Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 37


“Oh, yes, so what are you going to do here?” Rayleigh, who had been talking to Lin Tian for a long time, finally asked the purpose of his arrival.Shakky and the others felt speechless because of Rayleigh’s slowness in asking someone’s destination. After chitchat for a long time, you don’t even know the purpose of the person you are talking to, and you still speak with gusto.”Rayleigh, I warn you that Lin Tian is my husband now, and I will always be on his side no matter what.”Hancock understood Rayleigh’s strength very well, she was afraid that Rayleigh might suddenly attack Lin Tian, so Hancock immediately said that.”Husband? On his side? What happened?” Rayleigh looked at Shakky in a daze, and his eyes clearly said, “Since I left here, what really happened?”Seeing Rayleigh’s confused face, Shakky only smiled wryly. Even after the incident happened so fast that people couldn’t react to following it.The Marine Soldiers standing in front of us aim to help Hancock and her younger sisters, and our proud Hancock loves her a lot.”Lin Tian is different from other Marine Soldiers. He wants to help these three sisters escape from this island. And Lin Tian, who is so extraordinary, just melted Hancock’s heart.””Well, that’s right.” Even though Marigold and Sandersonia didn’t believe Lin Tian, they still thanked Lin Tian for his intention to help them.After a while, Rayleigh digested some of the information he had just heard. This incident was completely beyond Rayleigh’s expectations, but at least it was progressing in a good direction.With Commodore Lin Tian’s help, Hancock and her younger sisters were able to escape easily.”However, I saw that there were a lot of Marine movements on the dock today. I’m afraid that if Lin Tian moves alone, this might not be easy to resolve.” Rayleigh expressed his concern.Regarding what Rayleigh was worried about, it was no big deal for Lin Tian: “This is nothing. Regarding matters of in-depth information, you can count on me. In the Marine, I have the same authority as Rear-Admiral. I am qualified to know a lot. information.”Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Hancock’s heart that had been worried, now felt relieved.Shakky smiled slightly and said with a smile: “I almost forgot, Lin Tian is a Karp disciple, and he is also known as a strong Marine Soldier.”Lin Tian only smiled a little about Shakky’s joke, and it was better not to explain some things.’Pere, pere, pere, pere …’Lin Tian took out the Transponder Snail he was carrying and called Commodore Ander.After all, all the information about the Marine operations on this island was in Commodore Ander, and Lin Tian thought it better to ask Commodore Ander about this matter. That smelly old man couldn’t care less about such things.Before Lin Tian waited for a long time, the sleeping Transponder Snail woke up. Lin Tian quickly picked up the microphone and played the sound to the maximum so that everyone could hear it.”Boom, boom, boom, boom … bang, bang, bang.”As soon as the Transponder Snail connected, a bomb exploded, and the waves crashed into the ship.Hearing these voices, Lin Tian dared to be very strange. They weren’t supplying supplies at the port, but hearing the voices, they were obviously fighting with the people on the other side.”Hey, Komdore Ander, Komdore Ander, I am Lin Tian …”Commodore Ander’s voice came over the microphone, “Komdore Lin Tian, where are you? I called you a few times earlier, but you won’t answer.”Shame flashed across Lin Tian’s face when he heard Ander’s question. He was afraid that the smelly old man would send him back, so Lin Tian just turned off the Transponder Snail.”I didn’t mean anything. I just wanted to ask. What’s going on on the ship? Why is there the sound of fighting there? Didn’t you say our ship was loading supplies at the port?”Ander, on the other hand, seemed worried about something and whispered: “It’s not that I don’t want to pick up the Transponder Snail, but I’m also taking orders from headquarters.”Vice-Admiral Garp is looking for the pirates to beat him. “I don’t have enough cannonballs. Bring me a thousand cannonballs. Meteor shower!”Hearing that smelly old man’s voice, Lin Tian could imagine the pirates’ tragic end now. Under the Meteor Shower, no pirate can survive completely.”Garp! That bastard never changes,” muttered Rayleigh.Hancock asked inexplicably, “Garp? Who is Vice-Admiral Garp?”I have heard these people talk about Garp, and by the tone of their voice, Vice-Admiral Garp seems like a powerful person.Shakky slowly let out a cloud of smoke in her mouth, “Garp is the Vice-Admiral at Marine, and he’s a man known as a Marine Hero. Pirate King Roger was cornered by this Vice-Admiral several times. He is also Lin Tian’s teacher.””What?!” exclaimed Hancock, suddenly covering her flushed face, “Vice-Admiral Garp is Lin Tian’s teacher, and I am already Lin Tian’s wife, so how should I call him, teacher? No…””Sister, your reaction is too bad. I’ve said it many times before, what do you think?”Hancock, who was in love, kept thinking about her marriage to Lin Tian and honeymoon in her mind, but she didn’t speak at all.Seeing Hancock’s appearance, Rayleigh smiled. Instead of seeing her with his own eyes, it was hard to believe that the arrogant and rebellious Hancock would show such a gentle appearance.From the other end of the Transponder Snail, Commodore Ander’s voice rang out, “Commodore Lin Tian, where are you now, and when will you return?””I still have work, and I will return by myself. This time I would like to ask about the Marine Seventh Branch operations on the island.” Lin Tian immediately asked for his purpose.”Huh?” Commodore Ander was a little surprised.As soon as Lin Tian asked, Commodore Ander immediately replied: “At first I wanted to send people to pick you up immediately, but since you have something to do, I plan not to bother you. And about your questions, I will answer them.””This time, because someone managed to break into Mary Geoise’s Holy Land, he saved many slaves, and most of the slaves fled to this island. After being given a task by the World Nobles, Marine Headquarters immediately surrounded this island with the help of Marine Seventh. Branch. “”And there are also many pirates on this island, fearing that the Marine Seventh Branch is not strong enough to hold them back, Marine Headquarters ordered us to stand guard here, and wait until all the slaves on this island are captured.”Hearing this news, everyone fell silent. The Marine Headquarters movement was really too big this time, and they surrounded the whole island, even they also have strong men like Garp.”Oh, so I see, well I have something to do. I will disconnect this Transponder Snail.” Before Ander could answer, Lin Tian turned off the Transponder Snail.Commodore Ander looked at the closed Transponder Snail with a hint of concern on his face and whispered to Garp: “Vice-Admiral Garp, Commodore Lin Tian has disconnected the Transponder Snail.””This brat, I’ll give him a lesson once he comes back.”………”It’s a bit troublesome. My group and I were ordered to stand guard on this island, I can’t go at all, and it’s impossible to go with you,” said Lin Tian gloomily.Regarding the seriousness of this matter, Shakky looks at it more thoroughly than others, “Besides, there is Garp here too. We originally planned to go with Rayleigh if there was no other way. But now, this last way is not possible.”Rayleigh nodded. Garp was indeed very strong. He fought against him many times in the past, and their fights often ended in draws.If Rayleigh were alone, he would still be able to escape Garp, but Shakky, Hancock, and the younger sisters would be in danger.”Actually, if Uncle Rayleigh moves, it is not impossible.” Lin Tian said as he rubbed his chin.

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