Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 55


“Seawater! The port is flooded with seawater!” Lin Tian was shocked and shouted, seeing the entire port filled with seawater.

As a result of Rayleigh and Garp’s final attack, the port’s land was destroyed and filled with seawater. The initially dry land is now completely submerged.

On the surface of the seawater, countless wooden boxes floated up. Merchant ships and engines were damaged and sunk.

The dark port on the island of Sexon is one of the great ports of the underworld, as it is linked by two of the seven Grand Line routes, many of which have smuggled ships docked here.

Just like Lin Tian, ​​at this moment, the Marine Army was also shocked, watching such a huge port disappear from the surface completely.

“How could this happen?”

“Is this the impact of Vice-Admiral Garp’s full strength ?!”

“He literally submerged the entire port. Is he still human?”


Commodore Ander looked around the sinking port from the high slope, and he still did not find the figure of Vice-Admiral Garp.

“Hey, where’s Vice Admiral Garp ?!”

Compared to Commodore Ander, Lin Tian was much calmer. He waved his hand as he said.

“Don’t worry about him, Commodore Ander, that rotten old man won’t lose with just such an attack. Maybe his shirt is torn, and now he’s hiding somewhere.”

Commodore Ander fell silent when he heard Lin Tian’s words and still paid attention to the surroundings.

Then Lin Tian turned to Commodore Ander, and he saw that Commodore Ander was looking back with a frightened expression and silently pointing back with his index finger.

Seeing these actions, Lin Tian suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart. Before he could look behind him, a familiar old man’s voice rang out from behind.

“Do you think that was funny ?!”

Hearing Vice-Admiral Garp’s voice from behind, Lin Tian’s previously happy face darkened.

Since when did that stinky old man appear behind me?

Lin Tian looked at Garp with a wry smile. Lin Tian praised him, “Good job, teacher! I’m really worried about you.”

Did he hear what I said earlier?

Garp didn’t listen to the praise Lin Tian said and smiled and raised his fist.

“You stinky brat, dare to talk bad things about behind my back!”

When about to be hit, Lin Tian jumped back and scoffed: “Hey, will a good teacher beat up his student? Are you …”

Before Lin Tian finished his words, Garp caught up with him using Shave and hit him with a smile.

“You stinky old man !!”


Seeing Vice-Admiral Garp hitting Lin Tian, ​​the Marine soldiers who saw him sighed. Knowing that Vice-Admiral Garp was still very energetic, they were sure that he was fine.

Hearing the screams of Lin Tian, who was being beaten, Marine Soldiers only sympathized inwardly. They couldn’t help but shake their heads.

They were all silent, watching Lin Tian beaten.

All that was heard was Lin Tian’s scream and the sound of the wind.

After beating Lin Tian for more than ten minutes, Garp was satisfied, he clapped his hands, took out the Vice-Admiral’s clean uniform, and changed clothes.

After the battle just now, Garp’s clothes were indeed torn and couldn’t be worn anymore, but it wasn’t as bad as Lin Tian had said before.

Lin Tian’s body was covered in bruises from being beaten by Garp. He couldn’t keep up and could only surrender to Garp’s continuous attacks. He knew he wouldn’t be able to keep up with Garp’s speed. “Damn, that stinky old man really beat me up. Luckily, Hancock gave me this healing ointment so that the wound will heal quickly.”

While talking to himself, Lin Tian, who was in pain, took out a bottle of ointment from his pocket and slowly applied the ointment to the wound. The bruises all over her body immediately disappeared.

“Commodore Lin Tian, ​​are you okay?” Commodore Ander came and asked with sympathy.

Lin Tian smiled and said: “Even though that smelly old man still holds back his strength, but his punch still hurts, but I’m fine.”

Commodore Ander nodded and then stood in silence, his face slightly tense.

Lin Tian saw it and felt that Commodore Ander had a thought in his mind, and then Lin Tian asked seriously, “Commodore Ander, is there something bothering you?”

“Huh …” Hearing Lin Tian’s words, Commodore Ander sighed, “Did you know that this is a dark port that causes a lot of trouble?”

“Yes!” Lin Tian nodded and said sarcastically: “If it weren’t for Silvers Rayleigh bringing me here, I wouldn’t know such a place existed.”

Hearing that there was a note of irony in Lin Tian’s voice, Commodore Ander smiled wryly, “This place has a lot of involvement in the underworld, and we as Marine Soldiers don’t …”

Lin Tian understood that there must be an underworld full of troubles when there is a peaceful light world. This is an immutable law of nature, and a state like this also existed in Lin Tian’s previous life. Lin Tian understood the purpose of Commodore Ander’s words, so he interrupted it.

“Is that very problematic?”

Commodore Ander said, “This is a big problem.”

Lin Tian’s eyes went blank when he heard that, and he remembered a few things. Commodore Ander, in fact, Marine Headquarters can only submit to World Nobles’ orders, and the G-7 Unit is the victim.

When Vice-Admiral Garp realized this, he immediately came to this dark port and said it all.

After hearing Commodore Ander’s report, Lin Tian realized that there were so many complex issues behind this incident. No wonder the G-7 still carries out this command even though its opponent is Silvers Rayleigh. It turned out that this was due to an order to fight to the death of Marine Headquarters.

Although Lin Tian felt disappointed with Marine Headquarters’ orders, Lin Tian could also understand the limitations that Marine Headquarters had under World Nobles’ absolute orders. If faced with a situation like this, he would also do the same. It’s all not because of selfishness but to achieve true justice and many innocent civilians’ safety.

The Vice-Admiral Dalmatian of the G-7 also realized this, even though he still obeyed these orders to stop Silvers Rayleigh, even if the entire G-7 Unit was destroyed.

So is Vice-Admiral Garp. He knew this and chose to block Silvers Rayleigh in this dark port.

His agreement with Silvers Rayleigh was fulfilled, and no G-7 Unit was killed in this incident.

“Realizing all this, Vice-Admiral Garp made a dangerous decision. He dared to destroy this dark port, and I don’t know what consequences he will face.” Commodore Ander said in concern.

Hearing Commodore Ander’s worries, Lin Tian got up and explained.

“Don’t worry, that stinky old man predicted this. He’s going to make his battle with Silver Rayleigh the reason for the destruction of this port.”

“That is true!” Commodore Ander clapped his hands when he realized this and continued: “That way Vice-Admiral Garp’s reputation in the Marine will not fall, but instead receive praise. Besides that, he is fighting against The Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh!”

Seeing a ship in the middle of the sea, Lin Tian knew that Rayleigh was fine. He became even more convinced that Rayleigh and Garp had an unknown relationship.

Wait for me, Rayleigh! Shakky! Hancock!

Then Lin Tian looked at the port, which was flooded by seawater, and thought: “Damn, that stinking old man and Rayleigh really ruined everything, how much will this dark port lose in total, huh?”

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