Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 42


Seeing hundreds of Marine Soldiers at Captain level, Lin Tian became very excited at this time.

I don’t know if it was planned? Rear admirals and rear admirals, along with the Dalmatian, attacked Rayleigh, while the other lesser Marine Soldiers rushed towards Lin Tian and the others.

This was indeed the Marine’s plan. The Marine Soldiers above Commodore would arrest Raleigh.

Even though Silvers Rayleigh was very strong, it would take him a while to defeat all of them. When the time comes, the Marine Soldiers in the rear can use this opportunity to pursue others.

At that time, with the assault on the five people behind him, Silvers Rayleigh would not have them killed. This is the equivalent of a life-saving talisman.

Seeing all the Marine Soldiers on top of the Commodore attacking him, Rayleigh immediately understood the tactics that Marine had planned.

The Marine had guessed that Rayleigh knew that it would take a while to defeat all the Marine Soldiers above this Commodore, and now Rayleigh can only hope that his comrades can survive.

Of course, Lin Tian could understand the Marine’s plan, but his own strength was not weak, and it was fine to hold on for a while.

They immediately launched attacks towards Lin Tian. The Marine Soldiers fired countless bullets at the front. Besides that, they also attacked using cannonballs and the Six Marine Styles long attack.

‘Spatial Barrier’

So many bullets weren’t as easy to stop as before. This time Lin Tian brought out his strongest Spatial Barrier.

‘Boom boom boom … “A shockwave echoed in the air, and the smoke from the explosion covered Lin Tian and the others.

Although his Spatial Barrier blocks all attacks, this number of attacks is too much, and a certain amount will reduce the Spatial Barrier’s durability.

The Spatial Barrier that Lin Tian used with all his strength was shattered after taking the countless number of attacks. This situation can only be done by Garp so far.

However, most of the attacks were successfully blocked, and the remaining attacks were overcome by Shakky and the others in a few seconds.

Rayleigh, who was fighting on the other side, saw Lin Tian and the others surrounded by smoke and knocked a Commodore into the air with a powerful punch. Rayleigh saw him use Observation Haki and found that no one was injured, and he was relieved.

‘Tempest Kick’

‘Tempest Kick’

‘Tempest Kick’

While the Dalmatian was beating up Rayleigh with two other Marine Soldiers, he attacked him using three Tempest Kicks to weaken Rayleigh’s defenses.

Rayleigh reacted immediately and used his Armament Haki and parried the attack, and all three Tempest Kicks were destroyed in an instant. Then Rayleigh instantly teleported to one of them, threw him into the air with a punch, and crashed into a shop.

One hit! Rayleigh defeated Rear-Admiral with one blow, and they lost the strength to fight. Just because of Garp’s cue, Rayleigh did not kill them but instead seriously injured them.

After defeating one of the Rear Admirals, Rayleigh was ready to finish off the other, but the Marine Soldier had moved aside and surrounded Rayleigh.

“Vice-Admiral, what should we do? Silvers Rayleigh is too strong, and we are not his opponents at all,” said one Marine.

The battle just now scared the Marine Soldier. Rayleigh seriously injured a person of the same fighting strength as him with a single blow. Is this the power of the legendary pirate?

The Vice-Admiral Dalmatian said solemnly: “Stay focused on your assignment. We can only act according to plan now to buy time.”

After speaking, the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian attacked Rayleigh. Rear-Admiral next to him, gritted his teeth and rushed towards Rayleigh.

Seeing the thick smog ahead, Lin Tian thought of an excellent solution to immobilize many Marine Soldiers at once.

Without waiting for Hancock’s reaction, Lin Tian hugged Hancock in front of the eyes of Shakky and the others and whispered in his ear.

“Hancock, wait till I get you up in the air, and use the ‘Captive Arrow!”

