Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 50


Inside the port, Lin Tian and the others were walking cautiously, their eyes full of alert.

Since entering the port, Lin Tian and the others haven’t met a single person, and a port of that size has absolutely no inhabitants at the moment.

The roadside was covered with fallen dry leaves, and many wooden boxes were placed randomly, there were also transport machines that were still functioning.

All of this showed that there were still people working in this place before Lin Tian and the others arrived, but now there was no one in this place.

Faced with a strange situation, Lin Tian and the others felt they had to be on their guard. As long as Silvers Rayleigh was on their side, there weren’t many people in this world who could threaten their safety, but sometimes being vigilant was better than dealing with the enemy.

“Rayleigh, are you sure this is the right direction? Don’t you think this port looks a little strange?” Lin Tian whispered.

Rayleigh suddenly rolled his eyes, “Am I the type who doesn’t even recognize the road? Apart from a port as big as this place, there are two more on the island.”

Lin Tian chuckled, Lin Tian also knew these things but felt the atmosphere was a bit heavy, which made Lin Tian very annoyed, so he said a few words to melt the atmosphere.

And when the atmosphere is liquid, that’s the time to discuss.

“Rayleigh, it’s not easy to get to this place, but how did the people in this harbor suddenly disappear?” Lin Tian said with a serious face.

Rayleigh nodded, “Indeed the Marine has surrounded this small island, and it will automatically have a big impact on this dark port, to avoid capture, the workers here have already fled.”

This kind of dark port involves too many people’s interests. Even if the Marine blocks this island, they will not send troops to surround it, so there are no warships around this port.

“Seeing chaos like this makes the workers in this port suddenly leave, and even the engine is not turned off.” After speaking, Shakky glanced at the still working machine next to him.

“There are only two possibilities for this situation. The first is that the people in this port were suddenly ordered to leave this place immediately. And the second is that suddenly a strong army or individual came here and captured all the workers.”

Shakky was an intelligence communications specialist that specializes in gathering information, so only based on what he sees in front of him can Shakky deduce a lot of useful information.

Hancock thought that Rayleigh had been here before, and she couldn’t help but ask: “Rayleigh, have you come here before? And is the situation the same as now?”

“Yes! Rayleigh looks like you’ve come here before ”, Sandersonia also asked.

Rayleigh shook his head, “No, when I came here before, even though no ships came to this port because of the Marine, there are still many people here.”

This is also the consensus of the underworld. Although the Marines were able to ambush this port for several reasons, they couldn’t be too arbitrary either. The Marines didn’t dare ambush all of the ports, but they still dared to ambush one.

Therefore, when the Marine is on a mission, a dark port like this must be careful and prefer to avoid Marine Soldiers. That way, the Marine will not be able to ambush workers in this dark port.

Regarding Rayleigh’s answer, even though he knew it, he was still a little disappointed after hearing it.

“No matter what the odds are, it’s not good for us,” said Lin Tian solemnly.

This is where everyone is a little worried because when Rayleigh came before, there were still people here.

But it didn’t take long for them to come here, but seeing no one was here, made them feel a little bit dangerous.

Lin Tian turned around and continued: “However, we now have Silvers Rayleigh here. After all, we are only here to pass and escape by boat from this island. I don’t think anyone would want to ambush us for a reason like this.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, everyone turned their eyes to Rayleigh.

Being stared at by everyone, Rayleigh suddenly felt as if he had become the only person he could rely on, and his main function was to prevent any disaster that might befall them.

And in Rayleigh’s mind, he consciously recalled the deep smile Lin Tian had seen before.

Seeing everyone’s eyes, Rayleigh smiled bitterly, and complained: “You guys, then none of you will look after this old me, don’t you respect the elders ?!”

“Nonsense…!” Lin Tian raised his index finger at Rayleigh with an expression of disgust, “Even though you are old, I think you are stronger than me.”

Seeing that everyone was annoyed by his words, Rayleigh quickly changed the subject, “Let’s not procrastinate here, let’s go to the docks and find a ship to leave the island.”

Shakky agreed: “Yes, as long as we leave Sexon Island, it will be safe. This is the Grand Line, and it will not be easy for the Marine to find us in this vast ocean.”

Lin Tian and others nodded, they don’t have much time, the most important thing is that now they have to run away first.

“If you want to escape, you have to get past my corpse first !!!”

This sentence was like thunder hitting the ground, terrifying everyone, their faces changed drastically.

Among them, Lin Tian’s expression was the most shocked. Rayleigh and the others thought this port was not easy. After those words that shocked everyone, things fell silent.

Because Lin Tian was familiar with this voice, he could immediately guess the owner of this voice, so when he heard this sentence, Lin Tian immediately recognized who it was.

As soon as those words fell, countless Marine Soldiers rushed out of the building and wooden boxes behind them, in no time, Lin Tian and the others were surrounded by hundreds of Marine Soldiers.

Seeing these familiar faces, Lin Tian shouted badly in his heart, lowered his head, and slowly hid into the box next to him.

“Tap, tap, tap …”

With ambush, the Marine Soldiers surrounded Lin Tian and the others, and a white-haired Vice-Admiral walked out.

Seeing the person in front of him, Rayleigh narrowed his eyes and shouted: “My, my, I didn’t expect it to be you. I thought I wouldn’t be able to meet you on this small island, and I didn’t expect to see you.”

Garp !!!

Right, Garp was right in front of them. After learning that the world government sacrificed the G-7 to cover up the evil political trade of the World Nobles’ wrath, Garp is naturally furious.

Garp knew that Rayleigh could understand the signal, so he didn’t have to worry about the safety of the G-7 Marine Soldiers. However, if the situation was different if they were in the ocean, Garp wouldn’t be able to do it.

Garp, who is in a bad mood, of course, has to let out his frustration, and this dark port is an object to vent his frustration.

In fact, Garp had expected that Rayleigh and his group would go to this dark port, so he was deliberately waiting here, and emptying the dark port was just a fraud.

It could be said that Garp really wanted to destroy this dark port, but this involved too many people, and now he was aiming to use Rayleigh’s capture as an excuse. If the two of them fought, they would accidentally destroy the port.

For this reason, no one dares to make a fuss about the destruction of this port.

Because Rayleigh and the others were intercepted by the G-7 Unit, Garp and his crew were able to arrive first. Under Garp’s command, the people working at this port were immediately detained by the Marine soldiers.

Knowing that Rayleigh and his group had not arrived yet, Garp planned to ambush them in this port, he waited for Rayleigh and his group to arrive, and then this scene occurred.

“Silvers Rayleigh, I haven’t seen you in a long time!” Garp said emotionally. Garp hadn’t seen him in years. Silvers Rayleigh who used to be very energetic now has white hair, and his comrades in the Gol D. Roger pirate crew are old.

“Yes! We haven’t seen each other in more than ten years. I didn’t expect that our reunion moment would happen in a place like this.” When he saw the person who used to chase him, Rayleigh also felt very emotional.

The surrounding Marine Soldiers listened to the conversation between Rayleigh and Vice-Admiral Garp clearly. Marine Hero Garp and Silvers Rayleigh look like old friends who have reunited. Seeing this incident, the entire Marine Soldiers around them were shocked.

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