Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 58


Inside the tent, dozens of women were in a ready position, and in the middle of the tent was a large log.

These female slaves prepared the wooden rods that had just been used to attack Roberts, but their attack was thwarted by Lin Tian.

An amazing woman stared warily at the tent door.

This sudden attack was deliberately planned to injure the Lieutenant Commander so that we would take the key held by the Lieutenant Commander to open the chains at our feet.

But our plans didn’t go smoothly. I didn’t expect that a little demon would appear to foil our plans. This little demon’s power seemed so strong that he was able to hit back this log back into the tent and nearly knock us all out in one hit.

Because it takes time to strike back, so one of those amazing women stood in front of the log, and naturally, she saw Lin Tian’s figure clearly.

“Eldest sister, our plan has failed, what should we do?” a woman who rose from the ground rose and whispered to that wonderful woman.

“The Marine Soldiers have surrounded us now. We need to wait for the right time to counterattack.”

Even though that amazing woman had doubts, she had no other choice.


Outside the tent, Commodore Ander was about to give orders for Marine Soldiers to ambush and catch all the female slaves, but Lin Tian stopped him.

Commodore Ander looked at Lin Tian in confusion, and Lin Tian explained: “Isn’t it better for us to remain calm and plan carefully? They are all not ordinary female slaves.

Commodore Ander frowned; he felt dissatisfied with Lin Tian’s opinion. When Commodore Ander was about to say something, he was surprised by what was in front of him. The same was true of all the Marine Soldiers who were around the tent.

They saw the tent that stood firmly on the ground, slowly floating in the air without any tools or person to lift it.

Remembering Lin Tian’s words just now, Commodore Ander immediately reacted and realized that Lin Tian did this.

“Now Commodore Lin Tian is using his Devil Fruit powers well.” Commodore Ander said to himself while looking at Lin Tian, who was beside him.

This was a new technique that Lin Tian developed after fighting the G-7. He can envelop the entire tent with spatial power, and he can also control the tent’s movement at will.

But it has limitations; he couldn’t lift things that are too heavy. Now Lin Tian was trying to hold the tent in the air.

Seeing Lin Tian, who was raising his hand, Marine Soldiers immediately realized that the tent could float because of Lin Tian’s act, they looked at him with admiration and recognition.

Lin Tian then removed the tent, ​​and all the female slaves could be seen by the Marine Soldiers.

All-female slaves were amazed to see the tent that suddenly floated up. Besides, they were even more shocked when they saw the Marine Soldiers around him pointing their weapons at them. At this moment, the female slaves’ eyes were filled with fear.

Except for that amazing woman, Lin Tian had already noticed her from the start, but not because of her beauty.

Even though this woman looked charming and tough to Lin Tian, who already had a close relationship with Hancock, this woman looked so-so in his eyes.

Compared to Hancock, this woman’s beauty was inferior.

Even though Lin Tian had already met the most beautiful woman in the world, his typical temperament wasn’t much worse than this woman.

After a while, Lin Tian turned away from the woman. Lin Tian was still more interested in looking at the other slave races that were behind her.

For a moment, the female slaves could feel that Lin Tian was watching them, and the female slaves also glanced at Lin Tian, ​​but then they lowered their heads. No one knew what Lin Tian was thinking about them.

The appearance of these women of various races really took Lin Tian by surprise, and he saw a woman from the Longarm Tribe who had two elbows on her arm. He also saw the Mink Tribe and Mermaids, the postures of these two tribes looked the same as normal humans, but they also had animals’ appearance. The rest wasn’t much different from normal humans.

“We already know what you guys are planning, and we are just finding out who is behind this plan. We will not use force if you give up the mastermind!” Said Commodore Ander, who was standing beside Lin Tian.

Meanwhile, Lin Tian was silent and watched their movements.

Commodore Ander had been waiting for a while, but they were only silent. Initially, Commodore Ander did not want to be violent. But looking at the current state of affairs, he had no other choice.

