.

Slap slap ………

Lin Tian didn’t know how many slaps he had done to Hancock’s butt, after seeing the many traces of red palms on top of snow-white skin, Lin Tian stopped the slap. Then he lowered Hancock’s skirt.

Marigold looked incredulous and shocked: “This kid … really … humiliated … my older sister.”

“Yes …” Sandersonia nodded in disbelief. She was stunned and speechless.

Even though Shakky was shocked, she didn’t overestimate what Lin Tian had done to Hancock. What Shakky thought now was, “When Hancock was treated like that, how did she feel about Lin Tian?”

Hancock who was always arrogant is arrested and humiliated. Shakky did not know what kind of surprise Hancock would bring, and Shakky did not expect it to happen.

After Lin Tian let her go, Hancock’s head exploded in embarrassment, followed by a scream.

“Ahhhhh …”.

Lin Tian, ​​who was beside Hancock, was shocked, and his ears were buzzing.

Then Lin Tian reacted and raised his hand, and he slapped Hancock’s butt again.”Stop screaming. You make my ears buzz!” Lin Tian warned.

After being slapped and hearing Lin Tian’s words, Hancock immediately closed her mouth, her eyes filled with reluctance and shame, but no resentment.

Even though Hancock had met Lin Tian for the first time, she immediately misjudged Lin Tian. She immediately thought that Lin Tian had come to catch her, so she had to fight him. Lin Tian’s explanation made Hancock understand that Lin Tian was here to help her and her sisters.

Hancock felt a different thing in Lin Tian’s view, namely equality. Since running away from Mary Geoise, Hancock had always been looked down on by outsiders with disgust, no matter who it was, but she has not seen that way in Lin Tian’s eyes.

Hancock understood that they looked down on people like her and her sisters for most people in this world. They were sympathetic on the surface, but in reality, they didn’t think of people like her and her sisters as equal.

But in Lin Tian’s side, ​​Hancock felt true equality, and there was no thought of looking down on her and her sisters in his eyes. This feeling didn’t even exist in Shakky. Although Shakky would not underestimate her and her sisters, Hancock could sense the limits Shakky had.

Disdain for the World Nobles’ slave was a common thought in this world, and everyone had been educated to think this way since childhood.

No matter how the former slave changed in the future, even if the former slave helped and cared for others, their mind would not change. Others would still think that the World Nobles slave’s self-esteem was lower than themselves.

If you have never experienced the same thing, you would never be able to feel the feeling of being a slave to the World Nobles, and you would not be treated equally as well.

As a rhetorical parable, just like if you have never climbed a mountain, no matter how you imagine it, you could not understand what the mood is like when you are on the top of a mountain.

Lin Tian had indeed clung to the concept of equality in his previous life. He was able to achieve true equality when he saw Hancock. It was a source of advanced and distinct thinking.

Hancock, who was a slave to World Nobles, longed to be viewed as equal by others. Otherwise, in the comics, Hancock wouldn’t have believed in Luffy, who didn’t underestimate her identity as a former World Nobles slave, so here she likes Lin Tian enough.

Even though Hancock had no hatred towards Lin Tian, ​​she was still deeply ashamed of what Lin Tian had done to her, angrily said: “You dare to treat someone as beautiful as this goddess harshly, I will definitely take revenge.”

Then his answer to Hancock was simply ‘pop,’ and Lin Tian slapped Hancock’s butt again.

After being hit by Lin Tian again, the blush on Hancock’s face became deeper, and her hands quickly protected her butt.

“If you dare to hit me one more time … I will definitely kill you.”


“Ah …! I won’t let you live!”



Every time Hancock said something, Lin Tian patted Hancock’s butt. After repeated over a dozen times, Hancock fell silent, crawling on Lin Tian’s lap with a sullen mouth.

Hancock blushed and thought: “Why I’m not angry at all after this kid beat me so many times?”

Seeing Hancock’s flushed face, Shakky thought: “Looks like this boy has tamed our arrogant Hancock.”

“But I’m not surprised. Lin Tian is a handsome and strong boy. And also he has a strong background, and his teacher is the Marine Hero Garp.”

“And he is already a Commodore of the Marine at such a young age, and he is also known as the most potential Marine Soldier. With so many advantages he has, it must be very attractive to girls, and it’s only natural that Hancock likes this kid.”

Lin Tian said to Hancock with a grin, “How long will you lie on my lap, are you comfortable?”

“Ah …” Hancock immediately got up and retreated behind the bar with her sore buttocks.

She thought why she was lying on this man’s lap for so long, even though in front of the crowd, Hancock felt embarrassed and angry. The most important thing is that I don’t feel rejected by lying on his lap, but feel very …!


After Lin Tian’s explanation earlier, Shakky and the others already knew Lin Tian’s good intentions. When they found out that Lin Tian was here to help Hancock and her younger sisters, their liking for Lin Tian significantly increased.

“At first, I just wanted to scare you, but who knows that your reaction is too big.” After finishing speaking, Lin Tian looked at Hancock meaningfully.

Because Lin Tian had hit her butt too much, even though Lin Tian didn’t use much strength, Hancock’s butt was still very sore and made her unable to sit up, so she could only stand up.

So now Hancock was looking at Lin Tian’s eyes full of resentment.

Seeing everyone staring at her, Hancock was a little embarrassed but said stiffly: “My body is beautiful like a goddess, it looks like you guys really like it, so you keep looking at me like that.”

But seeing Lin Tian staring at her, she thought that Lin Tian was angry. Hancock quickly said, “This time, it was my fault. I won’t do it again.”

Marigold and Sandersonia were well aware of the arrogance and narcissism of their older sister Hancock. What can lead her to admit her mistakes proactively? What did Commodore Lin Tian do to her?

Seeing that Hancock cared so much about her attitude, Lin Tian suddenly felt his confidence soar. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to make the most beautiful woman in the world care so much about me!

“By the way, Lin Tian, ​​do you know about the Marine capturing the Wolrd Nobles’ slaves?” Shakky asked.

Lin Tian shook his head and said shyly: “Actually, I just arrived on this island today. Only because the ship I was on was still reloading the supplies, and then I felt bored, so I tried to take a walk and accidentally come here.”

Shakky originally thought Lin Tian already knew some secret information about this bar, but she didn’t expect that Lin Tian just happened to come to his bar. It was her first time meeting someone like Lin Tian, ​​and Shakky couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed over her misperception.

“But I can ask the Marine Soldiers to check it out, and then I will know the latest progress that the Seventh Branch Marines are planning,” Lin Tian.

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Shakky’s eyes lit up. Lin Tian was known to be the most potential Marine Soldier and the disciple of Marine Hero Garp. If he asked the Marine Soldiers, he would be able to find a lot of information.

But at this time, a question was raised by her and made the atmosphere in the bar tense.

“Commodore Lin Tian, ​​as a great Marine Soldier, why are you help us?”

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