Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 57


From Roberts’ explanation, Lin Tian began to glimpse the state of the underworld.

“Based on the items we checked, there are a total of 473 wooden boxes containing illegal goods that have been regulated by the World Government. These illegal items include weapons, drugs and medicine. “

“The most number are weapons, with a total of nearly 253 boxes, the types of weapons such as rifles, cannons, bullets, etc. Then there are drugs, which total more than 140 boxes. But it’s very precious, and there’s lots of high-quality rare medicine in it. “

“And the remaining boxes contain things we don’t know about, and these boxes are well protected, I’m sure there must be high-priced items inside too. Without Vice-Admiral Garp’s orders, we wouldn’t dare open the boxes. This is haphazard. “

After reporting the successfully secured boxes, Roberts handed a piece of paper to Lin Tian and Ander. “These are specific data from these boxes. Each category and its quality is listed on this sheet.”

After explaining his work results, Roberts felt thirsty, and he drank water while waiting for Lin Tian and Ander to finish reading.

Hearing the report from Roberts, Lin Tian had expected it. But, when Roberts gave the specific data of the items, Lin Tian was shocked.

The weapons and ammunition contained in these boxes were sufficient to arm tens of thousands of soldiers.

Besides, these weapons were classified as sophisticated in the Marine, and only Elite Marine Soldiers were equipped with these weapons, but there were tens of thousands of units here.

Even though those weapons were numerous, they weren’t as valuable as medicine. These items were worth at least a billion Belly. This can be said to be an extraordinary wealth.

“The bastards from the underworld, truly trade in high-quality advanced weapons and rare medicines. Even these items are very rare to find at Marine Headquarters. However, they can trade them in large quantities.” Commodore Ander only read some data. He could not help but get angry.

Seeing Commodore Ander cursing at the side, Roberts moved next to Lin Tian and whispered: “I can’t believe his reaction, is he the usual Commodore Ander?”

Lin Tian only smiled bitterly and nodded. He also didn’t expect Commodore Ander to react like that.

Both of them knew that Commodore Ander was very polite in everyone’s eyes. Lin Tian has worked together with Commodore Ander for two years. This is the first time Commodore Ander has felt so angry he condemned others behaviour. This shows how angry Commodore Ander is at this time.

“Calm down, Commodore Ander, this sort of thing is beyond our control.” Lin Tian calmed Commodore Ander.

“Huhh…” Commodore Ander took a deep breath. This kind of problem wasn’t something they could face at their level. The dark port involves too many parties. Even Marine Headquarters still does not dare to act on this issue.

This time, Vice-Admiral Garp used the chance to fight with Silvers Rayleigh to destroy this dark port, with their strong fighting strength, this port will not be able to hold it.

Marine Headquarters will act with caution to carry out investigations and blockade ports like this under normal circumstances.

Commodore Ander clenched his fists and said with an exasperated expression, “In just one port there are so many prohibited items being traded, how many prohibited items would be in the Grand Line if they were all added up.”

“Hey, it’s not your fault if you really can’t handle it, Marine Headquarters is even desperate to find a way to make a port like this disappear. I’m sure in a few years there will be a port like this again.”

Lin Tian, ​​who had the experience of living in a previous life, was able to see more clearly than an ordinary person. This world has a bright side and a dark side, and we can’t do anything to get rid of that dark side, as long as the dark side world exists, this kind of port will never disappear.

“By the way, Roberts …” Lin Tian suddenly thought of something and asked: “What do you mean by unclear items?”

Roberts patted his head, “I almost forgot. Lin Tian, ​​ever since you left, we have found some unclear things. Apart from the things we found at the port, we also found some slaves.”

“Slave?” Lin Tian was confused.

 After living for so many years in this world, Lin Tian knew that there was still slavery in this world. However, only World Nobles can own it. Not only humans, but there are also creatures from other races. Ander explains: “The slaves found here are not ordinary humans. They are humans of another race, and they are all very charming women, who are very popular among World Nobels.”

Lin Tian could understand Roberts feelings very well. As the saying goes, “There are three women in one play,” there are more than 30 women here, and that wasn’t easy for Roberts to get over all of them.

“But doesn’t this have anything to do with setting up tents?” Commodore Ander looked at the tent in front of him.

Roberts lifted the curtain and said, “Nor am I aiming to pitch tents, but these women are forcing us to pitch tents. I wonder, can the sun kill them?”

“Sun, sun huh …” Lin Tian repeated in a low voice, suddenly thought of something and looked at Roberts with a wary gaze.

Just when Roberts had just opened the curtains, a log was pointing towards Roberts in the face, just as Roberts was about to be hit.


Lin Tian moved quickly to Roberts’s front, clenched his right fist, and hit the log back into the tent.


When Lin Tian hit the log back inside, there were many screams from inside the tent.

Commodore Ander, who was shocked by this incident, immediately shouted: “Gather! Surround this tent!”

“Huh … huh …” Roberts, who was nearly hit by the log, felt a little relieved.

“Thank you, Lin Tian!” The log was pointed at him suddenly. If Lin Tian didn’t react quickly, Roberts would really have suffered severe injuries.

Marine Soldiers who heard Commodore Ander’s command immediately surrounded the tent.

Lin Tian looked at the tent in front of him warily.

These slaves, they are no ordinary slaves!

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