Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 4 Devil Fruit


Knowing that the thing in his hand was swallowed accidentally into his mouth, Lin Tian’s first reaction was to vomit it immediately because the taste of that fruit is bad.

It was really the most unpalatable thing he had ever eaten in his life. Even the moldy bread he ate was ten times better than this.

But then there was only one sentence left in Lin Tian’s eyes, ‘I’m fucked up.’

At the moment when Ayim crushed him, Lin Tian accidentally ate the devil fruit in his hand.

When Ayim attacked Garp, Lin Tian in Ayim’s room found a gold ax, and it took a long time to pry open the box’s lock.

Lin Tian opened the box cautiously. He was sure that this treasure is so precious to Ayim. Of course, Lin Tian had to be careful.

After Lin Tian opened the box, only a red apple covered with patterns appeared in it.

For Lin Tian, ​​who has read the comics, he recognized at a glance that this is the treasure of the sea that was contested by many people on the sea, the devil fruit!

It was no wonder that Ayim is so tightly hidden in this box. He wanted to hand this devil fruit to a person who trusted him so that he could get a strong subordinate in a short time.

He couldn’t eat that devil fruit by himself. A person could only eat one devil fruit. If a devil fruit eater eats more than one, they will die.

Otherwise, Ayim would have to eat it long ago and would not hide it.

The most attractive thing in this world was the devil Fruit. This fruit could give people powerful power in an instant, and countless people desire it.

When he saw this devil fruit, Lin Tian felt very lucky. If due to entering this room, and due to several cannonballs that hit the room, making the things inside were shaken. Without much coincidence, he came across this devil fruit.

But Lin Tian didn’t make up his mind to eat this devil fruit. Because Lin Tian had many worries, he didn’t know what abilities he would get from this devil fruit. If it were a useless ability, then he would not eat it.

And the other was ambition. As a reborn person, Lin Tian has the purpose of making his name known in this world. Even if I need to eat devil fruit, I should also know what its ability first.

Lin Tian didn’t eat the devil fruit at once with these worries, but first took it in his hand and observed it.

He carefully looked at the devil fruit covered with patterns in his hand, Lin Tian thought secretly.

“It just such a small fruit but contain a strong ability. Even some of them can give people the power to destroy the world. It is very amazing.”

At this moment, Ayim flew to the bedroom door and crushed Lin Tian. Lin Tian, ​​who was unprepared, ate the devil fruit in his hand after this collision.

Fortunately, Lin Tian was an optimistic person. He gulped it as soon as the devil fruit inside his mouth.

Anyway, even if he did not eat the devil fruit, he was sure he could become a strong man in this world someday. Besides, the devil fruit that he ate may also be an extremely powerful ability.

Now that he has eaten it, Lin Tian couldn’t wait to see his new abilities. Then he tried and tried again there, but he couldn’t become an animal.

He couldn’t let his body be a natural element, so he immediately realized that the devil fruit he just ate has the superhuman ability.

At this time, Garp, who was on the battleship, knocked Ayim into the air with a single punch.

At a glance, he saw a child(Lin Tian) in the bedroom, and that child continuously made some strange movements.

It was not only Garp but also the marine soldier next to Garp see this scene. Suddenly their brain crashed, and they thought about how come there was such a small child on the pirate ship.

Garp asked, “What’s the matter with that kid?”

“General, this child may be enslaved by the pirate door. Yesterday this group of pirates also attacked a small town. This child may be a resident of that town.” A non-commissioned officer immediately replied.

Garp thought for a while and said, “It’s okay, let’s go and see his condition. It’s good that this kid can survive on the pirate boat.”

After he has spoken, he came to the Pirate Ship with a light leap. And a man in a suit followed Garp without any slowness.

When Garp walked to Lin Tian’s position, the marine was already cleaning the battlefield.

The remaining pirates who thought they had hoped to survive in front of them, after saw that a single punch from Garp could knock their boss, their spirit suddenly dropped.

How could it be that we become the adversary of the imposing marine soldier?

Before long, the remaining pirates were either killed by the marine or captured by the marine.

After tried for a long time, Lin Tian stopped trying any ability and sighed helplessly. There were too many Superhuman system abilities, and it was normal not to find out in such a short time.

When he saw that the marine soldiers defeated the pirates outside, Lin Tian finally breathed a sigh of relief. The first difficulty in rebirth was also passed, and his fate was saved.

However, Lin Tian, ​​who thought he was safe, had forgotten the existence of a person. Although Ayim was blown away by Garp, Ayim did not faint or even die with his strong defensive power, but he was seriously injured.

Ayim, who just awakened, saw the opened box beside him, and Lin Tian not far away. He immediately understood that the kid in front of him had eaten his Devil Fruit.

Ayim snatched the Devil Fruit from a merchant ship. Ayim has already found a buyer these days, and the buyer was preparing to buy the fruit with 200 million Baileys. But today, he fought against the marines and was completely wiped out.

It was usual for the pirate to snatch the Devil Fruit. He should improve the strength of his men.

But Ayim was a very suspicious person. He was afraid that his subordinates would not accept his rule and betray him if his subordinate eats this Devil Fruit.

It because he couldn’t eat another one. Then after he thought for a long time, Ayim decided to sell the Devil Fruit.

This Devil Fruit was eaten by the kid who was almost killed by himself a few days ago. This made Ayim extremely angry. How could such a little brat be qualified to eat the Devil Fruit?

Anyway, based on his wound, he won’t be able to live long. But he still could to kill Lin Tian at this time.

When he thought about this, Ayim slowly stood up and used his last bit of strength, prepared to kill Lin Tian.

Although Lin Tian stared at the outside and felt safe for now, he was crushed by Ayim before. Lin Tian remained vigilant at all times. Lin Tian didn’t want to be killed at the last minute.

When Ayim moved his hand to him, Lin Tian felt a sudden wind on his back. Lin Tian quickly turned around and looked around, and he saw Aimu standing behind him, waved a pair of massive bear paws towards his back.

Although Lin Tian found out Ayim, who was sneaking up and dodged to the side in time, how could he avoid Ayim’s ultimate blow only with his frail body?

When he looked at Ayim’s palm, he was about to hit his lower body. A strong will to survive broke out in Lin Tian’s mind, under this will to stay.

Ayim’s palm stopped when he approached Lin Tian, ​​but at this moment, Lin Tian just left Ayim’s attack range and escaped.

Lin Tian could see clearly what had just happened. At that moment, Lin Tian felt that there seemed to be an invisible shield around him that blocked Ayim’s attack.

Although it was crushed in an instant, it just happened that Lin Tian escape his ultimate blow.

Garp, who was about to make a move, saw this scene with a hint of curiosity on his face. Just stand beside them quietly, watching their movement.

After he escaped, Lin Tian looked at Ayim with a vigilant expression. At the same time, he knew in his heart that his own ability saved his life just now.

And since he could form a spatial barrier out of thin air, his ability was likely to be related to space or air.

As an aspiring young man who has been rendered in countless contemporary novels, Lin Tian certainly knew that he might have eaten an excellent Devil Fruit.

Although he could only guess his own ability, Lin Tian was not entirely sure. After experiencing a real battle, he could understand it in detail, and now he has such a good opportunity before his eyes.

Garp’s punch made Ayim severely wounded, and he was in his weakest state at this moment. For his current state was a very suitable opponent for Lin Tian.

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