Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 46


Lin Tian tried to hold back the aura that Rayleigh emitted and then looked at Shakky and the others.

They were not affected in the slightest by Rayleigh’s strength. A glance of understanding flashed across Lin Tian’s mind.

This may be Rayleigh’s test for me, only I can feel the Conqueror’s Haki emitted by Raleigh, but Shakky and the others can’t.

As expected for a legend like Silvers Rayleigh, not only was Conqueror’s Haki so powerful, but he also had more control over Conqueror’s Haki over ordinary people.

Being able to bring out such powerful Conqueror’s Haki to perfection, without showing any faults, so that his comrades close to him were not affected at all, how terrifying the power of control he had.

Now that Lin Tian knew this was a test for him, he couldn’t help himself and took a deep breath.

Lin Tian’s eyes turned, tiger-like, releasing his aura without showing any weakness, and faced Rayleigh’s aura.

Realizing that Lin Tian also emitted an aura and was facing his own aura, Rayleigh’s face changed slightly, and turned towards Lin Tian and grinned.

After emitting his aura, Lin Tian suddenly felt very relieved, and a trace of pressure that was like a mountain was still there. Feeling Rayleigh staring at him, Lin Tian looked at him without showing any weakness.

The two people’s eyes were like lightning, colliding, and tottering in the air, and the entire space seemed to be frozen.

Rayleigh smiled, and the aura emanating from his body increased again. If the aura in front was a large wave, then it was like a powerful tsunami at this time, and Lin Tian’s boat capsized in an instant.

Lin Tian’s aura was instantly defeated, and intense pressure directly hit him several times. Under this intense pressure, Lin Tian’s waist immediately bent.

At the same time, Lin Tian’s brain was immediately dizzy, and his eyes became blurry.

“I can’t just fall!” Only this sentence remained and was repeated in Lin Tian’s mind.

He wanted to reach the top of this world, and Silvers Rayleigh was just a mountain to cross.

If I couldn’t even endure this tsunami-like aura now, then I wouldn’t be able to surpass Silvers Rayleigh and reach the pinnacle of this world.

“Come on, stand up …!” Lin Tian roared in his heart.

Lin Tian bit his lips tightly, and the intense pain caused his consciousness to recover. Slowly, little by little, Lin Tian’s waist straightened back up.

In order for his consciousness not to blur anymore, Lin Tian did not let go of his bloody lips but still bit him a little tighter. It was only under this severe pain that Lin Tian could stay awake.

At this time, Shakky and the others were also aware of Lin Tian’s resistance. After all, Lin Tian’s movements were very easy to notice, and with the blood flowing from his lips, anyone who wasn’t blind could notice.

“Lin Tian, ​​what’s wrong with you?” Hancock asked worriedly and hurriedly looked at the bleeding lips with a painful expression.

Shakky and the others were confused as to why Lin Tian had become like this. Then Shakky understood something and glanced at Rayleigh.

Seeing that Rayleigh had actually used Conqueror’s Haki to attack Lin Tian, ​​and seeing what Lin Tian was like now, Shakky turned around and wanted to beg for Lin Tian.

But thinking that Rayleigh wasn’t someone who had no intention of doing something, Shakky’s mouth was initially about to open immediately closed, and stood quietly to the side, observing Lin Tian’s state.

Under the pressure of Rayleigh’s powerful aura, Lin Tian was unable to speak at all and could only smile at Hancock and signal that she was all right.

Seeing the extremely painful expression on Lin Tian’s face, Hancock believed that Lin Tian was in pain and quickly took out the ointment earlier and rubbed it on Lin Tian’s lips.

Although this ointment was very effective, Lin Tian was constantly biting his lips hard. No matter how potent the medicine was, it was of no use to Lin Tian at this time.

Finding that Lin Tian’s state was like Marine Soldiers, on the other hand, Hancock immediately realized that this was the impact of Rayleigh’s strength.

