Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 6 Become Garp’s Apprentice



The ward’s door was opened from the outside.

An old man in Vice-Admiral uniform walked in. This man was the Marine Hero Garp. Since he kept  Lin Tian in the hospital, he never went to the hospital for more than half a month.

This is the first time he visited me today.

Garp has been keeping him here for a half month, and Lin Tian was very bored. Even if Garp didn’t visit him today, Lin Tian was also ready to take the initiative to find Garp.

At this time, Garp was not as old as in the comics. He was almost 50 years old but looked from his appearance now, he looked like 20 years younger, and he was very energetic.

Garp walked in and didn’t ask how Lin Tian’s condition. Instead, he walked directly to the window and looked at the marine soldiers training outside.

He asked: “What do you think of these trained soldiers.”

When he heard Garp’s question, Lin Tian suddenly understood why Garp kept himself here without taking a look at him, because he wanted to experience the atmosphere of the Marine Headquarters by himself.

Lin Tian pretended not to sarcastically said: “This is the worthy place as a Marine Headquarters.

The soldiers who stay here are much better than those outside, but why these elite soldiers are stay here and just training and training?”

When Garp heard the irony in Lin Tian’s tone, he was not angry but laughed.

Suddenly, Garp traveled in front of Lin Tian in an instant. Lin Tian, ​​who had been in the Marine Headquarters for more than half a month, recognized that this move was one of the Six Marine Styles. Without the slightest reason, he punched Lin Tian in the head.

Felt the strong wind on his fist, Lin Tian’s face changed drastically, and he quickly placed three spatial barriers on his head.

He was staying in the hospital for the past half month, and what Lin Tian did was not only lay on his bed all day.

After more than half a month of familiarization, Lin Tian also sharpen his abilities more adeptly.

Not only has the speed of creating spatial barriers increased, but the durability of the spatial barrier has also increased.

But his ability enhancement was nothing in front of Garp. Even he couldn’t do any slightest counter against Garp’s move, Garp was accurately hit Lin Tian.

Lin Tian was knocked out of the bed with his powerful punch and made a big hole on the wall.

Fortunately, Lin Tian put a shield on his body in time. Otherwise, he would hit the wall, and it would be sore for a while.

With rubbed the big swell on his head, Lin Tian yelled at Garp: “Hey, smelly old man, what are you doing?”

Anyone who got beaten up like this for no reason will definitely be angry.

Garp didn’t answer, his face was expressionless, and he showed his fist again, then punched Lin Tian

Lin Tian was not a person who couldn’t fight back. He pressed the air on his hand, and dozens of small black balls shot towards Garp.

This was a new move that Lin Tian has researched these days. By compressed the empty space in the air, black balls were formed.

One of the Black Ball’s power was no less than a cannonball. The most important thing was that this small ball’s power is enhanced with Lin Tian’s strength.

As long as Lin Tian was strong enough, he could compress a larger space, and the explosion will be more incredible.

These dozens of Black Balls were already Lin Tian’s ultimate ability. In the face of dozens of Black Balls, Garp’s speed did not decrease in the slightest. He moved here and there to avoid all the Black Balls.

“This is domineering,” Lin Tian whispered.

Even though Lin Tian used all his strength, the result did not change. Lin Tian was hit by Garp to the wall again.

However, Lin Tian’s attack was very effective. At least it blew up this ward. The explosions sounded in the Marine Headquarters, and the marine soldiers stationed there thought it was an enemy attack.

The sirens sounded instantly throughout the Marine Headquarters, and the entire marine soldiers were operating as a vast machine.

In just one minute, the whole hospital was surrounded by a heavily armed marine soldier. The alert level of the Marine Headquarters could be seen to be average.

A Rear-Admiral was commanding the marine soldiers to enter the hospital and save people.

Suddenly Vice-Admiral Garp jumped out from the destroyed ward and held a teenager in a patient’s clothes.

The Rear-Admiral saluted and asked: ” Vice-Admiral Garp, is he the criminal who invaded the Marine Headquarters?”

