Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 38


Hearing that Lin Tian had a good plan, everyone focused on Lin Tian.In a precarious state like this, what plans could cross Lin Tian’s mind made everyone look forward to it.”I am not wrong to love this man. He is brilliant.” Seeing Lin Tian confidently, Hancock fell even further into her own fantasy.Lin Tian didn’t immediately say his plan, but instead asked Shakky to remind her about something, “Aunt Shakky, do you remember when I suddenly appeared in front of you?”Hearing Lin Tian’s question, Shakky tried to remember, and then her eyes lit up. If the tricks that Lin Tian did earlier could also be used on others, I’m sure we won’t be seen either, and it will be much simpler.”What happened?”Rayleigh didn’t know Lin Tian’s ability yet, so he didn’t understand what Lin Tian meant.Seeing that Rayleigh didn’t understand, Shakky explained: “When you weren’t here yet, Lin Tian used a trick to make himself invisible in the air. He was completely invisible.””So you also ate a Devil Fruit, and you also have the ability to be invisible, but just now …” asked Rayleigh confusedly.So it’s a Devil Fruit ability to make people invisible.But why was it when Lin Tian met the first time that a tiny black orb appeared in his hand, I was sure that such power came from a Devil Fruit ability? But how can one have two Devil Fruit powers? This made Rayleigh unable to understand.Lin Tian shook his head and explained: “No! I am indeed a person who has Devil Fruit abilities, but my ability is not about invisibility. My Devil Fruit ability is Spatial Composer.”Seeing that everyone was still a little confused, Lin Tian also knew that this kind of thing couldn’t be explained in words alone, so they still had to see it with their own eyes to understand.”I will demonstrate, but Uncle Rayleigh, don’t use Observation Haki yet and try to observe the place where I disappeared carefully, then you will understand.”Rayleigh nodded. Rayleigh was very interested in this ability that can make people disappear.’Spatial Isolation’Lin Tian used his Spatial power to form a ball-like barrier around him, then wrapped his entire body within it.In everyone’s eyes, Lin Tian was still sitting in front of him, and then Lin Tian’s figure faded and faded until he was completely invisible.Seeing Lin Tian disappearing, Rayleigh tried to look closer, but he still couldn’t be seen. Then he narrowed his eyes, but Rayleigh even hadn’t seen him either.’Observation Haki’After using Observation Haki, Rayleigh immediately discovered Lin Tian’s whereabouts. Currently, Lin Tian was still sitting on the bench. But there were spherical objects around Lin Tian’s body, and it was this layer of things that could make Lin Tian invisible.On the other hand, Hancock could also use Observation Haki, and she also found why Lin Tian had become invisible.After retracting the Spatial surrounding abilities, Lin Tian’s body immediately appeared, “How Uncle Rayleigh? Do you understand?””Yes, what an interesting ability!” Rayleigh nodded and then explained to Shakky and the others who didn’t know: “In fact, Lin Tian’s invisibility is covered by an unknown substance around him, so we can’t see him with our eyes. I can see him when I was using ‘Observation Haki.'”Shakky said: “The ability is very useful. Only a simple application can achieve an invisible effect.””Actually, my ability has many shortcomings. In front of people who have Observation Haki, it’s useless. And as long as the objects within the barrier won’t be seen, I often use it only for myself. This ability is very useful for controlling and observing situations.”In the past year, Lin Tian had significantly increased his Spatial Isolation. Initially, it could only make it invisible for a part of his body, but now it could cover his entire body, and there were many other limitations.”Isn’t that a waste? It’s very easy to find.” Marigold, who still didn’t believe in Lin Tian, sneered at the method Lin Tian offered.Hearing this, everyone looked at Lin Tian in bewilderment because Lin Tian’s methods weren’t quite perfect for hiding many objects.But now that Lin Tian’s invisibility was easy to find, it didn’t seem like this method would work.Lin Tian smiled faintly and explained his plan further, “My invisibility is easy to find, but it only applies during the day. If I use it on a night, it won’t be so easy to find.””So we’ll leave at night, then I’ll take you to the harbor. At that time, I’ll find you a small boat and use this trick to smuggle you onto the merchant ship that has been inspected so you can escape and go.”After listening to Lin Tian’s plan, Rayleigh and the others nodded. This plan sounds perfect, doesn’t have many flaws, and the success rate is relatively high.”No, I don’t agree!” Hancock suddenly smacked the table and said furiously.This shocked everyone. Why didn’t she agree with Lin Tian’s plan being so good? Hancock’s feelings had changed too much today. Didn’t she say that she intended to leave this island a few days ago?”I just became Lin Tian’s wife today. How can I part immediately? I’m not leaving!”Everyone has a limitation that cannot be surpassed. Even Lin Tian, who is our protagonist, is no exception. This couldn’t be considered an excuse at all, and it could only be considered a fantasy.”Sister, you are taking it too much.””Looks like her interest in Lin Tian is very strong. We didn’t even think that Hancock would turn out like this.”Regarding this, Lin Tian only smiled bitterly. Hancock wouldn’t have left if Lin Tian didn’t come with her.Rayleigh said solemnly: “If you don’t leave, you will hurt Lin Tian’s feelings. If the Marine found out what happened today, Lin Tian would be in danger.”Lin Tian also quickly agreed: “Yes! Hancock, if you don’t go, then my efforts will be in vain, right? I promise that we only separate for a short time, and I will come to you when I have time.”As it concerned Lin Tian’s safety, Hancock felt that she had no other choice, and in the end, she had made a big determination.”If it’s for Lin Tian, I can endure it.”Seeing Hancock obeying people’s requests, Lin Tian let out a sigh of relief. But at the same time, I feel very lucky. Even though I don’t have much love for Hancock right now, Lin Tian will appreciate a woman who thinks of him so much. And about his feelings for Hancock, this kind of thing could be cultivated gradually.Shakky said, “In that case, we must immediately arrange various things to face this long and risky night. We are leaving tonight!”Leaning back on the chair, Rayleigh stretched out his legs, “Hey, I’ve lived here for a long time, and I feel a little reluctant to leave the island.””Uncle Rayleigh, I thought you were just reluctant to leave the casino here,” said Marigold.Since Gol D. Roger was executed, Rayleigh settled on this island. He didn’t know when he began to fall in love with gambling, even though his luck was not very good. He always lost and came home empty-handed.Seeing that everyone had to solve their problems, Lin Tian would also wake up and come back. He still had to prepare something for his plans tonight.”I’m just afraid we can’t leave,” Rayleigh said solemnly.

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