Suddenly hugged by Lin Tian, ​​Hancock immediately fainted, and her whole body leaned on Lin Tian, ​​”Lin Tian… Lin Tian suddenly hugged me! Ah… … this is the feeling of love.”

“Hancock, Hancock …”

Seeing Hancock, who was being shy, Lin Tian suddenly smiled bitterly. Why are you dizzy at this critical time?

When called by Lin Tian several times, Hancock immediately woke up. Lin Tian immediately said the plan now.

Holding Hancock, Lin Tian immediately rose into the air. For Lin Tian, who already possessed Spatial power, flying was not impossible.

It’s just that the speed isn’t fast, so Lin Tian rarely uses it. Lin Tian wanted to do teleportation, but Lin Tian studied for two years and still had no progress.

‘Captive Arrow’

Hancock touched her lips with her finger, creating a large, pink heart-shaped substance. Hancock pulled the back of the object, and countless pink arrows shot out through the black mist in front of her.

By this time, the Marine Soldiers had learned that Rayleigh had knocked out two Rear-Admirals quickly and realized the seriousness of the enemy they were facing. They had no clue what was behind the black smoke next to it, and they went straight in.

But before they rushed into the black mist, countless pink arrows were fired from the black smoke, and the Marine Soldiers, unprepared for the attack, were hit by the arrows.

After seeing the few people who were hit by the arrows turning to stone, the remaining Marine Soldiers immediately noticed the pink arrows’ effect and hurriedly went into hiding.

But at this time, it was too late to dodge, and how to avoid the arrows that came so fast all of a sudden?

After the rain of pink arrows, the Marine Soldiers, like hungry wolves and tigers, turned into gray and white stone statues. Except for a few lucky ones, the nearly a hundred Marine Soldiers who had rushed forward unprepared had become stone statues.

After the smoke cleared, Lin Tian was shocked as he saw the hundreds of Marine Warriors in front of him turned into stone statues. Lin Tian had expected this attack to produce good results, but he unexpectedly managed to knock out a third of the G-7 Soldiers.

Seeing his comrades in arms turned into stone statues, the remaining Marine Soldiers held the sorrow in their hearts and looked at Lin Tian with red eyes.

Lin Tian could understand how these Marine Soldiers felt right now because Lin Tian had experienced many such things over the past year, and his mood was the same as the Marine Soldiers before him.

“Let’s move to the other side, don’t destroy these stone statues, so that the Marine Soldiers who have been crippled can recover,” Lin Tian turned around and said.

Shakky and the others nodded and started moving to the other side of the road.

The Marine Soldiers thought Lin Tian and the others wanted to escape and rushed after them, causing their formation to be awry.

On the left side of the road, Rayleigh was fighting several Vice-Admirals and Rear-Admirals. On the right side was a large group of Marine Soldiers chasing his five comrades, and in the middle were hundreds of Marine Soldiers who were turned into stone statues, dividing the road in half.

The Vice-Admirals saw their men had been turned into stone statues, and their eyes were red. They were furious and seemed to put all their strength into fighting Rayleigh.

But Rayleigh couldn’t kill them, so he continued to struggle. It would take time to defeat the Marine Soldiers in front of him.

Lin Tian suddenly turned around, using the Spatial Prison to use on the Marine Soldiers chasing him.

As a result, the space around the Marine Soldiers became congested, and the Marine Soldiers suddenly felt that a weighty object was pressing their bodies.

Their body movements were gradually slower than before, and every little move required a lot of physical strength.

However, this situation didn’t have much impact on Marine Soldiers’ physical strength. After most of the Marine Soldiers adapted, they got used to it and endured it.

However, in such circumstances, to move the body even a little is so exhausting that the pursuit cannot be carried out.

But this was the maximum that Lin Tian could do. He held back over two hundred Marine Soldiers in his own strength.


Lin Tian created an armor made of Spatial power that covered his entire body, and he immediately blocked a Marine Captain’s knife, and then knocked the other Marine Soldiers into the air. He turned around and punched the door, incapacitating all Marine Soldiers.

