Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 41


“Call them again. Why isn’t Vice-Admiral Garp here yet?”
The Dalmatian Vice-Admiral turned around and ordered his subordinates behind him that he had waited more than an hour. If Vice-Admiral Garp hasn’t arrived yet, he feels that the G-7 can’t stop Silver Rayleigh.
At this moment, the door to the bar that had been closed suddenly opened, and with nervous gazes from the entire Marine Soldier, Silver Rayleigh walked out casually.
The Marine Soldiers who surround the bar are worthy of being Elite Soldiers in G-7. After experiencing the initial tension, they quickly readjusted themselves and aimed their guns at Rayleigh.
Seeing the old man walking casually in front of him, the Elite Soldiers who were on top of the building were very nervous. This was the pirate that was talked about.
The Dark King, Silver Rayleigh!
Rayleigh looked around him, and he saw the Marine Soldiers who surrounded him. There were a smile and nostalgia on Rayleigh’s face.
This was the first time he had faced the Marines since his captain’s death, even though he had not encountered so many strong Marine Soldiers.
Experiencing a scene like this again, Rayleigh recalled the scene when he and his friends fought Marine with all their might.
Unfortunately, now it’s just me alone. Since the captain’s death, all of the crew have left, and I don’t know how they are now.
After Rayleigh came out, Shakky and the others, including Lin Tian,

also came out, but Lin Tian had already changed his clothes and covered his face.
I’m afraid that Garp will come, but it doesn’t mean that he will recognize Lin Tian.
“One, two, three … six, how come there are six people, aren’t there only five people? Then who is this person?” The Vice-Admiral Dalmatian asked the man angrily on the roof.
Seeing the angry Vice-Admiral Dalmatian, the man stuttered and said: “I’m not lying … when I was there yesterday … there were only five people. And I don’t know why there was one more.”
Where the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian did not have time to listen to his explanation and waved the slave away.
Vice-Admiral Garp still hadn’t arrived, and it turned out that there were six of them. Such a change greatly surprised the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian.
It seemed this extra person was trusted to cooperate with Rayleigh, and he was hiding his identity by covering his face. The Vice-Admiral Dalmatian was convinced that the sixth man was no ordinary person.
Even though the opponent’s strength was far stronger than that of Vice-Admiral Dalmatian, but now the arrows had been drawn, and he had to hit his target immediately.
It is doubtful that all of the G-7 Soldiers sent will retreat without the slightest resistance.
If rumors like this got around, it would smear Marine’s face, and the first person the World Nobles could not forgive was the one in charge of this operation.
After taking several deep breaths, Vice-Admiral Dalmatian shouted at Rayleigh: “Silvers Rayleigh, now that our entire G-7 Soldiers surrounds you, I advise you to surrender immediately!”
Rayleigh smiled slightly and replied: “I like freedom, and I don’t want to go out with you.”
Regarding Rayleigh’s answer, Vice-Admiral Dalmatian had guessed it.
If Silvers Rayleigh just gave up, then he wouldn’t be Silvers Rayleigh. Those words had just been spoken for show.
“All Marine Soldiers below Captain level immediately retreat, and Marine Soldiers at Captain level and above will be standing here with me to face Silvers Rayleigh and do absolute Marine justice.”
To deal with a legendary pirate-like Silvers Rayleigh, it took high combat skills to fight him, so if they didn’t have special skills in combat, they were of no use.
Marines below Captain level would quickly be sent to death. So it was better to let them all retreat, to reduce the casualties.
Under the orders of Vice-Admiral Dalmatian, all navies below Captain level quickly left the site, leaving less than 300 Marine Soldiers here.
Since fighting is inevitable, there is no other way but to fight!
The Vice-Admiral Dalmatian led the entire Elite Army of the G-7. They rushed towards Rayleigh.
The Dalmatian ‘Shaved’ advanced first on the line, and he charged straight at Rayleigh.
As the supreme fighting force in the navy apart from the Admiral, the Vice-Admiral was not weaker. As a Vice-Admiral, they have mastered strong physical skills like the Six Marine Style, except for the giants.
And many of them also have Devil Fruit abilities, and the strength of each Vice-Admiral is enough to face pirates who have bounties of hundreds of millions.
In front of the Admiral, pirates who have bounties of hundreds of millions can be defeated with one hit.
‘Armament Haki’
Facing Silvers Rayleigh, Vice-Admiral Dalmatian put all his might. His palms turned black, and on his fingers was a pitch-black light like metal.
‘Finger Gun
‘Armament Haki’
Finger Gun with bullet-like penetration combined with Armament Haki, which increased attack and defense.
The Dalmatian’s ten fingers became extremely strong. An attack like this could punch a hole in steel several centimeters thick. Even Rayleigh had to deal with those attacks with some caution.
Rayleigh also used his Armament Haki to strengthen his fists and clenched them into clenched fists to deal with Dalmatian attacks.
There was no loud sound, just a small click.
As soon as their fists clashed against each other, the Dalmatian’s middle finger broke. Fortunately, the Dalmatian acted in time. Otherwise, all five of his fingers would break.
‘Paper Draw’
The Dalmatian used the Six Marine Styles repeatedly, only to avoid Rayleigh’s fist.
But Rayleigh’s speed was not inferior to that of the Dalmatian; even faster, Rayleigh, who had faster movement, punched the Dalmatian in the chest.
The Dalmatian, unable to evade, immediately used Iron Block and Armament Haki to bolster his defenses, but this defensive power had little effect on Rayleigh’s extremely powerful attack.
When Rayleigh struck him, the Dalmatian spat out a mouthful of blood and was knocked backward, hitting and knocking several Marine Soldiers behind him. (Rayleigh’s strength is hundreds of times stronger than Luffy’s before the time skip.)
In just a few moments, the Marine Soldiers who were behind him fell due to the collision of Vice-Admiral Dalmatian, who was hit by Rayleigh. Even though the Dalmatian used all his abilities, Rayleigh’s strength was still far more terrifying.
Coupled with Iron Block’s defense and Armament Haki, even though Dalmatian was already injured, the impact of his attacks on Rayleigh was still not great.
The Dalmatian has used his Devil Fruit ability to transform into a Dalmatian-type dogman.
This is why many people at the Marine called him Vice-Admiral Dalmatian.
The Vice-Admiral Dalmatian’s speed and strength will significantly increase if he uses his Devil Fruit abilities. At this time, the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian’s fighting strength had peaked, as the Vice-Admiral of the Marine was only natural that he had such a strong fighting strength.
As his speed and strength increased, Vice-Admiral Dalmatian immediately rushed to the front lines again. With ten fingers gripping tightly, dozens of powerful air bullets were ejected from his sharp nails, and they fired at Rayleigh.
‘Observation Haki’
Rayleigh’s eyes suddenly opened. The high-speed air bullet was currently slowing down in Rayleigh’s eyes, and he easily dodged this aerial bullet.
Shakky and the others behind Rayleigh were preparing to dodge this aerial bullet. Lin Tian put his hand forward, and an invisible Spatial Barrier formed in front of everyone, blocking all air bullets.
Seeing that the unknown person covering his face had unexpectedly survived his attacks so easily, Vice-Admiral Dalmatian immediately became even warier of Lin Tian.
In fact, the air bullet was not wholly avoided by Lin Tian. There were two cuts on Lin Tian’s legs, and his hands became slightly trembling.
The fierce battle began!

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