Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 59


The chains that bound their feet had the same lock, so it took a lot of time to open.

After all the chains on their legs were released, the female slaves felt very happy. The breaking of the chains that held them down not only meant that they regained their freedom, but they also had a new life starting today.

Since being captured and made slaves, they no longer have their rights as humans, and they are treated as items. Now that they were finally free, how could they not be happy?

Considering they were all women when they were happy, they became very noisy. The 30 women were making a fuss by themselves, and the noise was enough to make all the Marine Soldiers not know what to do.

Commodore Ander feels both touched and uncomfortable to see their happiness. Now Commodore Ander feels what Roberts previously felt. Seeing these women so noisy makes him very uncomfortable.

“Shut up. No need to scream like that, stop!”

Commodore Ander screamed for the women to be quiet, but he was ignored, and the women were still talking to each other.

Seeing Commodore Ander in despair, Roberts sneered and laughed on the side.

Then, Lin Tian felt bad to see Commodore Ander like that, and he quickly spoke up to represent Commodore Ander.

“Everyone, everyone, please calm down. I have something to talk about.”

The women immediately heard Lin Tian’s words, who was their savior, and they all immediately calmed down. The words of a savior must be heard.

Seeing that his words were heard, Lin Tian smiled happily.

Commodore Ander had tried to silence them before, but no one complied. Seeing that Lin Tian’s words were heard, Commodore Ander felt hurt, and his face became gloomy.

“Ahem …” After moistening his throat, Lin Tian said, “Now you are all free, and we will give you money later. If you want to go home, you can use this money to go back to your house. Otherwise, you can. start a new life with this money. “

After that, Lin Tian continued: “If any of you don’t know where to go, you can trust me, I’ll give you a decent place.”

“Now you can think about it first, and if you have any questions, you can ask me.”

After Lin Tian finished speaking, a woman from the Longarm Tribe asked: “Our hometown is so far away, did you give enough money to pay for our trip?”

Lin Tian smiled faintly and replied: “Of course, you can tell us where your house is, and we will give you money based on your needs on the way.”

Hearing Lin Tian promise such a thing, the women whispered to each other, they were still worried about how they would go home, but now that they had the expenses to make the trip, they became confident enough to go home.

After a while, they have made their own choices, most of them will return to their hometowns. However, some of them were homeless and didn’t know where to go, so they chose to go to the place that Lin Tian promised.

However, one of them chose to go alone, and that person was that wonderful woman. Lin Tian was not at all surprised when he found out. He already thought that the woman would make this choice.

When the other women know that the wonderful woman is going away alone, they all persuade her.

Since escaping from Mary Geoise, that wonderful woman has helped many of those women. So, the women already considered her like their own older sister.

However, their persuasion was politely rejected by the woman, and the determination was completely irreversible.

When Lin Tian was about to give those women money, two Marine Soldiers and a man approached him. Seeing their arrival, Lin Tian was confused.

“Reporting, Commodore Lin Tian, ​​this man wants to meet you. He has an unusual background. We couldn’t make a decision, so we brought him up to you to decide.”

Hearing the reports from the two Marine Soldiers, Lin Tian’s face became serious. Lin Tian watched the man casually, and he found that when the women saw the man, their faces were filled with fear.

It turned out that this man was the one who bought them, but he was not the real buyer. The real buyer was a World Noble.

The power that the World Nobles possessed was well known to people from other races. World Nobles have the highest authority in the world, and they could easily get an Admiral to do something for them.

The women were worried: “Now that this man has come to recapture us, these Marine Soldiers will find out that the person who bought us is a World Noble. Will these Marine Soldiers return us to them?”

“Remove that thing from his mouth.” The man’s mouth was filled with black objects. Lin Tian had been watching it for a long time but still didn’t know what it was.

As soon as the black object was removed, the man suddenly shouted: “How dare you cover my mouth with these smelly socks!”

Hahahahaha !!

Hearing the man’s words, everyone burst out laughing. The black thing was socks.

The two Marine Soldiers’ faces showed a hint of embarrassment. When the two of them came, to prevent the man from screaming, they tried to find something to cover his mouth, but they couldn’t find anything after a long search. In the end, they couldn’t help but take off the socks they had been wearing for years.

Seeing this scene, Lin Tian shook his head and smiled. She never thought that the thing that was in the man’s mouth was socks.

Seeing everyone laughing at him, the man became even angrier: “You lowly Marine Soldiers, you only dare to laugh at me here.”

Just watch out later, you lowly Marine Soldiers!

When all the Marine Soldiers heard the words the man had spoken, they became angry, and even Commodore Ander became angry. The Marine Soldiers gripped their weapons tightly, holding back the anger in their hearts.

“What did you just say ?!” Lin Tian asked in a cold tone.

The Marine Soldiers knew Lin Tian very well, and he was the terrifying person here. When Lin Tian showed this kind of reaction, it showed that he was already furious.

Feeling the cynical look in the Marine Soldiers’ eyes, the man became a little scared, and his body trembled. However, when he saw those female slaves behind Marine Soldiers, the man’s body suddenly calmed down, and there was pride in his eyes.

The man tilted his head and said very arrogantly: “Don’t you know me? I am Dali Redo. My master personally gave this name. My master is a World Noble, and if you lowly Marine Soldiers dare to treat me like that again. , you will …. “


Before the man could finish his sentence, a gunshot sounded.


The man screamed while gripping his bleeding arm.

Earlier, when that man started looking down on the Marine Soldier again, Lin Tian secretly took a shot from the Marine Soldier next to him and fired it into the man’s arm.

All Marine Soldiers felt relieved when they saw what Lin Tian was doing. They all really want to shoot this bastard. Unfortunately, they couldn’t bear the consequences they would get after doing this kind of thing.

“Ah, that Marine Soldier dares to do something like that.” The women behind them felt very shocked when they saw this incident, especially since the ones who were shot were men who were sent by World Noble.

That wonderful woman also felt shocked, but on her surface, she looked calm. She didn’t understand what Lin Tian was thinking.

“Even though this child already knows that that person is a man sent by World Noble, but why would he do such a reckless thing?”

“You! A low-ranking Marine Soldier would dare to shoot me. I will report this to my master, and a low-ranking Marine Soldier like you will become slaves!”

While enduring the pain, the man shouted angrily. In the past, as long as he introduced himself as a person working under World Noble, not even a Vice-Admiral would dare to oppose him. However, this Marine Commodore dared to shoot him.

Hearing this man’s words, a trace of worry flashed across everyone’s eyes, if there was a World Noble behind him. Commodore Lin Tian will suffer severe consequences for his actions.

Commodore Ander realized that the problem that was happening here was becoming more and more complicated, and he was worried that Lin Tian’s actions would cause serious problems. Not to mention that there is a dark harbor problem that will be very difficult to explain to Marine Headquarters, and now World Noble’s dog is injured.

If a dog is killed, the World Noble will get angry and immediately kill the culprit. Commodore Ander is worried for Lin Tian’s safety now.

Commodore Ander wants to remind Lin Tian that he only needs to reprimand this World Noble dog, even though in the end, there will be an argument.


“If you’re still barking, I don’t care about wasting a few more bullets.”

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