Before Lin Tian finished with his attack, a cannonball hit him, and the strong impact sent Lin Tian down immediately.

In this way, every time Lin Tian defeated a Marine Soldier, and several other Marine Soldiers rushed to attack him.

In order to prevent his identity from being leaked, Lin Tian didn’t even dare to use the Six Marine Styles and his Devil Fruit abilities massively, and he was afraid that someone would find out his identity through these attacks.

Lin Tian fought with full limitations. He had powerful strength but couldn’t use it. I can only use outer space armor no one knows about and basic moves.

This Spatial Armor’s weakness, similar to the Iron Block of Six Marine Styles, can only block attacks from sharp objects but cannot withstand the force of shockwaves or explosions.

The Marine Soldiers he faced were officers at Captain’s level and above, and they were not enemies that were easily knocked out. Lin Tian had received so many attacks now. Even though the attack didn’t injure his internal organs, there was a lot of pain and bruising on his body.

Compared to Lin Tian, who was struggling because of his fighting strength limitations, Hancock was much better. On the one hand, Hancock’s ability was perfect for dealing with this kind of group attack, and more advantageously, she was fighting men.

There was no man who is not seduced by Hancock’s goddess-like beauty.

Movements such as the Pistol Kiss and Captive Arrow were very useful on the battlefield against many people. Although directed at random, they could hit people, and it didn’t take long for Hancock to turn over a dozen Marine Soldiers into stone statues.

“Nothing can match the future Pirate Queen,” said Lin Tian with emotion as he watched Hancock kill all over.

Even though Hancock was not yet the Pirate Queen and had not awakened Conqueror’s Haki, Hancock’s fighting strength was not weak at this time.

Shakky was the one who surprised Lin Tian the most. Lin Tian always thought that Shakky was the weakest among his group, but he did not expect Shakky to be that strong.

She defeated marine Soldiers at Captain level in an instant. Female pirates who can escape from Marine Hero Garp are not just boasting.

‘Perfume Femur’

Hancock dodged the Marine Soldier’s attack, then kicked him, and the Marine Soldier instantly turned to stone.

“This is a powerful fruit ability. If attacked by it, the object that was hit will turn to stone. You are not the opponent. Let me fight it!” A Rear-Admiral rushed after her and attacked Hancock.

“I actually want to save my energy, but disturbing my togetherness with my husband is so unforgivable, I won’t forgive you.”

‘Perfume Femur’

Hancock propped her body with both hands, defeated the numerous Marine Soldiers around her with a spinning kick, and then kicked the Rear-Admiral. But the Rear-Admiral did not turn to stone like the other Marine Soldiers but instead held Hancock’s leg.

The Rear-Admiral smiled triumphantly: “The strength of your Devil Fruit is of no use to those who master the Armament Haki. Kill the pirate!”

Commodore forced Hancock to back off.


He appeared in front of Hancock, and his face was so fierce, he tried to kill Hancock on the spot.

At this moment, Hancock stopped immediately, and there was not enough time to avoid the Rear-Admiral’s crushing blow.

At this time, Lin Tian, ​​who had been watching Hancock, threw a Marine Soldier in his hand at the Rear-Admiral and knocked the Rear-Admiral down.

When the Commodore rose from the ground, Hancock immediately seized the opportunity.

‘Pistol Kiss’

The pink heart squarely hit the Rear-Admiral and turned him into a stone statue.


When Lin Tian saved Hancock, he got a wound on his back. Another Rear-Admiral awoke and used his Armament Haki to hit Lin Tian’s back with all his strength.

Lin Tian was not ready, the Spatial Armor protecting his back was instantly shattered, and the Commodore threw his fist at Lin Tian’s back.

Lin Tian suddenly felt a powerful force hitting his body, a mouthful of blood spewed out from his mouth.