And also, only Rayleigh can do something like this here. Seeing that Rayleigh had stared at Lin Tian without speaking, Hancock was immediately convinced of her conclusion.

“Rayleigh, you stinky old man, what did you do to Lin Tian ?!” Hancock shouted angrily at Rayleigh.

Rayleigh only glanced at Hancock before continuing to focus on Lin Tian.

Seeing that Lin Tian could endure his Conqueror’s Haki for so long, Rayleigh was completely shocked.

Lin Tian had the strength equivalent of a Commodore at the age of twelve; Rayleigh always thought it came from the Devil Fruit ability he ate.

But seeing that Lin Tian wasn’t using his Devil Fruit abilities and could withstand this powerful attack, at that moment, Rayleigh realized that he had gone overboard with this young man.

Seeing that Lin Tian could endure his Conqueror’s Haki, Rayleigh found that he was overreacting to the young man again. Rayleigh was very confident about the power of Conqueror’s Hak.

And what surprised Rayleigh the most was that Lin Tian was slowly adapting, huh! Lin Tian slowly adapted under the pressure of Rayleigh’s Conqueror’s Haki.

This is why Rayleigh used Conqueror’s Haki on Lin Tian. Rayleigh wanted to see how far this young man could go.

Seeing that Rayleigh still hadn’t stopped, Hancock stood up and stared at him at that moment, ready to stop Rayleigh’s behavior towards Lin Tian.

At this time, Shakky, who was silent, suddenly moved and grabbed Hancock’s arm to prevent Hancock from disturbing Rayleigh.

“Shakky, what are you doing? Didn’t you see what Rayleigh did to Lin Tian? Hurry up and let me go!” Hancock shook her arm hard, but Shakky gripped it too tightly. Hancock couldn’t let go.

Shakky whispered: “Hancock, see clearly. Even though Lin Tian looks very sick, but he only received minor injuries. Currently, Rayleigh is testing Lin Tian’s potential. This is an opportunity for Lin Tian. If you stop Rayleigh, it is the same. just you ruined Lin Tian’s chance to continue growing. “

Hearing Shakky’s explanation, Hancock slowly stopped struggling. Since all of this was for Lin Tian’s good, Hancock shouldn’t bother Lin Tian.

Even just looking at Lin Tian, Hancock could feel the pain in her heart. She had no choice but to hold back.

Marigold also persuaded her: “That’s right, Elder Sister, Rayleigh could not possibly hurt Lin Tian without cause. He must have had his own intentions when he did this.”

Shakky breathed a sigh of relief when Hancock had no desire to stop Rayleigh. If Hancock is still stubborn, Shakky worries that she can’t stop Hancock. As a strong woman who has Devil Fruit abilities, Hancock’s fighting strength is stronger than hers.

This time Sandersonia asked curiously: “Shakky, what kind of technique did Silvers Rayleigh use just now?”

He didn’t seem to be taking any action. All he was doing was standing there calmly and could knock hundreds of strong Marine Soldiers unconscious in an instant. What a powerful ability. If I could learn it, I would definitely become powerful.

Shakky thought for a moment and explained to the three curious Hancock brothers: “It’s the power of Haki, and his Conqueror’s Haki causes it.”

“Do you mean Armament Haki and Observation Haki? Then what is Conqueror’s Haki, and is this Conqueror’s Haki much stronger than the other two?” Marigold spoke doubts in his mind.

“Armament Haki and Observation Haki are something anyone can master, but Conqueror’s Haki is different. Conqueror’s Haki is only possessed by one in millions of people. This kind of person is known as someone who has a strong desire to become a King.”

“This type of Haki is for deterring or intimidating enemies with the strong aura emitted by the user, but if not controlled properly, it will also involve the people around him. Unfortunately, this kind of power cannot be obtained by training alone. It is the user’s own strong will that can strengthen that ability. “

This is Conqueror’s Haki!

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