Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 35


There was a long silence at the bar, and everyone was waiting for Lin Tian’s answer.

Lin Tian smiled slightly and replied, “Actually, I don’t know why either, somehow, I think that I have to help you.”

Sandersonia didn’t believe Lin Tian’s words at all. And because this has to do with her two sisters’ fate, Sandersonia felt she must be careful in making decisions.

If Lin Tian didn’t give a convincing answer, Sandersonia wouldn’t believe him at all.

“Commodore Lin Tian, ​​I really don’t understand why you broke the rules of the Marine for the sake of helping us you just met today.” Marigold also expressed curiosity in his heart.

“I will only do what I want to do. Whereas Marine only follows the words of World Nobles. I am different from Marine, who think that they are completely right. I have my own views and rules. I joined Marine to uphold justice and help others, whoever it is. That’s what I thought, so I figured that helping someone didn’t need much reason. “

Hearing Lin Tian’s explanation, everyone was shocked. For Hancock and her two younger sisters, the phrase “whoever it is” instantly made them trust this young Marine Soldier.

Lin Tian continued: “Aren’t the World Nobles’ slaves also human? In my view, everyone is equal. You are neither lower nor higher than others. If you even look down on yourself, How would others want to see you?”

Lin Tian’s words were like a meteorite falling from the sky, smashing into the hearts of Hancock and her two younger sisters.

Hearing what Lin Tian said, Shakky slowly inhaled the cigarette in her hand, staring deeply at Lin Tian.

It was hard for Shakky to imagine that the profound words just now would come out of Lin Tian, ​​a teenager.

“And if you keep demanding that I tell my true reasons. Then the main reason I help you is Hancock.” Lin Tian looked at the extremely beautiful Hancock and thought deeply.

In fact, Lin Tian did think that way. The reason why he helped them was because of Hancock.

Hancock was the most beautiful woman in the world, and Lin Tian couldn’t see the most beautiful woman being captured by the Marine and made a slave by the World Nobles.

Hearing that Lin Tian wanted to help out for her, Hancock immediately blushed, making her face flush red.

She didn’t even dare to look Lin Tian in the eye. She lowered her head and fell into a fantasy.

“Did he really say it … say it with full sincerity and affection… Is this such a thing as a proposal? Just now, Lin Tian touched me again, so I have became his wife.”

“Older sister, older sister …” Marigold and Sandersonia shouted several times. Seeing that Hancock was still in fantasy, they could only helplessly shake their heads.

Seeing Hancock, who had become so embarrassed by just her own words, Lin Tian suddenly felt a hint of joy.

According to this situation, Hancock seemed to have truly fallen in love with Lin Tian, ​​and now the future of Boa Hancock, ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ was his.

As for Luffy, Lin Tian could only apologize. After all, Luffy didn’t like Hancock, and now Lin Tian helped him solve the problem. He should thank me, Lin Tian thought.

Shakky looked at Hancock, who was blushing, and smiled at Lin Tian: “It seems that Lin Tian completely conquered our Hancock. Our Lin Tian is powerful, and she likes him.”

“Ha ha ha ha…” To Shakky’s joke, Lin Tian touched his head and smiled shyly.

“Huh…” For Lin Tian, who looked happy, Marigold could only sigh helplessly, and she thought her older sister fell in love too easily.

“It turns out that all of you are here, and there is one Marine Soldier also here. Can anyone tell me what happened just now?”

A question suddenly sounded from the bar entrance, and everyone quickly looked back. No one knew when the door opened. There was a body leaning against the door.

The figure had long wavy hair, he also had a beard on the chin, his beard and hair were silver, and he wore glasses, with a straight scar across his right eye.

Seeing that the person in front of him had a strong aura, Lin Tian quickly got up and immediately created a Death Ball in his palm.

As a potential Marine, Lin Tian had read this person’s notes many times.

This person is … The Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh he is Gol D. Roger’s Right Hand, Roger’s former vice-captain of the pirates, the legendary pirate, this is so unexpected, he just appeared in front of me!

Why did a legendary pirate’s right-hand man come to this bar? Lin Tian couldn’t understand it. If Rayleigh made a move, Lin Tian probably wouldn’t be able to fight back. The difference in strength was too significant.

Lin Tian hasn’t watched the One Piece series much in his previous life. Otherwise, he would know that Silvers Rayleigh lived with Shakky since Roger’s death.

The main reason Hancock was able to escape was because of Rayleigh’s help.

But Lin Tian, ​​who didn’t know the situation right now, was secretly crying in his heart. Facing a strong character like Rayleigh, every second was passed with tremendous tension. In this short time, Lin Tian’s back was drenched in sweat.

But in Lin Tian’s eyes, a strong fighting spirit rose. If he could fight a strong character like him, he would probably gain a lot.

Shakky and the others looked at Rayleigh, with smiles on their faces, “Turns out you’ve returned, so what’s the situation out there?”

Traces of shock and disbelief flashed across Lin Tian’s eyes, and the Death Ball in his palm slowly disappeared.

He thought to himself: “They seem to know Rayleigh, and they both seem to get along well in this situation.”

When Shakky asked, Rayleigh showed a wry smile, “I don’t know what happened today. Another group of Marine came to this island. Now the entire island’s entry and exit routes are nearly closed. I can hardly walk freely on this island without an inspection. “

Hearing this, Shakky also understood this matter’s seriousness, with a hint of seriousness on his face. Shakky hoped Marine’s investigation would pass quickly, but she did not expect Marine to find them.

When Shakky glanced at Lin Tian, ​​a smile appeared on her face, and she still had the trump card by her side. As long as Lin Tian was helping, it was very easy for someone to pass the inspection.

“Gulp … gulp …” Rayleigh took a glass of water from the bar, drank it, and looked at Lin Tian, who was standing beside him, smiling faintly.

“Who is this little boy? Why have I never seen him before? I just saw you guys have a good chat with him.”

When he first entered the bar, Rayleigh watched them all, especially Lin Tian, for quite a long time.

Rayleigh discovered that this little boy recognized him the first time Lin Tian saw him.

And Rayleigh could see that there was high morale from Lin Tian’s eyes.

So Raleigh became interested in this little boy. Not only knowing who I am, but this little boy also understands my strength. This little boy is quite interesting.

Even though there was only a small black ball in Lin Tian’s hand just now, the power contained within it made Rayleigh also feel a little wary.

“He’s a Marine Soldier,” said Marigold with a frown.

Seeing this situation, Marigold still didn’t believe Lin Tian.

“So he’s a Marine Soldier.” Rayleigh’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he returned to being a little alert.

He was a pirate, and Lin Tian was a Marine Soldier. Pirates and Marine Soldiers were natural enemies. It wasn’t that the two sides had deep hatred, but the two sides stood opposite ends.

Raleigh was a lazy old lion before, but now he was a male lion on alert.

Even though there was only a hint of caution in his eyes, the aura he displayed made others tremble, and his presence alone made one unable to resist.

This was how Lin Tian’s perspective on Rayleigh was right now.

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