Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 53


Lin Tian and Marine Soldiers went to a slope next to the port, and they witnessed a fierce battle that would shock the world tomorrow, the atmosphere in the port turned cold.

Watching the battle between Silvers Rayleigh and Vice-Admiral Garp, Marine Soldiers felt proud and worried. They rarely witnessed a fight between two strong figures like this.

Commodore Ander asked: “Commodore Lin Tian, ​​take it easy, Vice-Admiral Garp is your teacher, he will definitely knock down Silvers Rayleigh.”

Hearing those words, Lin Tian said for a moment and shook his head as he said: “I’m not sure, they are both strong, it’s too early to determine who the winner is.”

“Why?” Commodore Ander is still not clear about Lin Tian’s speculation.

In the past, Vice-Admiral Garp could always put Pirate King Gold Roger cornered into despair, and Silvers Rayleigh was just the Vice-Captain of the Roger Pirates. Garp may not be able to catch Rayleigh, but I believe he can at least knock down Silvers Rayleigh.

“You underestimated Silvers Rayleigh too much. I couldn’t even handle every single blow from him. Even that stinking old man considered Rayleigh as an unexpected man.” Lin Tian looked at the two people in the open field.

Commodore Ander was shocked when he heard Lin Tian’s words. He knew very well about Lin Tian’s strength and dexterity in battle.

I didn’t expect that even someone like Commodore Lin Tian wouldn’t be able to withstand every attack from Silvers Rayleigh. No wonder Commodore Lin Tian could be taken hostage by Rayleigh, and he didn’t even have a chance to escape.

Seeing the current situation, Lin Tian could predict that the battle between Silvers Rayleigh and Garp would end just as the Marine Soldiers thought, he knew that the battle they were doing was not a fight between enemies, but a battle between friends who had not seen each other in years.

If they fight in earnest, I’m afraid the people around here will be affected. Under the battle of these two strong figures, it could be said that this small island would in danger, and if something like that happened, I would not remain stand but immediately evacuate the surrounding population.


A strong sea breeze hit Rayleigh and Garp and made their robes flutter.

“Hey, Rayleigh, since Roger’s death at that time, where have you disappeared? What have you been doing all these years?” Garp asked in a deep voice.

Rayleigh slowly drew his sword, “Ever since Kaptain died, I’ve stopped going overboard. All I’ve been doing is gambling and gambling.”

Garp’s two fists were instantly coated in Armament Haki and teleported to Rayleigh’s side. Its speed was many times faster than Lin Tian’s Shave.

Even though Garp was very fast, Rayleigh was not an amateur. He reacted immediately and coated Armament Haki into his sword and immediately blocked Garp’s hand accurately and swiftly.

“Boom!” A strong shockwave was generated from the collision of the two Haki users, and the large kayo boxes around them immediately flew like cotton, and even the walls beside them cracked due to the strong shockwave.

The shockwave generated from the clash produced such a strong force, even though the resulting impact was intense, the two of them still hadn’t used their full strength. This can be a measure of how strong Rayleigh and Garp are.

Garp gripped Rayleigh’s right wrist tightly. “Is it true? Roger has spent his entire life influencing many people about the greatest treasure, and that’s to start a new pirate era, I can’t believe that you do nothing!”

After he finished speaking, Garp’s strength in his two hands increased, and the concrete under Rayleigh’s feet cracked due to this intense force.

Even though he had fought Garp many times, Rayleigh was still very impressed by Garp’s extraordinary fighting strength. Then Rayleigh released the sword in his hand and twisted his right hand to grab Garp’s wrist.

But Garp was already anticipating Rayleigh’s movement, Garp immediately launched his fist and aimed it at Rayleigh’s chest. Seeing Garp’s actions, Rayleigh quickly reacted and blocked Garp’s attack with his right hand.


Taking advantage of this state, Rayleigh grabbed the sword stuck in the ground and quickly retreated.

While he was moving backwards, he swung several slashes that produced blue light towards Garp.

“On his orders, I didn’t go to save him when he was executed at that time. I don’t know what he was thinking. So, for the rest of my life, I just want to live in peace.”

Garp quickly avoided the blue light. The building behind Garp shattered into pieces as a result of that powerful slash and collapsed instantly.

Garp raised his fist and charged at Rayleigh. As Garp approached him, each of his steps left a deep footprint.

“Really? Then what happened to the rest of the Roger Pirates’ crew? They are just like you Rayleigh, disappearing without a trace from this world for years.”

Rayleigh moved sideways and avoided Garp’s powerful blow, and he then swung his sword to force Garp back. “The rest of the Roger Pirates’ crew? I don’t know, and maybe they also live the same life as me.”

Hearing Rayleigh’s words, Garp did not just believe it. How could the strong men under Roger’s leadership want to live like ordinary people?

Boom, boom, boom …

For some reason, Rayleigh and Garp couldn’t use their full strength, but their speed was very high.

At this moment, Rayleigh and Garp looked like two lights that had collided and separated. Each time they crashed, there was a loud sound, followed by a strong shockwave.

Garp’s strength is robust, and if Rayleigh gets too close to Garp, he will be affected by Garp’s extreme power.

After all, the destructive power was not Rayleigh’s primary ability, but rather his swordsmanship, he relied heavily on his sword against Garp. Rayleigh can make up for his shortcomings well with his sword, so the two are evenly matched.

The Marine Soldiers on the slopes watched this terrifying battle in awe. The Marine Soldiers couldn’t see their specific movements; they saw two lights moving very fast in the port.

But by seeing the destructive force resulting from each clash between the two lights, everyone who saw it would have been shocked and amazed.

“So this is what will happen if the two strongmen fight each other?”

“No, this is the destructive force caused by Vice-Admiral Garp …”

“Vice-Admiral Garp is no ordinary Marine Soldier. Of course, his fighting strength is powerful!”


These troops had long served under Garp’s leadership. They knew very well that Vice-Admiral Garp, who is touted as a Marine Hero, is powerful.

But they were seeing this kind of battle for the first time, because in the past, no matter how strong the pirates he fought, Vice-Admiral Garp could instantly defeat him with one hit.

Unlike the Marine Soldiers next to him, Lin Tian could clearly see these two strong figures’ movements.

Even though they only used basic movements, the destructive power was very strong. So this is what will happen when the two Haki users fight.

Witnessing the battle of these two figures, Lin Tian got a deeper understanding of Haki.

Even though Rayleigh and Garp don’t have Devil Fruit abilities, they can become the top class strongmen in this world because of their Haki.

Rayleigh and Garp are examples of high-end Haki users that many people fear.

And by using Haki, Garp can withstand powerful slashes from Rayleigh.

The fighting had just started a few minutes ago, but the entire port had been razed to the ground, and the buildings were unlikely to be reconstructed.

That was because not only were the buildings destroyed, but the foundations could not withstand their strength. Under Rayleigh’s slash and Garp’s terrifying force, the harbour’s ground was filled with large holes, and the entire land was utterly destroyed.

“Only with Haki, the difference in strength can be seen. They can destroy an entire port even if they haven’t used their full strength.” Thought Lin Tian.

As Lin Tian thought like this, this battle had already reached its peak.

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