When Commodore Ander was about to give orders to attack, Lin Tian suddenly said: “I know you have a strong friendship bond, so you are willing to cover up the mastermind behind this plan, but now I will give you two choices. First, if the mastermind behind this plan confessing, then we will only kill the mastermind. Second, if none of you confess, we will kill all of you. I will give you ten minutes to think! “

The surrounding Marine Soldiers were shocked when Lin Tian spoke like thatEven though the Marines felt they could not tolerate what they had done. They never thought of killing the female slaves.

Commodore Ander also thinks like that. He just wanted to punish the mastermind behind this plan and never thought of killing them all.

“Hey, Lin Tian …”

Commodore Ander tried to rebuke him, but Lin Tian waved his hand to stop him. Commodore Ander, who didn’t understand Lin Tian’s meaning, was silent and watched.

“What should I do? I don’t think that any small Commodore is so cruel as him.”

“Look at that, he really intends to kill us all, do we …”

“We cannot possibly hand over the older sisters who have looked after and protected us to them.”


Seeing the amazing woman still insisting, Lin Tian showed a little worry on his face, after which Lin Tian closed his eyes, and somehow he felt happy.

Ten minutes is not a quick time. But for the female slaves who were being threatened and surrounded by Marine Soldiers, ten minutes seemed to have passed in an instant.

Ten minutes later, Lin Tian opened his eyes, raised his hand, and ordered: “Raise your weapons, take aim, prepare!”

Under Lin Tian’s command, the Marine Soldiers immediately got ready.

Although the Marine Soldiers were reluctant to do this, they worked to obey orders, and superiors’ orders were not to be violated.

Just as Lin Tian’s hand was about to fall to give a shooting signal, the amazing woman finally raised her hand, and quickly the Marine Soldiers aimed their weapons at this woman.

“The mastermind behind this plan is me, now that I have confessed, you must let the others go!”

In front of the dozens of Marine Soldiers who were aiming their weapons at her, the woman’s expression was undaunted, her words flat, as if she didn’t care what happened to her as long as her friends were safe.

Seeing the woman standing up, Lin Tian smiled at her, and he gave an unexpected order.

“Lower your weapons, and untie the chains that hold them!”

At this moment, the woman’s mastermind became confused.

Upon receiving this order, the Marine Soldiers didn’t know what to do, and then their eyes fell on Commodore Ander.

“Commodore Lin Tian, ​​what do you mean?” Commodore Ander said with confusion.

In Commodore Ander’s view, Lin Tian’s orders were too arbitrary, and he didn’t consider the slightest consequences.

Lin Tian didn’t answer Colonel Ander directly but instead asked, “Commodore Ander, what are you going to do with these people?”

“Of course, I will take them to Marine Base, then report this incident, and give them some money so they can go home.” Commodore Ander answered without thinking.

“Commodore Ander, if you take them to the Marine Base, news of them will leak soon. I am afraid they will not reach the house but will remain slaves.”

Instantly Commodore Ander came to his senses, and his eyes narrowed. If Lin Tian didn’t remind him, he wouldn’t have thought about his plan’s consequences. If they were taken to Marine Base, they would likely be caught and reappear at the auction house as merchandise.

After a moment’s silence, Commodore Ander nodded and ordered all the Marine Soldiers: “Carry out Commodore Lin Tian’s instructions, remove the chain that holds this woman’s ointment!”

Since Commodore Ander and Commodore Lin Tian both agreed, as Lieutenant Commander, Roberts could do nothing but obey their orders. Roberts then gives the Marines the key to the chain to release the slave girl.

“Commodore Lin Tian, ​​whatever your reasons are, there are a few things to consider.”

Hearing Commodore Ander’s warning, Lin Tian suddenly felt embarrassed. Like Commodore Ander, an experienced person was well aware of the situation, but Lin Tian, without any discussion or signal, inadvertently tricked him.

It looks like I got my hopes up on Commodore Ander. Commodore Ander has been in the Marines for years. How could he not understand such simple things?

“Excuse me, Commodore Ander, I didn’t mean to deceive you.” Lin Tian apologized to Commodore Ander in a low voice.

Commodore Ander waved his hand and gestured not to think too much about it, “As long as you can think clearly, I will do my best not to let Vice-Admiral Garp know about this.”

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