Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 49


“Of course, I have strong ambitions. How am I satisfied with this small achievement.” Lin Tian said with a smile, his tone filled with determination.

“Oh,” when he heard that Lin Tian had such strong ambition, Rayleigh suddenly became curious, “Ambition? What ambition do you have?”

“I want to be on top of the world, live in freedom, and see the whole world clearly.”

When everyone heard Lin Tian’s ambition, there was a hint of shock on their faces. The ambition is too big. Rayleigh and Shakky thought they had heard wrong the moment they heard Lin Tian say it.

Even Rayleigh’s captain Gol D. Roger was touted as the Pirate King, hasn’t gotten that far.

Even though Captain Roger stands at the top of the world and knows the real world’s secrets, Captain Roger still has not achieved true freedom, and everything is still beyond his control. Otherwise, Roger would not have surrendered to the Marine at the end of his life.

Could he be using his death to start a new pirate era and hope that someone would achieve that goal?

But seeing this young man speak with a face full of affirmation, at that moment, Rayleigh felt that this young man might realize his ambition someday.

“Even though he is still a child, he has big ambitions.” Shakky chuckled and took a smoke on her cigarette.

“Lin Tian, ​​the path you choose is similar to searching for One Piece, but in some ways, it is more difficult than finding One Piece,” Rayleigh said in a deep voice.

Hearing someone who dared to hurt his idol speak like that, Hancock said: “Of course, one day Lin Tian can achieve his ambition. Rayleigh! You say that because you can’t achieve your ambition because you are too old, right ?!”

In Rayleigh’s view, Lin Tian’s chances of realizing this ambition were nearly impossible, and not even the great captain Roger could reach that point.

“Some people have goals they can’t possibly achieve to live a more attractive life, do they?”

“Hahaha …” Rayleigh chuckled, shook his head, and said emotionally: “I am indeed old enough! But I still have the same ambition as young people.”

Seeing Rayleigh and Lin Tian getting farther and farther away, Shakky suddenly said: “We’d better not stay here too long, and we should escape immediately.”

When Shakky reminded them, Lin Tian and Rayleigh realized that they were still surrounded by Marine Soldiers and had not escaped from the island.

After Rayleigh used his Conqueror’s Haki, many Marine Soldiers on the battlefield were knocked out. Some were still holding out, but they currently didn’t have enough fighting strength to stop Lin Tian and his comrades.

Lin Tian had not previously used his Devil Fruit powers, he only relied on his physical strength to fight, and then he still received the pressure of Conqueror’s Haki from Rayleigh.

The few Marine Soldiers who didn’t faint could only lie on the ground, helpless. They really couldn’t do anything.

“Now the Marine Elite Soldiers have been disabled, and they can no longer stand in our way.”

Shakky added: “As for the remaining Marine Soldiers, there is nothing to worry about. Now we just go to the dark harbor on Sexon Island, and then we can leave the island.”

“Dark Port …” whispered Lin Tian in a confused voice. He had been on the Grand Line for two years, but he had never heard of this place.


After Hancock raised the rest of the naval petrochemicals, Lin Tian and the others fled the city as if they had entered an uninhabited state under Leily’s dominant look.

After Hancock withdrew the Devil Fruit’s influence, which turned Marine Soldiers to stone, Lin Tian and company seemed to run away from an uninhabited city after Rayleigh used his Conqueror’s Haki.

Under Rayleigh’s leadership, everyone passed through the forest and came to a hidden harbor in the southwest corner of the island of Sexon.

So, this is Dark Port!

When Lin Tian got to that hidden port, he was very shocked. There is a port large enough to accommodate the many ships moving in and out of Sexon Island.

Seeing Lin Tian’s shocked face, Shakky immediately explained to him.

This world has a light side and a dark side, which is also called the underworld. Countless kinds of goods circulated in the underworld were traded illegally.

Because there is this transaction, therefore transportation is essential. All goods traded in the underworld are prohibited and taboo items, such as drugs, weapons, slaves, and many more.

Ships carrying these goods cannot dock at conventional ports, so traders establishing special ports to transport prohibited goods have emerged.

Therefore this port is called the Dark Port, which means a port that cannot be known by the general public.

After listening to Shakky’s words, Lin Tian’s face suddenly brightened. After being a Marine Soldier for so long, he had never heard of a place like that.

Hancock asked in confusion: “Lin Tian, ​​have you never heard of Dark Port?”

“No, I haven’t heard of it at the Marine. Have you heard of it, Hancock?” Lin Tian trembled and said.

“Well, of course, our older sister has heard of it.” Sandersonia didn’t want her older sister to remember what happened at Mary Geoise, so she said it first.

“Back then, when we were at Mary Geoise, we used to hear the Wolrd Nobles talking about it.”

After listening to Sandersonia’s words, Lin Tian smiled sarcastically.

No wonder I’ve never heard of this place on the Marine. It turned out that most Marine Soldiers didn’t know it, but Marine Headquarters hid it on purpose.

Moreover, the construction of a port of this size should really require dynamic calculations. If the Marine can’t find this, it’s just nonsense.

I suspect that the Marines have locations like this, mostly in the Grand Line area, but they are not very involved, as it could stain Marine’s face.

Dark ports like this are bound to be interconnected with transactions across the underworld. If this dark port becomes known to the public, it can be said that the entire underworld will basically be destroyed.

But the Marine did not dare to take firm steps because the entire underground world involved the interests of too many people, such as the World Nobles in Mary Geoise, powerful pirates, black traders, senior officials in world governments, several kingdoms, and even the Marine itself.

As long as this dark port is moved, the navy is equivalent to offending everyone in the world.

If the ins and outs of this dark harbor become known to the public, the Marine will not accommodate the worldwide anger.

Seeing Hancock, who was melancholy from remembering the bad treatment she had at Mary Geoise, Lin Tian gently held Hancock’s hand and comforted her.

“Now that you have all escaped don’t think too much of those dark moments. Let them pass and have a bright future.”

“Y-yes …” When Lin Tian took the initiative to grab his hand, Hancock’s face flushed red, and she replied shyly.

Ah … this is … the third time Lin Tian has held my hand!

Seeing that the port was in sight, Lin Tian showed a deep smile on his face.

I didn’t know that a place like Dark Port actually existed. Now I understand that there is such a terrible place. Therefore I will not allow it to transact peacefully in the future. There must be a lot hidden behind such a large port, so I can hardly take it for granted!

Anyway, for now, just leave all the responsibility to Uncle Rayleigh!

Seeing the smile on Lin Tian’s face, Rayleigh suddenly had a bad feeling in his mind.

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