Heard the Rear-Admiral’s question, even Garp felt a little embarrassed and sneered.

“No, I just teaching this kid, and I didn’t expect this will cause a scene. Now it’s fine, you all can go back!”

All the full weaponed marine soldiers, “…..”

In the Admiral’s room, the Admiral asked a marine soldier to reports the situation: “What happened? Is it true that the Marine Headquarters has been invaded?”

“It’s all clear, sir. Vice-Admiral Garp caused it.”

When he heard that it was all clear, the Admiral breathed a sigh of relief, but then angrily shouted: “Garp?! What is this bastard Garp doing?! Bring Garp here!”


When Lin Tian slowly woke up, he found that he was already lying on a rock. And Garp was sitting looking at the busy port, not knowing what he was thinking.

Lin Tian rubbed his dizzy head next to Garp and asked puzzledly: “Old man, why did you bring me here?”

“What do you think of this port?” Garp did not answer Lin Tian’s question but asked him immediately.

Lin Tian looked at the port carefully. It was already dusk, and the entire sea was golden. The ships were coming and going at the port, countless workers were unloading on the shore, and the fishing boats returned from the sea are selling their fish.

“Prosperity, peace, and security, such port is scarce!”

Garp laughed, “Yes, this port can be said to be the safest port in the world. There is no other one because not far from here is the Marine Headquarters. It is precisely because of the Marine Headquarters that has been stationed so far. No pirate has dared to invade here.”

Lin Tian said with a smile on his face: “Hey! Old man, so your purpose you brought me here, are you want me to listen to you?”

Lin Tian could see through Garp’s intentions. Garp told himself this and brought himself here. The purpose of everything was to show his hatred for the pirates to join the Marine.

Garp shook his head helplessly, “You little brat! I want you to join the Marine.”

Lin Tian had already thought of joining the Marine, and Garp’s solicitation was in line with Lin Tian’s mind.

“Hey! Old man, even if I refuse, you will don’t let me go, don’t you?!” Lin Tian asked.

Garp didn’t say much about this question but just nodded.

After saw Garp’s answer, Lin Tian shrugged, “You know, that is my goal for now, and ya, I promised to you that I would join the Marine.”

Before finished his words, Lin Tian suddenly reversed his tone and said: “But I have one request, that is, you must teach me yourself, the smelly old man.”

Garp thought that Lin Tian would make any special request, but he didn’t expect it to be just such a request.

Garp had initially planned to teach Lin Tian himself because he was such a talented kid. Garp couldn’t worry about handing him over to others, so he nodded and agreed without thinking about it.

Seeing Garp’s agreement, Lin Tian laughed. Quickly stood up and swore to Garp.

“I’m Lin Tian. Take Garp as my teacher today, and I will obey his rule.”

At that moment, a marine soldier trotted over and said, “Vice-Admiral Garp, the Admiral is calling you.”

“Kid, it’s will be hard to be my apprentice. Get ready for me. I will start the devil training tonight.”

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  1. Dan says:

    So first remember his just a kid and even in past life no fighting experience so how come his able to react to garp using soru? Physical or mental wise he shouldnt been able to. if you said he just normally moved without using soru and lower his speed enough to for the mc to move that makes more sense but using soru on a peak physical guy like garp its too much bro even if u say he didnt use his full speed remember he used soru

    1. rillik says:

      My thought, it could be because his new body is more sharp towards sounds and such movements around him, aka his new body has some sort of hidden potential of insight or something similar, he can quickly notice stuff and react opon it, he is in the one piece world, I wouldn’t be surprised if his new body was actually the son of someone powerful with a strong bloodline, his new body’s origins are still vague, so he could have a body that is more sensitive towards detection of some sort

      1. Dude is trying way too hard at being a badass…

        I get that he has a strong personality during to his harsh life but he’s acting way too seriously… Well from what the author wrote he’s not a big One Piece fan like the other fanfics protagonist are…

        So I guess he doenst really have the wander of a fan… But seriously his character is a little bland. I can’t find myself interested in him…

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