Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 44


After repelling the Marine Soldiers, Lin Tian quickly took advantage of this gap and took a few breaths before facing the attacking Marine Soldiers.

It was only about ten minutes from the start until now, but Lin Tian and the others were too exhausted all this time.

Even though the Marine Soldiers attacked in despair, help will come immediately when one of them is defeated.

Moreover, the strength of these Marine Soldiers was not weak. They were all Marine Soldiers at a level above Captain. Even Lin Tian couldn’t make a single shot. He had to pull out a few tricks to solve it. And every shot was shot with all his strength, so to bring down one person was quite a physical drain.

Faced with such a desperate style of play, everyone suffered many injuries, the most serious of which could be said of being Sandersonia and Marigold.

Now the two of them had multiple wounds on their bodies, and if Hancock weren’t there to protect them, they wouldn’t be able to survive.

In fact, Lin Tian took the most hits, but he didn’t have that many injuries. It was a powerful impact that caused Lin Tian’s body to suffer a lot of damage from the Marine Soldiers’ blows. If it weren’t for the habit of being beaten by the iron fist of Karp, Lin Tian would have collapsed.

Seeing over a hundred Marine Soldiers, Lin Tian suddenly felt dizzy, “If Uncle Rayleigh doesn’t finish it, I will have to reveal my Devil Fruit power.”

To the side, avoiding Marine Soldier’s fist, Lin Tian grabbed his wrist, turned the Marine Soldier into a shield, and blocked several other Marine Soldier’s attacks from behind.

At this moment, a light blue shock wave hit Lin Tian from Lin Tian’s side.

Lin Tian immediately realized that this was the Storm Leg, one of the Six Marine Styles, but this attack’s timing was perfect. Currently, Lin Tian didn’t have enough time to dodge it.

Moreover, Lin Tian’s current Spatial Barrier was wholly used, and it was impossible to block it.

Lin Tian hurriedly moved his body but was still hit by the Storm Leg. The Spatial Armor on his stomach was cut like a paper piece and made a wound on Lin Tian’s stomach.

Blood flowed out of the wound like running water, and Lin Tian’s clothes were instantly stained with blood.

Luckily, he dodged it in time, so the wound wasn’t deep. Otherwise, he might have been cut in half by this attack.

Seeing the Storm Leg wielded by a Commodore, Lin Tian’s eyes shone with fear. He was still able to hide his real strength for so long that it gave him a fatal blow. It seems the Commodore before he is not easy to beat.

Lin Tian knew the Marine Soldiers who were hit by the Captive Arrow from Hancock were all in the vanguard, and they were powerful.

If not, how could Lin Tian and the others last for so long? Hundreds of Marine Soldiers with Captain level and above had powerful fighting strength.

The Commodore launched Storm Leg once again.

Lin Tian quickly dodged to the side, but the Commodore suddenly used Shave to move in front of Lin Tian. A heavy punch in Lin Tian’s stomach knocked him to the ground.

The pain in the stomach is already very painful. Once again, he was hit by a powerful attack by a Commodore. The pain immediately increased tenfold. The severe pain nearly knocked Lin Tian out.

“Go to hell, Pirate!”

Seeing the fist that fell from above, Lin Tian knew that he couldn’t use his Devil Fruit ability, and he was afraid that he would really die now.

At this time, Rayleigh, who had finished the battle with the Dalmatian Rear-Admirals and Vice-Admirals, finally arrived.

With one hit, the Commodore was knocked over and destroyed several buildings. Then he collapsed on the spot.

Seeing Rayleigh finally coming, Lin Tian quickly let out a sigh of relief and complained: “Uncle Rayleigh, if you come just a little late, I will die.”

Rayleigh looked at the complaining Lin Tian ​​and said with a smile: “Smelly brat, don’t lie to me. I know your strength. There are no Marine Soldiers here who are better than you.”

“Hehe…” Lin Tian smiled when Rayleigh praised him on the spot.

“Go to the others, and I’ll face Marine Soldiers who try to get in your way.”

Rayleigh tried to say that Shakky and the others couldn’t hold on any longer after observing the surroundings.

Seeing Uncle Rayleigh about to make a move, Lin Tian showed a look of hope. He couldn’t see the battle between Rayleigh and the Marine Soldiers behind him, and he was very reluctant to miss it.

Lin Tian wanted to know how strong this legendary character was.

Rayleigh took several slow steps forward, clenched his fists, exposed the veins in his hand, and hit the ground with a punch.

Crack, Crack, Crack!

With Rayleigh’s fist at the center, the initially level ground, under Rayleigh’s strong force, the entire ground cracked like a spider’s web, with many gaps appearing, scattered in all directions.

In an instant, the rows of buildings on both sides of the road collapsed, and the entire street was covered in thick dust. The roads near Lin Tian and the others, but even the roads nearby were destroyed too.

When viewed from a height, the city that was initially full of buildings suddenly became a circular open space hundreds of meters in diameter.

This is Silvers Rayleigh’s power, with a single mighty blow that can destroy the ground up to 100 meters radius.

The remaining Marine Soldiers saw their surroundings. They saw the damage caused by Rayleigh’s powerful blow, their faces filled with shock.

At this time, the Marine Soldiers realized that all of their leaders had been defeated by Rayleigh. They were all lying there without knowing whether they were alive or dead.

“So is this Silvers Rayleigh’s power? How can we beat that guy?”

“Terrible. In just ten minutes, all of our G-7 Marine Elite Soldiers were finished by Rayleigh.”

“With his strength so strong, how can we win.”


“Lin Tian, ​​are you okay?” Hancock saw the wound on Lin Tian’s stomach. She ran with an expression of sadness and worried for Lin Tian.

Lin Tian endured the pain and smiled slightly at Hancock and said, “I’m fine, but what about your injury Hancock?”

Hancock shook her head and gestured that she was all right. Seeing Lin Tian’s wound, Hancock felt it was painful.

“Ah, wait a minute.” Hancock seemed to be thinking about something and took out a wonderful glass bottle from her jacket pocket.

Then she introduced the glass bottle to Lin Tian: “This is the healing medicine I took from Mary Geoise when I was running away. This is a special healing medicine for the people of World Nobles. I guarantee it is very effective.”

“Come here, Lin Tian, ​​I’ll apply it for you,” said Hancock as she put the ointment on her hand and slowly rubbed it off.

Then carefully lifted the clothes stained with blood-red and gently applied ointment on Lin Tian’s wound.

This ointment is dedicated to World Nobles’ people, and it is way more potent than any ointment on the market. Apply it to the wound and apply it gently, and the pain goes away right away.

This kind of thing was badly needed by people like Lin Tian, who was often seriously injured.

These World Nobles were very rich. This little ointment that was effective in healing these wounds was costly. You could imagine how much treasure they had.

After smearing the ointment on the whole wound, Lin Tian immediately felt better, and the injury stopped bleeding.

Seeing this powerful medicinal effect, Lin Tian was once again determined to have a chance to rob World Nobles.

Seeing Hancock apply for the medicine so gently, Lin Tian immediately felt delighted.

To be able to make the most beautiful woman in the world willing to do this kind of thing for herself, it could be said that Lin Tian was the only person in this world who could enjoy this kind of treatment.

Lin Tian took the medicine bottle from Hancock and said, “Then, let me rub the wound on your back as my gratitude.”

“Ah …” Hancock was so shy and fainted immediately, with the words echoing in her mind, “Lin Tian actually wanted to put medicine on my body …”

Hancock! Hancock! …

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