Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 43


Rayleigh looked at the Dalmatian lying on the ground and asked, “Is this what you want?”

The Dalmatian did not answer but saw the Marine Elite Soldiers around him who were badly injured by Rayleigh, and not far from him, there were navies still fighting and some who had turned to stone. Dalmatian showed a bitter smile and sadness on his face.

“Is this what you want, you say? The slaves ran away because of the pirates who caused the World Nobles to get angry, and all they could do was blame the entire Marine. The Marine, under tremendous pressure, had to set an example and explain to the Wolrd Nobles about the pirate raid on Mary Geoise. “

Hearing the Dalmatian’s explanation, Rayleigh finally understood why these Marine Soldiers knew that they were not his opponent, but they still tried to catch Rayleigh and his friends regardless of life and death.

All of this was due to the absolute orders of the World Nobles. To help them find their slaves, the entire G-7 Marine has been destroyed. They can’t say anything about this.

In fact, when he knew that Vice-Admiral Garp was not coming, the Dalmatian had already planned to retreat. Dalmatian knew that his unit would not capture Silvers Rayleigh and that it would only cause casualties.

But behind the scenes, Marine Headquarters’ command forces the Dalmatian to continue fighting and lead the entire G-7 unit to destruction.

But now, I have evacuated all Marine Soldiers below Captain level. Even if these people were killed, the G-7 would not disappear from the Marine.

“Silvers Rayleigh, can I request you something?” Dalmatian looked at Rayleigh imploringly.

When he heard the Dalmatian begging him, Rayleigh almost thought he had heard wrong. He had been a pirate for many years and had never met a Marine Soldier to ask a pirate for something. She didn’t expect to meet him today.

Rayleigh looked curious and said, “Please, if that doesn’t cost me, I will comply with your request.”

“I hope Rayleigh, you can have mercy on the remaining Marine Soldiers,” said the Dalmatian, feeling exasperated.

As a Vice-Admiral begging for a pirate, the Dalmatian is under a lot of pressure, but for the sake of his innocent men, the Dalmatian can still maintain his pride.

Rayleigh smiled faintly and asked, “Why did you guys attack me first when you asked me to show mercy in the end?”

“I gave the order to come up against you. Everything is my fault. If you want to kill, then kill me. The other Marine Soldiers are completely innocent. They know nothing. I don’t want Marine Soldiers with a bright future like them to die. under this dirty political deal.”

After receiving this order, the Dalmatian was determined to die. No matter the outcome, the Dalmatian would not have the face to survive if the many Marine Soldiers who only carried out these dirty orders died.

“Hahaha…” Rayleigh suddenly laughed.

With a confused look from the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian, Rayleigh said: “Look around you carefully, for you Marine Soldiers, I have absolutely no intention of killing you. I am just following your wishes.”

Hearing Rayleigh’s words, Vice-Admiral Dalmatian looked taken aback and quickly used his Observation Haki to check the surroundings. As Rayleigh said, the Marine Soldiers that Rayleigh knocked down didn’t die but was badly injured and passed out.

When the Vice-Admiral Dalmatian was about to thank Rayleigh, Rayleigh was already walking to the other side of the battlefield.


“Garp, you don’t have to help the G-7. Silvers Rayleigh is done dealing with the G-7.”

“Boom,” Vice-Admiral Garp hit the table with a punch, and the entire table suddenly fell apart.

Garp picked up the Snail Transponder, which fell on the ground. In a strong tone, he asked: “Five Elders bastard, do you know what this command means ?!”

That’s right, at this time, Vice-Admiral Garp is talking with Marine Fleet-Admiral Sengoku.

Just now, Marine Headquarters suddenly issued an order to Garp via Transponder Snail, but this order made Garp unacceptable.

In the end, Garp immediately used his special Snail Transponder to talk to the Fleet-Admiral and inquire about his orders. This is the scene just now.

On the other side of the Transponder Snail, a deep voice rang,

“These are orders issued by the Five Elders. All Marine Headquarters can do is carry them out.”

Hearing this answer from Sengoku, Garp snapped, “Sengoku, you should know better than me about the power of Silvers Rayleigh, how the entire G-7 unit can deal with Silvers Rayleigh? Are you going to let them die under this dirty order?”

In the end, Garp was furious. He had been in comrade with the Fleet-Admiral for decades, and Garp was well aware of Fleet-Admiral’s temperament. How could the Fleet-Admiral, known as the “wise leader,” agree to such a stupid order?

Hearing Garp’s yell, the Fleet-Admiral fell silent. After a while, Fleet-Admiral explained to Garp more deeply.

Due to Wolrd Nobles’ slaves’ incident freed by pirates, the whole World Nobles put pressure on the World Government together. If we don’t obey their orders to send Marine Soldiers to take responsibility for this incident, they will jointly stop providing funds for the Marine military. “

After a pause, the Fleet-Admiral continued: “But when we couldn’t contain their anger, we happened to find out that Silvers Rayleigh was at Sexon, so …”.

Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by Garp, “So you decided to bet the entire G-7 Unit to make excuses on the World Nobles?”

“Yes,” after a long silence, the Fleet-Admiral responded in a low voice.

Hearing the confession from the Fleet-Admiral, Garp clenched his fists tightly, his face calm and terrifying.

“Garp, I can tell you that you must obey these orders. If I can’t provide an explanation to the World Nobles this time, it will be disastrous for the Marine.”

Garp didn’t answer. He immediately closed the Snail Transponder and looked over at Sexon Island.

Commodore Ander asked carefully: “Vice-Admiral Garp! What shall we do now?”

Commodore Ander also overheard all the conversations just now, although he also disagreed with Marine Headquarters’ decision. But at the same time, he also understood that, based on the current situation, the Fleet-Admiral could only do this to give the World Nobles an excuse.

If the World Nobles stopped the flow of funds to the Marine military, the entire Marine would be in chaos instantly. If there is no surveillance from the Marine, pirates from all over the world will go crazy, and the losses will be much more significant.

From this consequence, Garp must have known, “Follow Marine Headquarters orders, lift the sail, and head for Sexon Island.”

“Vice-Admiral Garp, didn’t you say you disagree with these orders? Why should we go to Sexon Island?” asked Commodore Ander, who did not know what was inside Garp’s head.

“Who said we’re going to Sexon Island to help the G-7? Let’s find Silvers Rayleigh.”

On the other hand, at Marine Headquarters, at the Fleet-Admiral office.

Fleet-Admiral Sengoku looked at the suspended Snail Transponder and couldn’t help but shake his head and smile bitterly.

Even though I understand that Garp is furious right now, I’m sure he can understand me and still discern some significant issues.

“Tsuru, do you think my decision was right or wrong?” Fleet-Admiral Sengoku asked a female Vice-Admiral who was sitting next to him.

“There are some things that you already know in your heart. Why are you asking me again? You can’t decide on this kind of thing.”

Fleet-Admiral Sengoku chuckled softly, “Yes! Sacrificing one Marine branch for the entire Marine headquarters, the value of this transaction is precious!”.

That smile was ironic in Fleet-Admiral Sengoku’s heart at this moment.

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