Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 61


Lin Tian returned the gun he took from a Marine Soldier. In Lin Tian’s mind, people like Redo must be killed.

“Lin Tian, ​​your actions are too reckless. This person is indeed not worthy of being reckoned with, but you must pay attention to the person behind him.” Commodore Ander saw Redo’s body and said to Lin Tian.

“He’s right, Lin Tian. It would help if you think twice,” said Roberts.

Upon their attention, Lin Tian’s heartfelt warmer.

“Don’t worry,” Lin Tian smiled faintly, and said confidently: “This is my final decision that I have considered, and I not only want to kill Redo, but I will also kill those people.”

After finishing speaking, Lin Tian’s eyes stared at the port workers’ group tied up on the other side with cold gazes.

Commodore Ander said confusedly: “For what? These workers don’t know much information about this incident, and we don’t have to kill them.”

Again Commodore Ander couldn’t understand Lin Tian’s mind, just like before, when he planned to release these female slaves and kill Redo, Commodore Ander didn’t understand at all, but Commodore Ander felt that what Lin Tian was doing was right.

Lin Tian shook his head and replied: “No, there might be some people who know about it. Just like Dali Redo, if he doesn’t show himself, we won’t know that they are working under World Noble’s orders.”

“If he goes into hiding and manages to get away from us, I’m afraid he will tell the World Nobles what really happened here. These workers will pretend to be ignorant and be passive, so we have to be on our guard.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s opinion, Ander and Roberts squinted and started to think hard. They also know how serious the consequences of this problem are.

If one of these port workers knew anything, it would spark trouble between this Marine and the World Noble.

“Don’t hesitate, and we have no other choice but to do it. We can’t trust the people who work in the underworld after all.” After some deliberation, Commodore Ander agreed with Lin Tian’s thoughts.

Although Commodore Ander did not like to kill, Commodore Ender could kill people skillfully. How could he rise to the Commodore position with such assertiveness?

“But what if there are innocent people among them? Aren’t we the same as killing innocent people?”

“Hahaha, you worry too much” Lin Tian pointed to a wooden box and continued, “Roberts, how can an innocent person carry things like this every day?”

“Hehehe, yeah too, I think that’s too much,” Roberts said sheepishly

“Then, let’s let these female slaves go first. They have some things that aren’t easy to do.”

Ander and Roberts nodded. These female slaves are ordinary people, and they have no other identity.

“Everyone, please pay attention!”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, these happy women gradually calmed down, but there were still smiles on their faces.

“Now, we will pay for your return trip. And those who will go to the place I recommend, I will write you a letter, and you can hand this letter to them.”

Yay !!

The women immediately cheered. They will soon leave the days full of suffering. Now, at last, they could see the hope of returning home. The feelings of these women cannot be described in words.


These women had already made their own choices, and they didn’t stop to thank Lin Tian. In the face of these women’s thanks, Lin Tian always accepted their feelings, so he could only nod his head with a smile.

But in fact, Lin Tian felt sad about his finances. She was so young and self-conscious to endure all this burden. Initially, Lin Tian did not expect that the fare would be so expensive. These women had actually made Lin Tian’s wallet thin.

I spent tens of millions of Belly at once, and my wallet has become much thinner than before.

Seeing the women leaving one by one being guided by Marine Soldiers, Lin Tian let out a sigh of relief. These women have gone through hard times in their lives.

Now that only one woman left, Lin Tian turned around and saw the beautiful woman behind him.

Just as Lin Tian was about to speak to her, the woman suddenly spoke first.

“That famous Commodore Lin Tian is truly extraordinary, and his way of doing things is different from ordinary people.” The woman said with a slight smile.

Lin Tian said in surprise: “Hey, how can you recognize me, even though my photo has never been published?”

Knowing the woman in front of him recognized him, Lin Tian suddenly became curious. It was great to know her identity that Marine Headquarters was kept secret, even though this woman was only a slave, she had never seen him.

“You can become a Commodore in the Marine at such a young age. So I think that Marine can promote only Commodore Lin Tian in this world at such a young age.”

Lin Tian shook his head, wondering how this woman could recognize him with just a simple thought like this. This woman was indeed brilliant and was able to identify him with very little information.

Lin Tian said: “It’s not an achievement I need to be proud of. By the way, where are you going? I have to pay for your trip.”

This woman held her chin for a moment, then smiled a little and said: “I know a good route, so it costs quite a lot. You can give me only 100 million Belly.”

After speaking, the woman stretched out her hand towards Lin Tian. To gesture for Lin Tian to immediately give her money.

“A hundred … million … Belly? How could travel costs be that expensive? And you ask for money in that way, as if it’s a small amount.”

Seeing Lin Tian like a cat whose tail was trampled on, the woman couldn’t help but laugh.

While laughing, the woman’s charm increased, but Lin Tian did not pay attention, being too worried about the amount of money this woman was asking for.

The woman said: “What is it? With your current reputation, 100 million Belly should not be big money, right?”

After listening to the woman’s words, Lin Tian suddenly felt a group of crows flying above his head, smiling helplessly.

Lin Tian thought for a moment, took out the box that had been prepared, and placed it in front of the woman.

“There is five million Belly in this box, and there is something you want in it. However, you must open this box in a safe place, and after you finish reading it, destroy the message paper immediately.”

The woman picked up the box on the ground and said with an unsure expression: “It seems you have prepared it long ago. How did you know that I would like something in this box?”

After that, Lin Tian took a few steps forward and smiled, then he leaned close to the woman, leaving only a thin, thumb-wide gap between the two.

Seeing Lin Tian, who was so close to her, the woman reflexively wanted to back away, but she retorted her actions for some reason.

“I know everything about you, even though it was your childhood experience, I also know that you will love the gift in it …”

Lin Tian’s voice became very small in the last sentence, but the woman was shocked when the woman heard it. Her eyes stared at Lin Tian in disbelief. How could someone know her background in such detail?

In all these years, I have never told anyone my true identity. I usually use aliases. There is only one person who recognizes me. How did Commodore Lin Tian know my identity?

With anxiety in her heart, the woman asked in a low voice: “Who are you? How do you know this?”

“Relax, I’m not your enemy. And regarding how I know your identity, that’s not something you need to know.” Lin tian looked at the woman and said.

The woman didn’t say much. She just gritted her teeth and turned to walk away. Meeting someone who knew her identity, that woman felt uncomfortable in her heart, so it was better for her to leave as soon as possible.

Lin Tian looked at the panicked woman’s back and smiled.

One day, we will meet again!

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