Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 40


At this time, in the sea area off Sexon Island, there was a Marine warship parked at sea.
This battleship was the battleship of Vice-Admiral Garp. Garp’s army was ordered to join the G-7 and help capture Silvers Rayleigh, but why did they stop at sea at this time?
Not only were we surprised, but Commodore Ander, who had just finished the report on the ship, was even more shocked than us.
Commodore Ander, completely clueless, finally bit his head and asked Garp: “Vice-Admiral Garp, didn’t you agree to help the G-7 go and handle …”.
But before Ander could finish his question, he was interrupted by Garp, who waved his hand, “There are some things that are not that simple. Actually, I don’t want to deal with Rayleigh. Silvers Rayleigh is not easy to deal with, and it is not a task I am willing to do. If the two of us come along. taking part in the fight, I don’t think it’s something good, and from this incident, many innocent citizens will be affected. “
Commodore Ander has worked with Garp for many years. Garp trusted Colonel Ander enough. Colonel Ander discussed several unsuitable matters.
“But, then, why do you still agree with the order?”
Seeing that Vice-Admiral Garp trusted him so much, Commodore Ander was deeply moved, but Commodore Ander did not understand the meaning of Vice-Admiral Garp’s actions.
Garp didn’t answer but instead asked: “Ander, how many years have you been working at Marine?”
I feel strange with Vice-Admiral Garp’s question, and this question doesn’t seem to have anything to do with the current topic of conversation.
But still, I had to answer honestly: “I can’t remember anymore. I’ve been working at Marine too long, maybe more than ten years.”
“It’s been over ten years, huh?” muttered Garp as he looked at the small town in the distance.
“Yes!” He replied while remembering. Commodore Ander realized that he had been in the Marine for a long time, and he still did not recognize it very clearly.
Most of the comrades who joined the Marine with them in the past are buried in this blue sea for justice in their hearts.
Garp’s conversation changed, “After staying so long, did you know there was darkness in the Marine.”
Hearing Vice-Admiral Garp mentions the sensitive word ‘darkness,’ Commodore Ander’s eyes narrowed. He knew something about this, and it was only natural for Marine Soldiers at Commodore level to find out. But even if a Marine Soldier found out about it, it would just be buried deep in his stomach. No one would dare to take this matter to Elitis Marine.
“Most ordinary Marine Soldiers don’t know much about these things, so I better not comment on this. This sort of thing is not something that Marine Soldiers on duty can handle.”
Garp didn’t care about Ander’s reminder, and no one dared to say anything about it, regardless of title level.
“So sometimes, there is case fabrication in public that is carried out, so that the name Marine Headquarters in the eyes of the people looks better.”
Commodore Ander said anxiously, “But if you don’t go, the Marine Soldiers of the G-7 will be in danger. How can they stop Silvers Rayleigh?”
“Don’t worry. I know what the G-7 is capable of. They’re not stubborn people. If I don’t go, they won’t attack him, and Silvers Rayleigh isn’t that kind of person.”
Precisely because he knows the personalities of Silvers Rayleigh and the Lieutenant General of the G-7, Garp is sure that there will be no casualties between the two. Saying not to go was also a signal for Silvers Rayleigh.
‘Since I won’t stop you, it won’t be able to cause too many casualties.’
And Garp also had a feeling that Lin Tian,

too, might be part of this matter. Garp was well aware of his fun-loving character, he hoped not to find Lin Tian with Silvers Rayleigh, and he would definitely not let him go when he met Lin Tian.
“I don’t think the smelly old man will come.”
Shakky was worried that the smelly old man would come to block them. But Lin Tian expressed a different opinion. After living with Garp for more than two years, the two were very close and knew each other’s emotions.
According to Lin Tian,

Garp shouldn’t be willing to do this task containing ‘darkness.’
Because that stinky old man also had a slightly different view from Marine Headquarters.
“How is that possible? He is a Marine Hero, while Silvers Rayleigh is surrounded on a small island. How can Garp not take part in this operation?” Shakky disagreed with Lin Tian’s statement.
Hancock and her younger sisters on the side also looked incredulous. In their opinion, compared to Lin Tian’s statement, Shakky’s deduction made more sense.
Hancock moved to Lin Tian calmly and whispered: “Lin Tian,

I think Shakky’s conclusion is correct, so you better have to go first. Before your teacher comes, you will be very embarrassed.”
Seeing that Hancock was still worrying about him at a time when he was in danger, Lin Tian’s heart became warm, and he held Hancock’s very delicate little hand.
The same whispered back: “Don’t worry, even though my teacher comes, I have nothing to do.”
Feeling Lin Tian holding her hand, Hancock was immediately embarrassed and felt Lin Tian’s hand’s temperature. Hancock suddenly felt her body was going to burn, and her face turned red.
At this time, Rayleigh, who was by his side, also started talking. Surprisingly, Rayleigh also agreed with Lin Tian’s words.
“I think Lin Tian is right. I also guess that Garp will not take part in this operation.”
When Lin Tian spoke like that, Shakky felt that Lin Tian was wrong. But now that Rayleigh said the same thing to him, this made Shakky wonder, is it true that Garp won’t come?
Rayleigh explained: “Garp is near this small island. If he wanted to come, he must have come a long time ago. But after waiting so long, he hasn’t shown himself. From this, it seems that Garp is very likely, not coming.”
“But, as you said, if Garp doesn’t want to come. Then who is the person the Marine Soldiers are waiting for? Only Garp can handle Raleigh.”
Shakky doubted it, which was why Shakky always believes that Garp will definitely come.
“I thought I should explain to you the reason the stinky old man didn’t come.” Lin Tian thought about it and said.
Seeing everyone’s gazes, Lin Tian explained: “This must be related to Marine Headquarters. That smelly old man should have taken orders from Marine Headquarters and joined the G-7 unit to capture Silvers Rayleigh.”
“But that smelly old man won’t come because he knows that if he goes against Rayleigh, this little island might not be safe, so now he has to hide somewhere to delay time.”
Marigold said: “But then, is he not afraid that Uncle Rayleigh will defeat all the Marine Soldiers on this island?”.
As if trying to understand something, Rayleigh’s face showed a faint expression.
“No! He knew I wouldn’t do that!”
“Because Garp didn’t come, it was a signal for me. He wanted to tell me that he would not come to arrest me if I did not cause casualties to the Marine Soldiers and the people on this island.”
Rayleigh said with certainty that his mind could understand Garp’s hint.
He had fought Garp several times in the past, but in the end, because the destructive power of the two men was too great, they stopped the fight.
Lin Tian nodded. The stinky old man’s thoughts were most likely the same as what Rayleigh had said. If that stinky old man had really wanted to deal with Rayleigh, he would have come a long time ago.
Shakky asked, “So what should we do now?”
Now that he was also sure that Garp would not come, Shakky felt much more relaxed. In the absence of Vice-Admiral Garp, the G-7 outside could not stop Silvers Rayleigh.
“Of course, we’ll get things sorted, and we’re going now.”

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