Then he was blown away and crashed the building uncontrollably. After hitting two walls in succession, Lin Tian stopped.

The Rear Admiral, who injured Lin Tian, immediately caught up with him and tried to quickly kill Lin Tian. He didn’t give him any chance to escape.

At least I managed to save Hancock at the last minute.

Seeing Lin Tian hurt from saving herself, Hancock became furious at that moment. He brutally injured several Marine Soldiers and rushed towards Lin Tian, ​​”Lin Tian, ​​are you okay?”

It was tough for Marine Soldiers to bring down someone among them, therefore when one person has been knocked, that person must be killed immediately. They saw Hancock trying to leave to help Lin Tian.

Another group of Marine Soldiers immediately charged at Hancock to prevent her from approaching Lin Tian.

Seeing a figure thrown from a building, Hancock felt worried, and the entire Marine Soldiers showed joy and quietly said: “It looks like the Rear-Admiral has managed to finish off one of the pirates.”

When the figure fell to the ground, everyone on-site saw that the knocked down figure was not a pirate, but the Rear-Admiral who had wanted to kill Lin Tian.

Seeing that the figure lying outside the building was a Rear-Admiral, Hancock and the others were relieved. Even though they didn’t know what was going on inside, they were sure Lin Tian was fine.

“How could that be? What’s going on inside?”

“Didn’t the Rear-Admiral manage to injure the pirate with a crushing blow? But why is Rear-Admiral lying there?”

“If the Rear-Admiral has been defeated, then where is the pirate now?”

As soon as the sound fell, a figure emerged from the dusty building. This person is Lin Tian.

Lin Tian, ​​who was slammed into the house at that time, only sustained minor injuries. Seeing a Rear-Admiral enter alone, Lin Tian would not have missed this opportunity.

Lin Tian attacked the Rear-Admiral with consecutive blows without hesitation and then threw the unconscious Rear-Admiral out of the building. This is what everyone on the outside sees.

Seeing that Lin Tian wasn’t seriously injured, Marine Soldiers rushed towards Lin Tian even though they were shocked. The other Marine Soldiers saw the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian and a Rear-Admiral fighting Rayleigh.

If they didn’t manage to defeat him, nothing would be able to hold Rayleigh back, and at that point, all the G-7 Soldiers would surely lose.

Seeing the two remaining Marine Soldiers, Rayleigh said: “You guys won’t be able to stop me, so let’s just stop.”

Currently, the appearance of the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian is very messy. The Marine uniform he was wearing became tattered, and his left hand was broken from a fistfight with Rayleigh, and his arm continued to bleed.

To Raleigh’s persuasion, the Dalmatian spoke only one word, namely ‘war.’

“As a Marine Soldier who upholds justice, he will not run away from pirates even though death is in front of him.”

‘Shave,’ the Dalmatian appeared in front of Rayleigh in an instant and punched Rayleigh’s lower abdomen.

But the difference in strength between the two was too great, and Rayleigh could easily endure it.

But Rayleigh did not expect a smile to appear on the Marine Soldier’s face, and he immediately took Rayleigh’s hand.

“Finger Gun!” How could the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian let go of this opportunity? He concentrated all his strength on his blackened fingers. This move is arguably the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian’s strongest move.

“What?” Exclaimed the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian as he saw the situation before him.

Even though this strongest movement had just pierced Rayleigh’s back, Rayleigh grabbed the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian’s wrist with his hand, and the immense force of his wrist made Vice-Admiral Dalmatian immobile.

At that time, suddenly, there was a Rear-Admiral holding his hand. Rayleigh tried to move and asked: “Then what are you going to do?”

“Humph, no matter what, I am a true Marine Soldier. And my mission is to eradicate pirates!”

Rayleigh didn’t kill the Rear-Admiral, but grabbed his wrist and threw him.

Yes, none of us are wrong, but it’s just that I’m standing in a different position!

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