Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 54



Once again, Garp’s fist is blocked by Rayleigh. Seeing that one attack was still lacking, Garp quickly pulled both of his hands to his waist, and his pair of hands covered in Haki struck Rayleigh.

Garp attacks Rayleigh with consecutive hits.

Rayleigh tried to block all of Garp’s punches, but he knew it was a bad strategy. After not fighting Garp for years, Rayleigh felt that Garp’s extraordinary strength had not decreased, and Garp was powerful in close combat.

Just as Rayleigh was about to retreat, Garp realized it. Garp immediately launched a series of vicious attacks and forced Rayleigh to have no chance of getting away.

Rayleigh’s eyes grew sharp, and he activated his Observation Haki.

Rayleigh could see Garp’s rapid fist clearly, and quickly blocked all of Garp’s fists.

Seeing Rayleigh holding his fist, Garp understood that Rayleigh could see his attack. The attack speed that Garp launched slows down. After all, the swift and powerful attacks were quite heavy on Garp’s physique.

Seeing Garp’s punch slowing down, Rayleigh immediately realized that this was an excellent chance to get away from Garp.

Just as Rayleigh was about to retreat, Garp changed his fist tactic and attacked continuously, the direction of his punches more complicated than before.

Rayleigh tried to continue to concentrate and block every attack from Garp, and he knew very well that Garp is very good at close combat. Once his opponent made a gap, Garp would exploit that gap and finish it with a powerful attack, and Rayleigh could be lost.

Clang, clang, clang…

Even though Rayleigh used his sword to block every punch from Garp, he could still feel the damage being channeled through his blade. With Garp’s powerful attack, Rayleigh’s hand was bit by bit in pain.

Rayleigh could hold it for just a little while, but Garp’s attacks continued, and Rayleigh’s arms were already starting to hurt.

“If Garp continues to attack like this, it will be a big problem for me.” In an instant, Rayleigh’s eyes paid attention and analyzed the situation he was in right now.

“I didn’t expect a strong man like Rayleigh to be cornered like this,” said Hancock with a shocked look.

“What?!” Sandersonia and Marigold were also surprised at Hancock’s words.

Although the battle in the city before made Hancock and her younger sisters in awe of Rayleigh, seeing the current situation, they were greatly shocked.

A port of that size was destroyed in an instant by these two powerful figures. As a result of their battle, the port’s land became hollow, and several large holes had been flooded by water and turned into lakes.

Compared to the surprise of Hancock and her sisters, Shakky’s expression was much calmer. Shakky had seen a scene like this in the past.

Seeing Rayleigh being cornered by Garp, Shakky became a little worried. Shakky knew that Rayleigh was not well right now. If Rayleigh still couldn’t get over Garp, Shakky feared that their escape plan would fail.

Of course, Rayleigh understood the situation very well now. The blade dance in his hands was so enchanting. Rayleigh used his sword to block Garp’s attack well.

“Storm Slash!”

Rayleigh stomped on the ground with one foot, and the entire ground suddenly cracked. Rayleigh jumped into the air and swung his sword down.

The sword in his hand quickly swung toward Garp, and each swing gave off a sharp blue light that resembled a sword. In an instant, the entire sky was filled with countless blue lights.

Seeing blue light about to be shot at him, Garp activated Observation Haki. He took a deep breath and shouted out loud.

“Meteor Fist!”

The Garp’s fists rushed into the air, and countless air cannons appeared from Garp’s fists.

This air cannon was formed from Garp’s fists hitting the air rapidly. The air cannon was so powerful that it destroyed the blue light from Rayleigh’s sword.

“Boom, boom, boom…” The collision between the blue light and the air cannon exploded violently.

Thick smoke filled the entire harbor and covered Rayleigh and Garp’s figures so that everyone could not see the situation inside.

“Commodore Lin Tian, ​​do you think Vice-Admiral Garp managed to beat Silvers Rayleigh?” Asked Commodore Ander anxiously.

Lin Tian shook his head to show that he didn’t know what was going on inside the thick smoke. Lin Tian couldn’t say anything, but Lin Tian was still very confident that the two of them were still standing straight.

On the boat, Shakky and the others were also very worried about the situation inside the thick smoke.

At this moment, in the thick smoke, Rayleigh and Garp were facing each other at the edge of a large hole.

The two attacks they launched were mighty, most of the blue light and air cannons smashed into each other in midair, and the rest were easily dodged by the two of them.

So the impact of the blows of the two strikes left a huge hole. Even so, the two of them didn’t take much damage.

“Hahaha …” Garp said with a smile: “Rayleigh, it seems that after years of disappearing, your strength hasn’t diminished.”

After fighting Rayleigh, Garp’s anger had lessened, and he was in a better mood right now.

“You too, Garp. As always, your strength is still powerful.” Rayleigh is also in a great mood.

“Of course, I’ve had some good times these years, and I’ve been teaching a very talented student in the last two years.”

Speaking of Lin Tian, ​​Garp felt proud. His student was very talented, and he was praised as the most potential Marine Soldier at Marine Headquarters. Having such a student, every teacher would be proud of.

Seeing Garp’s happy face, Rayleigh suddenly felt a little jealous, but Lin Tian was indeed an excellent Marine Soldier.

How lucky this bastard Garp is, he can get such a talented student.

Rayleigh felt jealous of Garp.

“What stands out is your student, not you. I really don’t know what to be proud of about someone like you, Garp.”

Feeling a hint of jealousy at Rayleigh’s tone, Garp laughed, “Lin Tian is my disciple, and I am pleased that he can do what I teach.”

At the same time, she silently said in her heart: “At least this stinky brat doesn’t embarrass me in front of Rayleigh.”

Seeing Garp growing proud, Rayleigh could only sigh helplessly. Who said I don’t have a disciple stronger than Lin Tian.

Rayleigh hurriedly changed the subject. If he continued talking, he knew that Garp would never stop.

“Garp, we can’t determine who is stronger between the two of us, so we’d better make a final strike to end this battle.”

Now that I don’t have much time to face Garp, I have to get Shakky and the others off the island as quickly as possible.

Garp thought for a moment and agreed to Rayleigh’s words.

“Fine, but this last attack we can’t take out at full force. I’m afraid it will destroy the entire harbor.”

“Okay!” Rayleigh slowly slid his sword back into its sheath, “Let’s use this final strike to determine who wins and who loses.”

The two of them stood silently, staring at each other, and a powerful aura exploded from their bodies.

The impact caused by the collision was released into the sky, and the dense smoke disappeared in an instant.

Lin Tian and the Marine Soldiers still felt the collision’s impact in the distance, even though the auras had weakened due to the great distance.

However, the Marine Soldiers still felt the intense oppression, and several Marine Soldiers knelt on the ground.

Seeing the Marine Soldiers next to him just kneeling on the ground and not fainting, Lin Tian felt relieved, “Luckily, those two old men didn’t use Conqueror’s Haki.”

Feeling this powerful aura, everyone knew that the victor of this fierce battle would soon be determined.

Darkness Slash!

Iron Punch!

The two of them attacked so fast that the person watching the battle could not see them both. At this moment, the whole world seemed to be frozen, the earth stopped rotating, and time stopped flowing.


A strong shockwave erupted, accompanied by a strong storm, the debris around them blew like paper.

This powerful shockwave centered within the giant hole and spread out in all directions with terrifying force.

Many Marine Soldiers were blown away by this powerful shockwave, and even Lin Tian had exerted all his strength so as not to be blown away by this shockwave.

On the boat, Shakky and the others weren’t that lucky. Under the strong shockwave, the ship they were traveling in was moving out to sea faster, moving further away from the island.

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