Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 56


Seeing the chaotic port, Lin Tian had a thought.

As a result of Rayleigh’s attack and the smelly old man, all the assets and valuables in the port sank.

Even though the goods traded in the underworld were not legal goods, they still had a high value, and the Marine would definitely catch anyone who worked or had connections with this port.

Initially, when Lin Tian found out that there was a dark port on Sexon Island, he wanted to loot the valuables after Rayleigh and the others left, then he blew up this port and blamed everything on Rayleigh.

That way, the people who suffered losses couldn’t retaliate once they discovered that the culprit was Silvers Rayleigh. After all, Silvers Rayleigh’s reputation in the underworld was greatly feared.

As Lin Tian had such thoughts, Rayleigh saw his smiling face, knowing this he had a bad feeling.

That way, I can earn a lot of money. Oh, that can’t be said of robbery. I’ll use it to give to the poor and a small part for myself. Robbing the rich for the poor’s welfare is not an offense at all, isn’t it? So I can confidently do it.

Besides, I can also keep dangerous goods out of the hands of evil irresponsible hands, isn’t that the same as saving the lives of many people.

But now that this port was destroyed and filled with seawater due to the battle of Rayleigh and the stinky old man, the impact of the valuables was also gone, which made me feel sad.

Commodore Ander said carefully next to him: “Commodore Lin Tian ​​isn’t that …”

Before Commodore Ander could finish his sentence, Lin Tian waved his hand and interrupted. “No need to comfort me. I know everything is well done.”

“Hey, I haven’t finished my sentence yet.” Commodore Ander smiled helplessly and continued: “Commodore Lin Tian, ​​I wanted to say that the valuables in the port have not disappeared.”

Hearing what Ander said, Lin Tian was silent for a while, then immediately reacted and asked excitedly: “What did you say, those things haven’t been destroyed ?!”

“Yes.” Commodore Ander nodded and explained: “When we just arrived at this port, the people here fought back, but for some reason, Vice-Admiral Garp gave the command, and you caught everyone here in no time.”

“A few moments after the arrest of the men, Vice-Admiral Garp ordered that the prisoners and their belongings be moved to a safe place. At that time, I did not understand the meaning of this order. But, when I saw the Vice-Admiral’s battle Garp and Silvers Rayleigh, I understand. “

Lin Tian didn’t have time to hear Commodore Ander’s story about everything. What he now prioritized was where the valuables were.

“Commodore Ander, don’t talk about unnecessary details. You better take me immediately to the place where they are secured.”

“Go where?!” Before Commodore Ander answered, Garp came, and asked.

Hearing Vice-Admiral Garp asks loudly; Commodore Ander quickly replied respectfully: “Vice-Admiral Garp, we’re going to the place where the goods are secured.”

Garp, who was well aware of his disciple’s behavior, immediately understood Lin Tian’s aim after hearing Commodore Ander’s reply.

Then he harshly said: “You stinky brat, who do you think we are? We are Marine Soldiers! And we shouldn’t think about the treasure!”

Lin Tian curled his lips and muttered in a low voice: “Unlike you, who can get 100 Belly food every day, I only get 2 Belly meals.”

Even though Lin Tian’s voice was very low, Garp could still hear it.

Garp, who originally wanted to take food to restore his strength after fighting, became reluctant to eat.

Commodore Ander, who was next to Lin Tian, heard his words clearly. Seeing Vice-Admiral Garp’s expression, Commodore Ander wanted to laugh, but when Vice-Admiral Garp glimpsed him, Commodore Ander immediately stifled his laughter.

“Cough, cough, cough.” To hide his embarrassment, Garp deliberately coughed several times.

Then seriously asked: “Well, as a Marine Soldier who holds fast to justice, we must not let the news of this port come to the surface, and we shouldn’t take other people’s treasure.”

“Alright, alright. I understand!” After saying that, Lin Tian asked Commodore Ander to show you where the goods were being secured.

Seeing Lin Tian leaving, Garp shook his head. He took out a piece of bread and studied it.

“This is so unexpected. This loaf of bread actually threatened a Vice-Admiral like me.”


Together with Commodore Ander, Lin Tian entered the forest and immediately came to a clearing.

There were many wooden boxes neatly arranged in the open-spaced, and in the middle, there was a standing tent. Besides that place, many people tied up, and dozens of Marine soldiers watched over them all.

“Commodore Ander, Commodore Lin Tian, ​​why are you two here? Have the problems at the port been resolved?” A Lieutenant Commander paid a military salute to the two and asked curiously.

Seeing the person who was being so formal with him, Lin Tian felt a little uneasy and said, “Roberts! Didn’t I say it? Don’t call me Commodore Lin Tian, ​​just call me Lin Tian.”

That Lieutenant Commander was Lin Tian’s first friend on the ship. He used to be a Captain Marine. But thanks to Lin Tian’s direction, Roberts also got a promotion, and now he is a Lieutenant Commander.

Roberts felt embarrassed if he seemed too familiar with Lin Tian, ​​”It’s because your rank is higher than me, so it’s natural for me to call you that, and everyone calls you as Commodore, so I find it strange to only call you by name only.”

Regarding this matter, Lin Tian could sigh helplessly. Lin Tian also knew that Roberts was a stiff person, so he didn’t say much and avoided this kind of conversation.

“The problem at the port has been resolved. It ended with the battle between Vice-Admiral Garp and Rayleigh, and it ended in a draw. As a result of that fierce battle, the port sank.”

“Battle? Drowning ?!” Roberts muttered to himself with an expression of shock.

The news shocked him much. Roberts had predicted many things would happen, but he never thought that the port would sink.

Seeing a port of that size, Roberts thought it would be impossible to destroy the port entirely.

Lin Tian and Ander said nothing and gave Roberts time to digest the shocking news. They know that it takes time to react after hearing such news.

After a moment, Roberts reacted shyly and said, “Sorry, I kept you waiting. This news is shocking. It’s hard to imagine a port of that size being destroyed and sinking.”

“It’s okay. The first time we saw that scene, our expressions were the same as yours.” Commodore Ander said with emotion.

However, that scene was very unexpected and beyond the expectations of the average person.

“Oh, by the way, are you guys here for something?”

Lin Tian replied, “Oh yes, we are here to see the valuables that were successfully secured.”

Roberts smiled faintly and said, “You came on time. As soon as we finished counting everything, you came.”

“Oh, really?” Lin Tian didn’t think he had come at the right time, and it was so good. If I arrive early, I have to help open the boxes one by one.

“Okay, now I’ll tell you more specifically,” said Roberts as he walked towards the wooden box with Lin Tian and Ander.

“To be honest, after we counted all the goods here, we were all very shocked. Everything we managed to secure was forbidden. If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed that such a place existed in the world. “

Looking at the wooden box around him, Lin Tian showed a hint of curiosity.

Because these boxes not only contain illegal goods but also contain a dark part of this world.

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