Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain

Rebirth in One Piece as Deputy Captain Chapter 62


Under Marine Soldiers’ orders, port workers could only squat on the ground helplessly, and their eyes fixed on someone who was approaching.

After he handled all the female slaves, Lin Tian rushed to the port workers and stood there for over an hour.

During this period, Lin Tian only issued one order to make them squat down and not lookup. Then Lin Tian just stood there silent.

Commodore Ander and Roberts didn’t know what Lin Tian was planning, and they also stood silently beside him.

This was because Lin Tian had previously asked them to follow his plan.

The time Lin Tian had expected was enough, he finally spoke.

“I don’t know how to say it. After I found out what you were doing, the killing intent in my heart didn’t change.”

Lin Tian’s words were like a storm that made the hearts of port workers restless. Many port workers seem nervous, but some of them can still feel calm.

Even though Lin Tian was eager to kill port workers as quickly as possible, he still had a more important goal in mind, which was to get more information about the underworld through these people.

Dali Redo was one of his big catches, Lin Tian believed that there must be people who worked directly under the World Nobles among these port workers. Therefore Lin Tian only stood up and did not immediately kill them.

This action aims to put them under intense psychological stress. That way, carrying out the next steps will be more comfortable.

Lin Tian looked at the port workers’ expressions one by one, and he remembered the people whose expressions did not change. These people are suspicious. People with strong psychological qualities are usually not ordinary workers. Of course, Dali Redo was not included.

After a while, Lin Tian continued: “But now I will give you a chance to live. As long as you can give me important information about the underworld, I can consider your lives. Otherwise, I will leave you to Commodore Ander.”

After finishing talking, Lin Tian gave intimidation by giving off an intense killing aura to the port workers.

Before he was reincarnated into this world, Lin Tian had always believed that killing intent was just an illusion, but ever since he had killed thousands of pirates in the Grand Line for a year, he naturally had a terrifying killing aura.

Sensing Lin Tian’s murderous aura, the port workers’ entire bodies turned cold, and none of them looked calm anymore.

This little demon had killed Deli Redo without hesitation, even though he already knew his identity. For someone like me, who was just an ordinary worker, he would definitely kill me without thinking.

The port workers had seen first hand when Lin Tian killed deli Redo, ​​and they all knew the true identity of Deli Redo because when he was about to be killed, he always said, “My master is a World Noble!”

Lin Tian waited for them to spoke, he saw that no port worker dared to speak, and no one dared to stand up or move slightly.

These people still didn’t speak up because they were so afraid of what Lin Tian would do. In the past, when Marine Soldiers raided the dark port for some reason, they didn’t kill anyone there.

These port workers previously thought that the Marine Soldiers in front of them were the same as the Marine Soldiers who raided them in the past, but when they saw Lin Tian, ​​they no longer thought that way. Lin Tian was different from the usual Marine Soldiers, and he had his own views on justice.

Suddenly, Lin Tian stretched out his hand towards the port workers, and under Lin Tian’s control, a port worker slowly floated in the air. Since the Marine Soldiers had seen Lin Tian be able to make a tent float before, they were no longer surprised by the current scene.

“I am not a very patient person. I have given you a long time to think. Because you are still silent, it means you would rather die than life.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, the port worker’s face floating in the air became terrified.

With unstoppable fear, the port worker said: “Please, please don’t kill me, sir. I will say everything I know!”

“It’s too late.” Lin Tian let out a cold breath, “I only gave you one chance, and you didn’t use it well.”


Lin Tian put his hands together, and countless broken bones sounded from the man’s body, and the man screamed in pain.

The man’s screams were like a hammer hitting iron, buzzing in the hearts of other port workers, terrified expressions appearing on their faces.

After screaming for a few seconds, the man died. All the bones in his body were crushed at the same time. You can imagine how painful it was.

Seeing that the man was lifeless, Lin Tian canceled his devil fruit power and let the man’s body fall to the ground. The port workers below moved to avoid the fallen corpse in a hurry. No one wanted to be crushed by the corpse.

The man’s previous body was still intact while in midair but was already disfigured by the intense pressure. Once the corpse hit the ground, it exploded without exception. His flesh, blood, and bones spread in all directions.

Seeing the pieces of the corpse flying, everyone hurriedly dodged, but because the distance was too wide, many people couldn’t avoid it and were stained by that body pieces.

The smell of blood was strong around them. Seeing their bodies stained with red meat, many people vomited on the spot.

These port workers were disgusted by it, but the Marine Soldiers were also not strong enough to see this sight. Many of them immediately looked away and vomited their guts. This scene was indeed so cruel that even Marine Soldiers who had endured so much war could not stand it.

Commodore Ander also felt like vomiting when he saw this scene, but he could still endure it. At this time, Lin Tian suddenly grabbed Commodore Ander’s shoulders.

He whispered: “Commodore Ander, it’s not like you who can bear not to vomit, I can’t seem to hold it.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s honest words, Commodore Ander wanted to reply, but the sound of Marine Soldiers vomiting behind him made Commodore Ander have to stop.

Actually, Lin Tian didn’t expect this scene. Lin Tian originally only wanted to bring down the corpse to make the port workers even more afraid. That way, they would speak earlier.

But he did not expect that the fallen corpse would explode and shatter into several pieces when it hit the ground. His original aim was not as bad as the reality. Unbeknownst to Lin Tian, it had become too cruel, and even he couldn’t endure it.

Holding back nausea in his mouth, Lin Tian said to the port workers: “You have seen the end of the person who has squandered my chance now. If you don’t say it right away, your end will be the same as it seems. I’ll give you the last ten seconds. … “

“Ten, nine, eight …”

“Alright, alright, I’ll tell you everything …”

Before Lin Tian finished his countdown, someone immediately stood up with a terrified expression.

When someone stood up, some people, without thinking, immediately got up, and it didn’t take long after that many people stood up. However, there were still three people who didn’t stand up.

Seeing many people standing, Lin Tian couldn’t hold back what he was thinking in his mind for a long time, and he complained in his heart.

“These people are too timid. They won’t stand up until I seriously threaten them. I spent more than an hour thinking about a lot of nonsense. These people are just typical bad people.”

Lin Tian didn’t pay much attention to who could endure a situation of being threatened like this, nor did he want to destroy all of their bodies, and it would still be good if he didn’t faint on the spot.

“Roberts, take these people for interrogation one by one, let them tell everything they know. If one of them tries to lie, kill him in front of the others. Remember, these people are heinous criminals, and they can’t. forgiven easily. “

They were already helpless, and Lin Tian couldn’t do anything about it. After all, Lin Tian was the one who kept his promise, so he let them go with Roberts for interrogation.

“Okay, then what are you going to do?” Roberts asked in confusion.

“I will take care of these three people so that they immediately open their mouths.” Lin Tian glanced at the three remaining people.

Roberts nodded and said, “Fine, but don’t execute them the way before, scenes like this are really … ugh !!”

When he thought back, Roberts could not help it. He immediately bent down and vomited.

Seeing Roberts’ actions, Lin Tian only smiled bitterly and said to himself, “I really don’t want to do it.”

“Well, …” Lin Tian was thinking about something, and said: “Aren’t there still some boxes of valuables that haven’t been opened yet? Wait a minute; you ordered some of them to open them all.”

Roberts waved his hand and said, “All right! I know, then I’ll be going first. I was afraid that I would throw up when I saw him.”

All problems were solved one by one, now only three people are still stubborn.

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